“Woe to the rebellious children, saith the Lord, that take counsel, but not of me, and that cover with a covering, but not of my Spirit, that they may add sin to sin.” Isaiah 30:1.

Precious one, why are you cradling filth as if it’s the most precious possession you own?

I’ll tell you why. Because satan, the god of this world, has made this filth look and sound so beautiful that you have been choosing it over true beauty.

Yes, there is a true beauty in this world, and it’s the beauty we’ve each been searching for.

Yet, there you are-- cradling filth and unclean things. That filth has been the clothes you wear, and satan, the designer.

Why are you wearing sin as a garment, and saying, “Accept me, accept my sin. We are one and the same. Reject my sin, reject me. We are one and the same?”

Sin is not beautiful and it’s not worth dying for, especially when it’s so unnecessary.

Did you know that the leaders of the world, including those ones who say, “I am a Christian”, but don’t live it, are drunk on the same filth you are being told is so beautiful?

“Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and spoke with me [John], saying, ‘Come here, I will show you the judgement of the great harlot who sits on many waters,
with whom the king[doms] of the earth committed acts of immorality, and those who dwell on the earth were made drunk with the wine of her immorality.” Revelation 17:1-2.

You’re a world-dweller. Did you know you are drunk?

You are drunk on words, and drunk on the sin those words produce in your life. You are blinded to such a degree that you have put on the same clothes the woman John was shown is wearing. Satan is the designer. He’s is calling them beautiful. He is calling them “Your true colours...like a rainbow.” He is calling them white and clean and pure. But satan? He is darkness, and he is a liar. If you listen to him you will die. Forever.

“Yeah, but that woman’s clothes are so beautiful. Who wants to wear a plain brown wrapper like you?”

Take a closer look at the woman you are following after.
“And he [the same angel] carried me [John] away in the spirit into the wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns.
The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls,
having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations (filth)
and of unclean things of her immorality.”

The woman is the world’s religion. Don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but this world has become a very religious place. I talked to one guy today who believes God is energy, and talks evolution and reincarnation. He told me that he can walk into any church anywhere, be it Islam, or anything else, and pray and feel comfortable and completely at home there. I said, “Yes, I can believe that because all religions are MAN-made and all are speaking the same thing and worshipping the same god, a god different than the Most High God I serve, the God of the Bible.”

Yet, when I heard the word, “Church” applied to the world’s religion, I must admit that at first, it really threw me. I’d never heard an Islamic Mosque called a church before. Come to think of it though, many of the religious in the established yet ungodly denominations call themselves the ‘church’ as well. Jesus said these are the days when love grows cold. These are the days when the churchified are uniting with the world against the One true God and the Holy One of Israel, our Jesus, and throwing the salvation He bought and paid for with His own blood back in His face.

“It’s sad that people use religion and idolatry of the Bible to demoralise same-sex gender people,” American Baptist College announced after inviting an openly Lesbian Church of Christ minister as a guest speaker.

To ‘demoralise’ is to say someone is not moral, not righteous, when their acts are anti-good. To demoralise is to call evil acts what they are: ugly as sin.

If moral is good, pure, right, and righteous; and immoral is sinful, and unjust, then demoralise is simply a case of offending the one whom God is saying, “Precious one, why are you cradling filth Precious one, why are you cradling filth as if it’s the most precious possession you own?”

Why are you wearing sin as a garment, and saying, “Accept me, accept my sin. We are one and the same. Reject my sin, reject me. We are one and the same?”

Sin is not beautiful and it’s not worth dying for, especially when it’s so unnecessary.

So what will it be? Will we, the followers of Christ Jesus, stand with the truth or die with the lie?

“When people say [the Bible] is synonymous with God and the truth," Harris, from the American Baptist College, responded, “we can’t be guided and dictated by a first-century world view.”

First century, you say? You can take God’s truth all the way back to the beginning of the truth. Homosexuality,lying, murder and all other sin is doing what is UN-natural. UN-natural is anything against the natural order our Creator determines. He calls the shots, not me and not you.
“So God created man in His own image,
in the image of God He created him;
And God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.” Genesis 1:27.

God saw all that He had created and called it “very good."
Not male and male or female and female, and no transgenders, or Bisexuals, but male and female. God created male and female, “And God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.”

Some of the leaders saying “Colour sin beautiful” are churchy ones, but not all. Many are politicians, commentators, movie and t.v. stars, news Anchors, and even reporters. Every religion represented on earth have joined hands with each other, and beside them I see scores and scores of ones who call themselves Atheists. There they stand with arms linked singing, “Reunited, and it feels so good...”

Jesus is on His way back. In fact, the signs of His coming are all around us. And this “Colour my sin beautiful” is one of the main signs of all that Jesus is almost here.

The worldlies are preaching: Come on now, ‘Colour my sin beautiful'. As the drone of their voices grow louder and louder, I bow my head and pray the prayer in Acts 4 many times a day, “Behold their threatenings [and their blasphemies], Father, against you and your Holy One, Jesus, and grant that we, your bond-servants may speak your Word boldly, fearlessly, stretching forth your hand in healings, and with signs and wonders by the name of your Holy One: Jesus...”

