“Seek Him First, Seek Him During, Seek Him After.”
I prayed until the Lord said, “It is done. Now, rest in Me. Rest in Me.”
I went back to bed and back to sleep. As I slept, I dreamed.
I dreamed that we were at a beach. A young child, a boy, came over to Chris. Beside where he stood was a kitchen chair. Under the chair I spotted a silver coin. What? Chris didn’t see it? That’s unusal. He usually spots coins first.
But no, he didn’t see it although it was right there beside him, under the chair, glistening in the light.
I got down, reached over and picked up the coin. It was the size of an old Silver Dollar.
That was for starters. Under that silver coin was another one, and another, and another.
By this time Chris saw them too, but he didn’t offer to pick help pick them up.
My hands couldn’t hold them all. They weren’t really hidden; they were just barely under the surface. I brushed back sand in another spot. More silver dollars.
Then the find grew bigger…and bigger…and bigger…and more interesting. My hands uncovered a Large Silver dollar. I said to Chris, “This is too big to be real.”
Chris answered, “It’s not. It’s what’s inside.”
That dollar was like a case that was shaped like a dollar. I opened it, and inside were many silver dollars. I was digging up more of the dollar shaped cases along with loose silver dollars. But as I say, none were hidden. I just saw them lying there, brushed off the sand and picked them up.
I was astounded. The Lord spoke up, “I am giving it to you.”
Long have I confessed His Word, “Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law, becoming the curse for me, for as it is written, cursed is everyone who hangs upon a tree, that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles (the non-Jews) through Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit by faith.”
Long have I confessed His Word over me and this ministry, and thanked Him in prayer, “Thank you, Father that because I hear you and obey you, because I am IN Christ Jesus, your blessing has come on me and accompanies me. Blessed am I in the city, blessed am I in the country…blessed is the fruit of my body—my children and my grandchildren are blessed…blessed is the produce of my ground…You know I don’t have any cattle or sheep, but I thank you for the many income streams you have given to me. Blessed are these many income streams, blessed are my bank accounts. Not so I amass a fortune here on earth, I prefer the treasure in heaven that moth cannot eat, and thieves cannot steal, and rust cannot corrode, but I take what you give me so I’ll have more to give to the body of Christ, and for the salvation of many souls…Blessed is my basket and my storehouse and my kneading bowl. Even in the time of famine, you’ll always see that I have enough to eat, and enough to share with others…I’ll always have enough because you are my Source, not man. You’ll lead me to bargains I would have never found myself. You bring things about in unexpected ways.
Blessed shall I be when I come in, and blessed shall I be when I go out…You Lord will cause my enemies to be defeated before my face. They will come against me one way, and flee from me seven ways.
Thank you,Father that you command a blessing in my barns and in all that I put my hand to…and you will bless me in the land you give me—that house that you yourself have picked out for me, the one that is part of your will for me.
Thank you, Father that I am established as a holy people to yourself. Christ Jesus is my holiness because I hear you and obey you and walk in your ways.
Thank you that you make your grace( your ability, your power, your strength, your might, your mercy, your love, your favour) abound (overflow) unto me, that I, having all sufficiency in all things, might abound (overflow) unto every good work.
Thank you Father. In the name of Jesus. Thank you.”
In my dream, the silver dollars were so many I could no longer hold them in my hands. Chris got me a bag, but it was soon filled. Then he backed up a big truck like a Brink truck, only older, but we were attracting attention. People were everywhere. They were looking and asking, “What’s that?”
They weren’t trying to grab the money for themselves, They were just asking, “What’s that?”--and standing there gawking.
The Lord said, “I’m giving you what you need.”
Suddenly the scene changed. Chris and I were walking down a small hallway. He seemed reluctant. We’d just uncovered a vast sum of money. The amount was staggering. It was endless because as the Lord had told me, “I am your Source.”
As we walked, I was the first to speak, “We need to go back and get it,” I said. “We need to get it while it’s still there.”
It was the blessing of Abraham taking fruit in our life. God was giving so we could give more. Giving is His savings plan. Giving is His way, not amassing. Amassing is man’s. It is the way the world follows.
Multiple income streams-- The first coins were under a kitchen chair. That’s how He’s pouring out the first streams of blessing-- Through “God’s kitchen”, a business He raised up and He named. He shows me what He wants me to create in His kitchen, then, as strange as this may sound to some of you, He creates it through me. It may be my hands doing it, but it is by His power and for His glory.
And then? Everything my hands do is blessed, not because I’m clever, but because I’m blessed, and the Creator inside me is enabling me. I am speaking His words, “The words that I speak are not my own. It’s the Father who does the works.”
Same here. The words that I speak are not my own. It is the power of God in the name of Jesus who does the works. Not me.
I am doing His will. By His power and for His glory, not mine. 
