Lately my life has centred on faith. The other day the Lord said, “Things will be harder for you now.”  Two days after He warned again, “The road (you walk) is a hard one now.”

You know what? He wasn’t kidding. But all those harder things push me closer to my Saviour, more convinced that I cannot do it myself. Only He can.  By decision, not feeling, I nestle that much more snuggly under His wings, confident that “He who dwells (lives, continues) in the secret place (the heart) of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

 I will say of you, Lord, “You are my refuge and my strength, My God in whom I trust. Without a doubt, You will deliver me from the snare of the devil and from the noisome pestilence (sickness, disease, lack, plague—all the stuff the devil has in his bag of tricks).

Your faithfulness shall be my shield and buckler, and under your wings I shall trust.” (From Psalm 91)

Faith is never automatic. Faith is not something that a select few ‘magically’ have, and you don’t  have because you’re just not one of the ‘lucky’ ones.

 Since the day the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Constantine came in and lulled the church to sleep, we as a church have been scrambling the world in with the truth until it looks like the lie that it is: compromised, powerless and faithless—a hopeless mix of traditions and teachings and fables.

Faith is two words—ACTION and NOW.  The Bible says we go from faith to faith to faith. (**) Each moment we live in this evil generation we need faith. Let’s say I believe for one thing. After it happens, I don’t just put my faith back in a pretty little box until the time comes when I decide I need it again. I am to go from faith to faith to faith, believing for small things as well as for big things. I am a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and He taught and lived faith. I am to do the same. I am to teach and live every single moment by faith just like He did. You are to live every moment by faith just as He did.

We, being justified by faith—declared ‘not guilty’ by faith—we are now called the ‘just,’ and “The just—the ‘not guilty’ ones in Christ Jesus—are to live by faith. Every single second of every single day from now on until that big moment when  Jesus bursts through those clouds in power and glory, just as He said He will, we are to live by faith.

Living by faith is not an option. Living by faith is a command. “The just shall live by faith.”

So first of all, here is a short lesson from the Word of God on what faith is. Hebrews 11: 1-3 (from the Greek Interlinear Version) “NOW…faith is the reality of the things being hoped for,

The proof of things not being seen…”

Faith is the reality of the things I hope for.  Faith is the proof of the things I do not see.

The world says, “Seeing is believing.”

God says, “Believing is seeing.”

The world only has what it sees, what it feels, what it hears, what it tastes, what it touches. The world lives and moves and speaks by the five senses. This is why when they are sick they run to doctors seeking a pill to make them “better”…maybe…if they’re lucky…Someday…man ‘might’ find a cure IF…IF…IF we give enough money to charity. Money can’t buy Love. God is Love, and God is the only Saviour.

But God says, “Faith is the reality of the things you hope for. Faith brings your hopes into this reality.”

God says, “Believing IS seeing.”

See what you hope for with the eyes of your heart. FIRST. This is the original way. This is the way God walks. He is the one we are to follow.

Next He encourages us to walk by faith in HIM and not in the world by showing us how the great ones before us walked, “By this ---By this same faith---the Elders obtained a good witness.”

The “Elders” walked by faith.  They too had the same 5 senses we have, and don’t you think they often became distracted. Abraham did. Sarah did. The scriptures tell us that right after they believed God when He told Abraham, “You shall have descendants of your very own and they shall be uncountable as the stars in the heavens,” Sarah set about trying to do-it-her-SELFIE, just like we often do. She convinced Abraham that she knew exactly how God would do this thing. “Here, take my maid, Hagar, as your concubine,” she said, “that’s how God is going to give you many descendants.”

They switched back to looking at everything in the natural, what they could see, feel, hear, touch, taste. The 5 senses. It was a temporary setback. But notice this: Their way seemed so good, so clever, so brilliant. They were shaping and cutting God’s words to fit their own plans, instead of conforming to His. Sound familiar to anyone? It sure does to me. But here’s the difference between real faith (the God-kind) and false faith (the I can do it my-SELFIE kind that the devil offers): false faith is always “maybe yes, maybe no…IF, IF, IF.” False faith says, I-I-I will do this thing. God’s not big enough to do it Himself.”

False faith says, “Seeing is believing.”

God’s faith says, “Believing is seeing. The Greater one is in me. God is able to do what He has promised.”

The head will talk you out of faith and into fear. The heart will talk you into faith and out of fear. Which one sounds better to you—fear or faith? Notice that I didn’t ask which one “feels” better, cause faith is not a feeling, and the one thing you will not feel when you walk in faith is “in control”, cause you’re not. When we walk in faith, we are yielded to God through the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is in control, not you and not me.

Often without knowing it, I will make a switch from seeing with the eyes of the heart to the 5 senses, because the devil is always trying to lure us (tempt us) out of faith and back into pride so we will not get what God promises. Each time I do, the Lord gently reminds, “I’m doing this thing, not you.” And I answer, “Yes, you are. You’re the only one who can.”

By His Words. By His power. In His own Greater Way. Not mine. Not yours. For His glory.

This is how the Elders obtained a good witness.  Yes, even Abraham and Sarah got back into faith after they missed it, but I’m glad the Lord recorded their error as a lesson to us. Aren’t you?