Are you seeing the same headlines I’m seeing day after day after day? The headline selection I’m giving you are all from the month of May 2015. And believe me, it is just a small sample of the “Colour sin beautiful, colour good ugly" propaganda war that is being waged against the followers of Jesus. They promote murder, unnatural acts, and satan as beautiful.

“Federal Appeals Court Unanimously Strikes Down Idaho’s 20-week Abortion Ban."

“New Fox TV Drama ‘Lucifer’ To Glamorize Devil as ‘Charming’ Nightclub Owner In The City of Angels.”

“Gay Activist’s Call For Churches To be Forced To Take Homosexuality Off The ‘Sin List’ Draws Concerns.”

“California Assembly Announces Bill Ordering Pregnancy Centers To Promote Abortion.”

“United Methodists Propose To Change ‘Church Law’ To Allow Homosexual Behavoir.”

“Pope Francis to Followers: Koran and Holy Bible Are The Same.” (NOTE: this article is the one exception. It is from an article earlier in the year.)

Sin is ugly. Jesus became sin for you and for me so that you can be beautiful. Jesus became our sin, and here’s what He looked like while He wore it.
Isaiah 52: 13-14:
“See my servant will act wisely;
He will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.
Just as there were many who were appalled at Him--
His appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any man.”

Jesus, the only righteous one, became as ugly as sin for you and for me. When our sin got through with Him, He didn’t even look human anymore, but He did it so that we might be beautiful in Him.
“And He (the Father) made Him (Jesus the Righteous One) to become sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God IN HIM.”

Murder is not beautiful. Murder is as ugly as sin. Murder is destroying all the good that God created.

Precious one, why are you cradling filth, unclean things, as if it’s the most precious possession you own?

"Sin is the trend. Sin is “in”. Sin is beautiful. Sin and me are one."

This is what they are saying. “Accept me, accept my sin. We are one and the same. Reject my sin, reject me. We are one and the same. We are siamese twins.”

Sin is not beautiful. Sin is ugly. Jesus became sin for you and for me so that you and I can be beautiful. Jesus became our sin, and here’s what He looked like while He wore it.
From Isaiah 53:
“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, 
nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him.
He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering.
Like one from whom men hide their faces;
He was despised, and we esteemed Him not...He was wounded for my iniquities, He was bruised for my transgressions...The Lord has laid upon him the iniquities of us all."

“I wear this sin proudly,” I hear. “Colour me beautiful. Colour my sin beautiful. Sin is a beautiful thing. Sin is “in”. Sin is the trend.”

Take off those ugly clothes and put on the beautiful robe, the robe of righteousness, Jesus died to give you. Your clothes may look beautiful to you, but they are abominations and filth to the God who made you to be good, and just, and pure and right. 
II Peter 2:24:
“He bore our sins in His own body on the tree, so that we, being dead to sin, might live unto RIGHTEOUSNESS, and by His wounds we were healed.”

In America, we’ve got a prominent politician. She calls the Bible the greatest influence in her life, but she doesn’t live by its teachings. She calls herself a Christian, but she is not a follower of Jesus.

Instead, she is preaching this old religion the world calls “new”. She is preaching this “Colour my sin beautiful” message.

In her ad announcing her decision to run for President in 2016, she showcased a varied group of Americans she termed as “everyday Americans”. In this ad, each one of them were all preparing for something. One was preparing for a new baby, and one was getting ready to move to a new neighbourhood, another was getting ready to open a new business. Amongst these everydayers were two men holding hands. They are preparing for a new kind of wedding. A wedding that’s all the rage, the new trend, in the NEW WORLD (DIS-) ORDER we’re living in. It’s a same sex wedding. The two are planning to marry in the summer.

Notice that everything these featured few are doing is ‘new’. 
Yet the Bible tells us that the people who lived in Noah’s day were all doing these things all the way up to the time they were swept away by the flood Noah warned them about.

Jesus warns that the people of today will be doing the same thing--having babies, throwing parties, getting married all the way up to the day when He bursts through those clouds in power and great glory. His coming will take many by surprise, just like that flood did, even though I and many others have announced Jesus is coming soon repeatedly.

After this prominent politician chatted with the people she announced, “I’m getting ready for something too. I’m running for president.”

She calls herself a champion in a world whose theme song of it's-SELFIE is ‘ We are the champions...we are the champions...of the world’. They got the ‘of the world’ part right, but the only thing these ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ people are championing is sin, and sin kills.

This is the new “normal” that’s not new at all. This 'new’ trend called ‘sin’ is really disobedience and it’s not new at all. In fact, it’s almost as old as the hills. And it’s not beautiful at all.

‘Colour my sin beautiful’ became man’s idea of “normal” as he stood at a tree in a long ago garden. At that tree,a man and a woman had a rendevous with a serpent who offered them sin in exchange for their righteousness, and death in exchange for their life, slavery for freedom, and curse for blessing.