Jesus was not rich in earthly things. Satan offered all these things to Him if he’d bow down and worship him instead of God. He refused. Each time He was tempted, He resisted SELF, placed the Word in front of Him, and spoke it. The God of heaven and earth, He was Jesus’ Source. He met all His earthly needs while He was here, because Jesus heard His voice and obeyed and put Him first. 
He followed God, the Father. I follow Jesus. Love gives. Love shares. Love obeys. Love acts.
I can do more than them all, but not me, it is the grace of God that is within me. I am not SELF-powered. I am GOD-powered.
I was astounded. The Lord had warned me, “I am going to show you things that will astound you.”
Was I ever…astounded…Was I ever!
I remember overhearing Chris the other day as he looked at the products Adonai was having me create in His kitchen for He had told me, “Get ready. The orders will be pouring in.”
God’s will was that on the 25th of July, a Saturday, we would have a market stall at a Festival being held in Warwick. Chris looked over the things I was creating, and I heard him say to himself, “That’s our rent money.”
Chris spoke in fear. He felt fear and reacted to the feeling. I acted in faith. I acted from the heart. SELF reacts; Faith acts.
I did God’s will. It’s not based on feelings, it’s based on fact. God’s word is fact. Whatever He says for me to do, I obey, then I act. I do what He tells me to do or what He shows me to do. Doesn’t have to make sense to me at the time. Often I’ve responded, “Yes, but I don’t understand.” 
Each time He answers, “You will. You will.”
Am I tempted to fear? Sure I am. I’ve got feelings too. But I choose to obey no matter how I feel. God said to me and He says to you, “You seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”
All these things that the worldlies seek first I will give you. I will add them when you seek me first and do my will ahead of all else. This is what He says to me.
Pursue righteousness, the righteousness that is in Christ Jesus. Pursue it by doing it—first.
Love gives. I give up SELFIE. And I keep on giving up SELFIE. SELFIE is condemned. We are to walk in the spirit. When we walk in the spirit we are free. This is the place we find true freedom, the freedom only the Lord Jesus Christ can give.
Love serves. I serve God first. I do His will no matter what the cost.
Love shares. We are to go for equality in all things within the body of Christ. Giving so that no one has too much, and no one has too little. I’m not preaching communism here. In communism or socialism of man the Elite have much and the masses are equal—they all have nothing.
Love obeys.
And I love God…because He first loved me. If I love Him I will obey Him. This is what I John points out. If you are chasing after sin, sin, sin more than HIM who set you free from sin then you need to reconsider, turn, and repent, because like Paul points out to the Galatians, “You’ve fallen from grace.” 
Start from the beginning, and choose Him again. Get out of the world, and He will receive you. He died to set you free. He gave His own life for you and for me. He is our Saviour. There is nothing in this world that can save us, especially man-power.
I want you to see the love I know and believe.
By now, the sun is streaming in the window. My eyes might be only half opened, but my spirit is wide awake. Sensing fear, my heart filled up with sadness.
“What now?” I asked.
Again I asked, “What now?”
“Do my will.”
Seek Him first, His kingdom, and His righteousness. I was ready…to go.
This is what I prayed long ago, “I don’t want money and I don’t want fame.”
Sometime later the Lord gave me a surprising answer. Call His answer “astounding.”
“It’s my will.”
It has to be in order for me to fulfil His perfect will.
“I will strengthen you,” He promises.
I went to that Festival. God had told me, “Go,” He had said. “You will do well.”
Chris kept pointing out that we were in the wrong location. Our spot was too quiet. The creations were not flying off the tables. If we’d been in the front lawn, THEN people would see us…then more people would buy…If, If, If! 
Each time I would answer, “God brought us here for a reason. He put us here in this quiet spot for a reason. He says, “You will do well,” so we will do well.”
An hour before closing, a girl came and stood before me. A few moments later God revealed why I was there.God had brought me all the way to Warwick for this one girl. That’s how much He loves. If I’d been on the other side of the world, He’d have brought me to her from there. That’s how much He loves, and He loves you just as much.
I was there obeying. I was doing His will in a beautiful spot. I was loving and blessing and speaking His word. And you know what? God paid our rent. He paid it, and He always will because I believe Him, obey Him and speak His word, I put Him and the ministry needs first with no thought to how I will live, because He is my Source, and if you know Him, He is your Source too. “Seek Him first, and His righteousness and all those things… will… be…added, not so you can build a treasure here on earth for your SELFIE. That teaching is wrong. It’s a lie. It’s the way of the world. All these things shall be added, so you can have enough while you are here showing others how to build up their treasure in heaven, where moth cannot eat, and thieves cannot steal, and rust cannot corrode.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and He will make sure you always have enough while you are here. 
He freed you from the curse of the law. You are blessed, so that through Him, through Christ Jesus, you may bless others. You are blessed so that through you He may bless many others.
Seek ye first…Seek the Lord Jesus Christ. Seek Him first,Seek Him during, Seek Him after…And All Those Things the unbelievers seek after first will be added unto you. That’s a promise from a God who cannot lie.