A ‘Good’ witness. The Elders pleased God because they did not consider the symptoms, the lack, the obstacles, or the persecution to be bigger than God.  They did not choose to see and believe. They chose to believe God and see with the eyes of their heart, being fully convinced that He, the Creator was bigger than the created, and He was able to do all that He has promised. Their testimony was not, “Well, I don’t know…I hope so.”

Their faith in Him was bigger than any of the things they faced. Their faith in God was bigger than the doubts that assaulted their head.

My faith in Him is bigger than any of the things I face. My faith is bigger in Him is bigger than the doubts that assault my head.

Your faith in Him is bigger than any of the things you face. Your faith in Him is bigger than the doubts that assault your head.

How is faith bigger? Because it’s not our own natural human faith, that false faith. God has given us His own faith. We get it and keep it when we keep knocking down those doubts in our head and replacing them with His Word. We have His own faith. Psalm 91 says, “HIS, HIS, HIS faithfulness is our shield and buckler.”

Ephesians 6 tells us God’s faith is our shield. It’s part of His armour which He has given us. And what will it do? He tells us that too. “Above all things, taking up the shield of faith which will QUENCH EVERY (EVERY, EVERY, EVERY) FIERY DART OF THE ENEMY.”

If those darts are not being quenched, if you hear yourself saying, “Well, I don’t know…I hope so,” then go back home and get that shield of faith God gave you. What’s more, while you’re at it, put on the rest of His armour too.

This is a spiritual battle, not a physical one, I don’t care whose mouth you physically hear those doubts pop out of, your fight is not with any one person, it is with the spirit behind the person.

The Elders obtained a good witness. By faith. Good is righteous.  The righteousness of man is filthy rags. We cannot walk by SELF-righteousness and please God. But when we put our trust in Him through the Lord Jesus Christ by faith and continue to walk in faith every single second of every day the best we can, we are given the same beautiful robe of righteousness the Elders wore. God’s very own righteousness. And when we wear His righteousness that is ours by faith in Christ Jesus, we become a bunch of Elijahs, and we get what we pray for just like Elijah did.

Elijah didn’t have special faith. Elijah had a special God. Elijah was just as human as you and me. He got what he said and what He prayed for happened because he chose not to walk by the five senses the world around him walked by. No “seeing is believing” for him! He chose to walk by his spiritual eyes. He said, “Believing is seeing.”

Did Elijah ever mess up and listen to his 5 senses? Yes, he did. Elijah was human too, just like you and just like me.

Once Queen Jezebel threatened his life. “Prepare to die,” she said.

What did Elijah do? His head talked him out of faith into fear, and he ran and ran and ran hid. Then after he hid, he ran to God instead of from God. God fed him and strengthened him.  He showered him with love and mercy. Then when Elijah was stronger, God asked, “What are you doing here, Elijah? Go back. ”

Elijah heard God’s words. When God commanded him to go back and do His will no matter what his head and his five senses told him, Elijah reopened the eyes of his heart. He got back into faith again, he put back on the armour of God, and that beautiful robe of righteousness, and he cast fear to the ground. By faith. He saw with the eyes of his heart not his head, and he returned. And His faith changed things. Elijah did not die, but soon after, Jezebel did, just as Elijah said she would.

The 3rd verse of Hebrews 11 tells us that the God we are following isn’t saying, “Do as I say not as I do.” He’s saying, “Watch me. This is how I do it, and this is how you do it. Just follow me. I’ll show you how.” Then, He does just that: He shows us in an awesome way how to walk by faith.

“By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by THE WORD OF GOD,

So that the things that are seen were not made of things that do appear.”

God makes alive the dead things. That void of darkness in Genesis 1? He never once called it good because it’s not— but He brought life out of death, a beautiful world filled with living things. He brought life out of death, and He called those things that be not as though they were.

“And God SAID…And God SAID…And God SAID…And God SAID…”

God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

In Genesis 1, we see the Holy Spirit brooding over the waters of the deep.

Next, God (the Father) speaks THE WORD.

The three never act alone.  The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are never alone. They always act together. As a team.  As ONE.  In harmony.  Collectively they are EL ELOHIM “the Holy Gods.”

 El Elohim is always plural—Gods, never God. If you’ve ever read the book of Daniel much you’ll notice that the world always refers to the God Daniel served as, “The Holy Gods.” In that day, they were aware that Daniel’s God was EL ELOHIM, and only He was holy.

When the Lord first showed me that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit always work together, I believed it  as truth, because He never lies and never will, but I had a question, “Where was Yeshua: our Jesus in the beginning(in Genesis 1)?”I knew He was there somewhere, but at first I just didn’t see Him until the Lord opened my eyes.

Jesus is THE WORD, and He was the same WORD then.

“And God said…And God said…And God said…”

Can you see the power of the WORD? God spoke the WORD and created an entire Universe.

God spoke the Word. The Word is Yeshua: our Jesus. The Word is powerful.  Living. Active.  Unfailing. Never changing. (Hebrews 4:17. Look in the Amplified version for the most intense description)

So I pray, “I thank you Father that we, the body of Christ, walk worthy of God, who has called us into His kingdom and glory.