Satan coloured it so beautiful, so good, so appealing, so sweet that they ate his words, then they ate his sin up, and made it their own.
“When the woman SAW (with her physical eyes) that the tree was GOOD for food (good: righteous--a blatant lie, things are not always what they seem to be!), and that it was a DELIGHT TO THE EYES, and that the tree was DESIRABLE TO MAKE ONE WISE, she took from its fruit and ate...”

Whose tree was this anyway, this “Colour sin beautiful” tree?

It was a tree placed there in order to give man a choice. God wanted the first man to obey because he chose to, not because he had to, just like He wants us to do today.
“And the Lord God made all kinds of trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food.
In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Genesis 2:9.

That last tree is the knowledge of right and wrong.

The Lord God took the man He had made, and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

First God blessed the man He had made in His own image. He then placed him in the garden, and He called man and all He had created ‘very good’.

Then, because He loved man, God warned Him just like He’s warning you now.

God gave His man a direct command, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it, you will surely die.”

God loved so He gave man a choice. God loved, so He warned, “If you do what I’ve commanded you not to do you will die.”

Adam didn’t listen then, and many are not listening now. Are you? Are you listening now?

Yes, you have a choice, and I’m here to give it to you. Adam and Eve had a choice of life or death. God loved them so He gave them a choice. They chose death.

Satan is trying to abort you. Sure he’s giving lots of options, and they look so beautiful, and shiny and pure, just like that fruit of disobedience did to Eve. Those options look so beautiful that even ones who call themselves “Christian” are stripping of the robe of righteousness Jesus died to give us, and with it eternal life and putting on the filthy rags of SELF-righteousness the world around us is wearing as a beautiful garment. But here’s the trouble: all these options are sin and all lead to the same place: DEATH.
“The wages of sin is death.”

Satan, the designer of those ‘Colour my sin beautiful’ rags you’re wearing does not want you to hear God’s warning. If you do, you’ll have a choice, and if given a choice, you just might choose the right of life through Jesus instead of satan’s options of death. It you do that, then he can't abort you.

I had a choice, and I chose to follow Jesus. I had a choice, and I could not resist the love of a God that is so awesome He gave His own life to save me, and free me, and heal me. I had a choice and I turned my back on the sin I used to wear as a garment saying with the world, “Accept me, accept my sin. We are one and the same. Reject my sin, reject me. We are one and the same.”

I turned my back on the flashy rags of SELF-righteousness, and put on my spirit-man God’s own beautiful robe of righteousness. I turned my back on a world that was killing me forever, and chose instead to live forever through the God who came to save me. I chose right over wrong. I chose freedom over slavery. I chose life over death, and so can you, precious one, so can you.

On the outside I may look like I wear a plain old wrapper, but on the inside, I wear true beauty. I wear JESUS, and I wear Him proudly.

Man, we are given a free will so we can love God and the good He gave us willingly. That’s how much He loves us. God wants us to love Him back because He loved us first. Without a choice, the love would not be willing.

This tree in the middle of the garden was the spot where sin became a “Colour me beautiful” thing. This was the spot where man began insisting, “Now, colour my sin beautiful. No, I insist.”

And the leaders of the world are still insisting. This American politician is now boldly preaching another message. First it was, “Colour homosexuality and same-sex marriage beautiful. No, I insist.”

Now, the message has quickly progressed into, “Call homosexuality and same sex marriage beautiful or we’ll arrest you.”

The Church is now waiting for the decision on same-sex rights by the U.S. Supreme Court, but even before June ever arrives(decision day is closing in now--June is here!) same-sex marriage has already kicked open the door. Remember Roe vs Wade? It’ll be another of those landmark decisions, yet already a new message is being preached by the “Colour My Sin Beautiful” leaders of the ‘Colour My Sin Beautiful’ world-- "Call homosexuality and same-sex marriage beautiful.. or we’ll arrest you. Call all the world’s religion the same or... we’ll arrest you. Call the murder of babies beautiful or...we’ll arrest you. Call the Word of God ’just another book’...or we’ll arrest you.”

This is happening on both sides of the Atlantic. Ask the Street Preacher in the UK who was told by a police officer, “If you make one Homophobic comment I’ll arrest you!” The preacher of righteousness has been arrested several times. Anytime his message ‘offends’ one person, he’s been thrown in jail. Like a terrorist? You could say that and it would be true.

Take a look at the way Anti-abortionists are being treated on both sides of the Atlantic. They too are being harassed and yes, arrested.

All the preachers of righteousness are saying along with the Bible, ‘Sin is ugly,’ while an angry insolent world is shouting back, ‘Don’t you call our sin ugly, call it beautiful...or we’ll arrest you.’

Sin kills. Sin disfigures. Sin warps. Why would I call it beautiful? Is death beautiful? Is it?

Yes, there is a true beauty in this world, and it’s the beauty we’ve each been searching for. That true beauty is JESUS.

Sin is not a beautiful garment, so c’mon now,take off those ugly clothes and put on the beautiful robe Jesus died to give you. Take it off and say with me,
“On the outside I may look like I wear a plain old wrapper, but on the inside, I wear true beauty. I wear JESUS, and I wear Him proudly.”