GOOD MORNING FROM ENGLAND! Here is a teeny tiny story of faith in a great big God, a God who will do exactly what He says He will each and every time. May God's shalom, His blessing rest upon each of you this day. PK x
"If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you may say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it shall move, and nothing (nothing, nothing, nothing!!!!) shall be impossible for you."
Twice a year, Spring and winter, I send funds to the orphans a ministry friend I am partnered with who cares for a growing number of orphans.
Give thanks and glory to our great God and Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ with me for this money. I will share with you what happened.

A couple of nights ago the Lord showed me the amount I was to send. He showed me £140.00. I didn't know how He was going to get this amount especially when our bank account was nearly empty, I drew all I could out of the Bank account (£20.00). That made £100.00. Yet God had showed me £140.00. So I knew I was to send £140, I just didn't know how he would do it.

He tells me over and over again that "if I remain in Him and in His Word, I may ask what I wish in His name, and He will do it for me." I know His Word is truth. God never lies.

Each day I began saying and believing in my heart that I would, by faith, send £140.00. I thanked Him for it. I believed no matter what I saw or what I felt because faith is based on God's Word which is fact, not on what I see or feel or even hear. But, as you know, faith can be a fight so I stayed in God's Word. Yesterday I said, "Lord, you know I've got to send the money today so that Brother S can get it in time to do shopping for the kids."

He answered, "Don't worry. He'll get it in time."

Chris was out of town. He was supposed to be back early that afternoon, but he was delayed. I was tempted to worry, but I refused according to the word. I pushed all worry away each time it attacked. Like Abraham, I trusted in the God who calls those things that be not as though they were. I trusted Him, so I called those things that be not as though they were, just like Him. 
"And being not weak in faith, he decided not against the promises of God, but being strong in faith, he gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that what He (God) has promised, He is able also to perform."

Chris returned too late yesterday, but I told him that I needed to send the money today so that the kids would have their needs met. He said he'd be back early today, and would call ahead to let me know to be ready to head over to Nuneaton to the Western Union. I praised God for this. But I was still short £40.00.What was I not to do? I was not to say anything that contradicted what God had said. No doubt, no fear, no "if, if, if". I was not to worry, stew or fret (and yes, God always reminds me of this!)

I thought, that's okay. I'll go to the cash point tomorrow a.m and draw out funds then, because God always keeps His Word.

Bright and early today I walked over to the Cash point. But I came away empty handed. The Bank balance still read £4.93.

An hour later, Chris called to say he was on his way and he'd be here in 40 minutes. Still, I only had £100 which I'd put in an envelope by faith, and layed out to send. I kept my eyes on Jesus. He instructed, "Get in my Word." I opened up to where He led--promises of faith.

Just before we left to send the funds, I went down before the Lord again. I reminded Him, and myself that He had showed me £140, and that I believed Him, though I didn't know how He would do it. He answered, "Trust me. I'll give it to you. You have what you say."

On the way over Chris swung by the cash point to check the balance and draw out some funds. He checked to see if money had gone in. I remained in the car. When he returned he didn't say whether money had went in or not. I was walking and riding by faith.

Soon after,we parked the car near the Western Union place. When we got to the door of the place, there was still only £100 to send. This is when the Spirit of God urged me to ask Chris, "Was money paid in to the account?"

He said, "Yes."

"Do you have God's tithe?" I asked.

"No, not yet," he responded.

Pressing him further,
I asked, "Will you get it please?"

As we walked up to the nearest cash point, he figured in his head how much the tithe would be. Then he said to me, "That'll come to £45.00."
There it was: the £140, along with the money to send it.

My eyes filled with tears and I gave glory and praise to God the one who is able to do what He has promised and always does. Each and every time! Again I give Him glory as I write these words to you. For we go from faith to faith, from faith to greater faith!





I have prayed more this week than I ever have before. It is powerfully bringing things about, but the first thing all the fasting and prayer has changed is me.


Love you my friend! Pauli x