Today I am writing about September, and the bigness of this month. The worldlies are in a panic. Many think the world will end on the 23rd. This is what has been pushed and pushed into men’s minds over a period of many years. Many born-againers believe the Rapture will happen. We will all simply disappear. Teachers are even saying that we might even disappear this month. This is what has been pushed and pushed into our minds over a period of many years. This is exactly what the worldlies, the ones following the Beastly Boys, want to happen—that we will disappear, but we won’t, because again, it is not a teaching based on truth. They’d like that though, but the devil knows it’s not true. It’s to his advantage that the church believes we’re outta here BEFORE the tribulation or even midway through it. It’s to his advantage cause he’s a soul thief, and when the church realises we’re not going to be outta here until Jesus comes back the second time, and to the same place He left, and gathers all the remaining ones to Himself, the devil believes that the great big beautiful you will turn and curse God. But I’ve got news for him. You won’t curse God cause you are letting go of the lie, and trusting in truth, and God will hold you up.

For all you dear ones who are offended by my words, stick around. Stick around and you will see why we are not to disappear. Not only are we way past the BEFORE point, and quickly passing the midway point, we’re nearly through the tribulation. So my message to you is this: See and believe the truth. God has work for us to do. We ain’t going anywhere until the day the Lord Jesus Christ comes right back to the place from which He was taken up in the clouds just like He said He would. Before His feet touch the Mount of Olives again, we will be lifted up to meet Him just as Paul says we will. Remember the way the song goes. It’s the same as the scripture, “In the twinkling of an eye.” Faster than a blink, we’ll be lifted up to meet Him, and we shall be changed. We’ll shed these ol’ condemned bodies for new bodies, bodies like Jesus, and therefore we shall ever be with Him. In the meantime, are you ready to get to work?

This may seem like a strange writing to some, but it is from my heart. I am writing the words the Holy Spirit inspires me to write, and in the order He gives it to me.

“Look in your heart,” the Lord said, “and My words will bubble forth.”

I answer Him, “If you are who you say you are in this world of double realities (one real and the other fantasy), and if we are who we say we are, then we will speak Your Word, Adonai Jehovah, the same words that were spoken 2,000 years ago, and your power will back it up. (Acts 4 prayer)

We will speak your words, so that the world may know that you, Yeshua: our Jesus, are who you say you are. You are the Way. You are the Truth. You are the Life. There is no other Saviour. Just You. You are the Messiah, the Holy One of Israel. You are the promised One. You and You alone.

You alone are God. You are the truth in the world of the Lie. You are God--mighty to save, mighty to heal, mighty to deliver.

 You are God. It’s just as you said to me back in December 2010 when my nephew-in-law died. I went to You in tears. “Chuck is gone,” I said. “But you know that because he’s with You. So, what now, Lord?” I asked.

Your answer seemed mysterious at the time. “Your testimony will show them.”

What testimony was that, I wondered? And who was “them”?

Now I know, but then? No. Full meaning was revealed in bits and pieces.

As I grew spiritually, as I was able to handle it, the Lord revealed a little more and a little more and a little more. Like He Himself put it, “I’m working up to it.” He works up to things in my life and He works up to things in yours.

He works up to it.

If I’d known the meaning at the time, I would have turned and ran the other way as fast as I could go. Same with you. If you knew all that the Lord is about to give you today when you were a baby in Christ, you would have turned and ran the other way as fast as you could. But you know what? You won’t now because the Lord says you’re ready to eat some meat with that milk of the Word He’s been giving you to drink. You’re ready to do what He’s called you and chosen you to do. Same as me.

My testimony proves that He is God. Your testimony proves that He is God. Same as the testimony of Jesus proved He is God. He is the Father, He is the Son, and He is the Holy Spirit. But He is One. He is El Elohim: “the holy Gods,” Creator of heaven and earth, and He alone is God.

Lord, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen. So be it.

These are my opening words to this writing. This is the opening. It is a teaching to you, and a prayer to Him.