For this cause I also give thanks to you, Adonai, without ceasing, that when they receive the WORD of God which they hear of me, they will not receive it as the empty, useless, powerless words of man, but they will see (by faith) your WORD as it really is: in truth-- THE WORD OF GOD, the same WORD that created the worlds, the same power that you used to raise up Christ Jesus from the dead, the WORD of truth, that is actively working in those of us who believe.” (From 1 Thessalonians 2:12-13)

The Bible reveals over and over again that man’s own words are empty and destructive because they come from the five senses. Adam chose to walk by the five senses at that long ago tree and just look what happened. He brought destruction on all of our heads. He chose death over life.

Like God we always speak first then act. He has given us this choice: Life words or death words. Which ones will you speak?

“Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach. It is not up in heaven, so that you have to ask, “Who will ascend into heaven to get it and proclaim it to us so that we may obey it?”

Nor is it beyond the sea, so that you have to ask, “Who shall cross the sea to get it and proclaim it to us so that we may obey it?

No, the WORD is very near you;

It is in your HEART and in your MOUTH so that you may obey it.

See, I set before you today life and prosperity (Stop it now—don’t start thinking “oodles of money-wow!” I’ll teach on this, and when I do, you’ll see there are two kinds of prosperity just like in our world there are two of everything else—the real thing which comes from God, and the fake thing which comes from the devil’s world.)…

Let’s start over again,

“See I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction.” Deuteronomy 30:11-15

Like God we always speak first then act. He is giving us a choice. Creative words or destructive words.  Which ones will you choose to speak? Will we choose to speak the words of the curse—symptoms, sickness, disease, lack, grumbling and murmuring and complaining—will we continue to speak death words, the words the world around us speaks, as if our God is dead?

The world doesn’t know any better. They are unredeemed. Their hearts are filled with dead things. Their thoughts are the opposite of God’s. But us, believers? We are a different matter altogether. We are different because we have been reborn, raised from death into life through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are born-againers.

We are now commanded to use our mouth to speak LIFE not death…Healing instead of sickness…Deliverance instead of, “Oh no! What’re we going to do now?”

We are commanded to speak GOD’S WORDS, not our own.

We are commanded to speak the blessing not the curse.

We are commanded to speak TRUTH not lies.

God’s creative Words make alive the dead things and call those things that were not as if they were…and call those things that were not as if they were…and call those things that were not as if they were.

Those dead things are the things in this dead, dead, dead world—the cursed world we live in, the world that is following sin and death. God’s Words will change these dead things when we do what He commands and speak them out by faith.

Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing with the eyes of our heart, not the eyes in our head.

Put God’s Words in your mouth and speak them, just as He commands us to do. Did I pray before I wrote this? Yes, I did. I prayed, “Blessed are their eyes cause they see. Blessed are their ears for they hear.” I prayed, “Lord, let you words bubble up from my spirit in a never-ending stream. Show them, as you’ve shown me, Lord Jesus, the power of your Word when we speak it out of our mouths just like you’ve commanded us to do.”

But after I prayed, did I stop there? No. I came straight to the laptop and by faith, I began typing the Words that are in my heart. You know, they don’t look at all like the words my head would have wanted me to say. These Words are not my own. These Words are God’s Words.

God wants you to do something now. He wants you to start speaking His Words and not your own. He wants you to see with your heart.

He’s saying, “Watch me. This is how I do it, and this is how you do it. Just follow me. I’ll show you how.”

He says, “Don’t judge by appearance. Your faith in Me and the power of my Word will change things…I’ll show you how.”

Then, He does just that: He shows us in an awesome way how to walk by faith.

“By faith, the worlds were framed by the WORD OF GOD in that the things were not made by things that do appear.”

Faith in Him and His Word will change the things you see with your physical eyes. Have faith in God instead of the problem. Faith in Him through His Word is the proof that we have what we say, because He is bigger. Take your eyes off the problem and on to God. Then obey and speak His Word. Then don’t pull a Sarah or an Elijah, wait upon Him and act on His Words, and He promises, “You will have what you say…it will happen to you…whatever you ask, I (Jesus) will do…”

Trade in your own worldly words for God’s powerful Words, and SPEAK THEM.  I have never once seen God’s Word fail. It lives and abides forever. The power is in THE WORD OF GOD.

Follow God. You’ll see me there beside you. And put His Word where your mouth is. By faith. Put them there and keep them there, and you will have what you say instead of what you can see for

Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing…with the eyes of your heart.

What’s that I hear you saying? “Paula, this is a lesson on faith. What about this rainbow koolaid dream?”

Just be patient and wait. By faith. God gave it to me and He wants you to hear it. I’ll get there soon enough. First, God wanted me to show you more about faith. This will run right into the Rainbow Koolaid Dream. Everything He’s teaching us and revealing now all fits together into one big teaching broken up into smaller bits.

Speak those words that make alive the dead (things) and do as God does—call those things that are not as if they were. Keep speaking God’s Words over them. Those words are in your heart, and even in your mouth so that you can speak them.