Isaiah 9:6

“And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace (‘Shalom,’ not that empty peace the world teaches)…

For unto us THE child was born, and unto us THE Son was given...And His name shall be called Immanuel “God with us”…

That the world may know that You, Yeshua: our Jesus, sent us. You were the Father’s “Sent One”. We are your “Sent Ones.”

About the Apostles it is written, “…And they went everywhere…AND THE LORD WAS WITH THEM.”

Immanuel. God with us.

Praise the Lord!

“And His name shall be call-ed Wonderful…Counsellor…the Mighty God…the Everlasting Father…Sar Shalom: the Prince of Peace (the heavenly kind).

Yasha. Soteria. Sozo--Salvation. In one name. Yesuha: our Jesus.

“And you shall call His name Yeshua: Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.”(Matthew 1:21)

If you are a forsaker of the world and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are clothed in His salvation in this death worshipping age. And oh my no, you ain’t leaving yet, because God’s got work for you to do. He has saved the best for last.

We are the very last time Continuers of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are God’s finishing touch. What the Lord continued in the Apostles, He finishes in us. We are the holy vessels of the most High God. To the worldlies who base everything on looks, we are just a collection of ol’ broken and worthless clay jars. We are small things. We are the foolishness of God. We are plain and homely (downright ugly). To the world.

 But to God? We are broken vessels on the outside, but golden vessels of honour on the inside. These marred jars of clay we’re in carry a great treasure—we are the bearers of heavenly treasure, priceless to God. And…”we have this treasure in an earthen vessel—a broken, emptied clay jar-- SO THAT THE POWER BE OF GOD AND NOT OF US.”(II Corinthians 4:7)

 We are here for specific and awesome reasons. Here’s the first.

We have heard, “Judge not lest you be judged,” all of our lives. That should read, “Condemn not lest you be condemned.” Jesus DID come into the world to bring judgement into the world. His words speak for themselves.

“I have come as a light into the world, so that everyone who is trusting me might not remain in darkness. If anyone hears what I am saying and does not do it, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.”

Now, listen closely to His next words. “Those (ones)who reject me and don’t accept what I say have a judge—THE WORD WHICH I HAVE SPOKEN WILL JUDGE THEM ON THE LAST DAY. For I have not spoken on my own initiative (in my own words), but the Father who sent me has given me a command, namely, what to say and how to say it. And I know that His command is eternal life. So what I say is simply what the Father has told me to say.”(John 12:45-50)

Jesus came to save, but when a person wants to remain in sin and death, His words judge the person. This is the reason the devil does not want us speaking the Word of God. God’s words save. They don’t destroy. The devil is so against you hearing and speaking God’s Words of salvation in his age of deception that he is making laws against it.

 The ‘lawless one’ is a man who has completely turned away from the truth and embraces the lie, wholeheartedly. Look around, we are in the day of the lawless one.

For many believers this next revelation will be a shocker. We are here to judge the world, not condemn it, judge it.

Paul said it to the Corinthians when believers there were stepping back into the worldlie ways and taking one another to the unbelievers’ courts. “Do you not know,” Paul asked, “that the saints shall judge the world?”

You’re the mouth. The words are His.

Yes, but isn’t this later during the 1,000 year earthly reign of Christ Jesus?

Yes, I know that’s what you were taught, but it’s not truth. We are judging the world now. Each time we speak the words of God instead of the words of man, His words are judging.  The worldlies are judged by the Word of God: by Jesus’ words. The world is judged with mercy and in love.

You’re the mouth. The words are His.

How do we judge the world? By preaching, witnessing, teaching the good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

But, hold on, before you go, while you go, and after you’ve been and are getting ready to go again into the world to speak God’s Words and not your own, do something very important. Let the Word of God judge you.

Judging is not, in this case, condemnation. Judging is, in this case, correction.

A loving Father always corrects His children, and if we’ve been washed in the blood of Jesus, we are God’s children. So do not, “dear friends, regard as strange the fiery ordeal occurring among you (and increasing; spreading like wild fire from the east into the west)…

It is here to test us. Will we stand and endure and continue to follow Jesus in this day of no compromise?

Don’t regard this test “as if it (were) something extraordinary happening to you. Rather, to the extent that you share the fellowship of the Messiah’s sufferings, REJOICE (that you are considered worthy); so that you will rejoice even more when His Sh’kinah (glory) is revealed…For the time has come...”

What time does Peter mean? This time.


How and where does judgement begin? Judgement begins with us, with the household of God. We are judged first, then we are ready to judge. Again, not by our own words, but by the Words of God that we speak.

You’re the mouth. The words are His.

 If we judged with our own words, we’d be comdemning just like the worldlies do, and just like I used to do when I wore their rags of unrighteousness with pride the same as they do.

We are judged first, then we judge the world. Yet, not us, it is Yeshua: Jesus’ within us. His words that we speak do the judging.

You’re the mouth. The words are His.

We speak His words. We give His words voice. We hear our own voice speaking, yet the words we speak are not our own selfish words, but the words of Jesus that we’ve stored up in our hearts. These words bubble forth in a never-ending stream.

His words have never lost their power. His words are as power-packed now as the day He first spoke them.

His words are living words, words that make alive the dead. Man’s words are dead things that destroy the living.

The words of Jesus within us are words that give vision to the visionless. Man’s words take vision from the ones with vision, and keep the blind blind.

The words of God are active words that call the things that are not as though they are…and they are. Man’s words are inactive words that change by a whim or feeling, words that only see the things that are, and nothing beyond.

You’re the mouth. The words are His.

So are you ready to meet the great big beautiful you again? You are that solid gold lampstand the angel showed Zechariah.

Zechariah 4:1

“Then the angel who had been speaking with me returned and roused me, as if he was waking someone up from being asleep.”

Did you know that we were asleep too?  We’ve been asleep for hundreds of years. I know you’re not that old, and neither am I, but we as a church were lulled to sleep in 313 AD when Constantine sang us the devil’s lullaby, and we chose to compromise the Word of God and to place our trust in the government of man because we were so weary of being persecuted for speaking the truth.

 How do I know that we compromised the truth? Because suddenly the persecution Jesus warned us we would suffer stopped. Each time a few within the church got into the pure word of God and began seeing and believing, living and speaking the truth, persecution began again.

 But the majority of us? We’ve been a sleeping beauty in a glass case for hundreds and hundreds of years.

We WERE asleep, but…God’s been waking us back up ever since. Giving us back truth that we lost.

I really shudder at John’s words, but he was right—“the whole world is asleep in the devil’s arms,” (I John 5:19) and the whole world included many of us within the body of Christ until we turned back to the truth. WHEW, that was a close one!

Zechariah 4:2

The angel asked Zechariah, “What do you see?”

I answered, “A menorah (a lampstand); it’s all of gold, with a bowl on its top, seven lamps on it, and seven channels leading to the lamps on its top. Next to it are two olive trees, one on the right side of the bowl, and the other on its left.”

There you stand, body of Christ, a lampstand, not a candle, all made of one piece of gold.

You are a great big beautiful you, the church of the true Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is our rock and you are the seven eyes of the Lord. You are on the rock. You are one with the rock, but you are the Lord’s eyes going forth across this earth.

Zechariah saw us as seven eyes on the rock. (Zechariah 3:9) John saw us as seven eyes on the Lamb that was slain for us.

We are seven eyes. We are seven horns—powerful kingdoms within a kingdom, the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Revelation 5:6

“And I saw between the throne (with the four living creatures) and the elders a Lamb standing, as if slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God, sent out into all the earth.”

We are these seven horns and seven eyes, united with the Lamb of God, clothed with His salvation, covered with His righteousness, judging the world by the words that we speak.

The mouth is ours. The words are His.