GOOD MORNING FROM ENGLAND! Yep, it's me, back again with a very powerful dream. Call it "Double Decker" like some of the buses we have here in Britain. Once you read it, you'll see why. Blessings, PK x


“What He’s called me to do is greater than me, and bigger than me...I wait. I watch. I listen.”

Before the dream I was praying and worshipping God in the spirit and in English. I had been interceding before Him on behalf of some very sick people, and waiting for Him to give me permission to go to them.

A familiar voice, like a blast from the past, began telling me how I was always saying the wrong thing. Why, at times, I even stumble over words. How would God ever do anything through me?

I bent my head slightly toward this voice, but as I did, the Lord said, “Don’t listen to him. Stand against him. Resist him. Hear me.

I shall never leave you or forsake you. I am Jesus. And I am with you.

Step into what I have for you,” He said.

I stepped out onto a high hill, and I stood, taking my place as a watchman. The Lord said to pray, so I prayed.

My eyes scanned the distance. I could see for miles and miles. I was in the spirit. Jesus was there with me.

The winds of change were blowing in my hair and against my face. Slowly I turned from the left to the right, watching and waiting.

The Lord had said, “Step into the ministry I have for you.”

Then, I fell asleep.

I saw my kids, but younger than they are now. I saw a familiar woman and an ex-husband. Yet, even in the dream, I was a watchman...watching.

My eyes were drawn to a table. It was filled with ornaments, but my eyes were drawn to one thing. It was a large shell of dark brown and white, and very shiny.

When I’d noticed the woman, I’d thought, “She’s a lesbian now.” She wasn’t before.

Still, I remained in my heart, praying and watching, watching and praying.

Someone told me this woman had something to tell me. As I waited for her to approach, I walked into the next room.

There I made a shocking discovery, a discovery that really shook me up.

In that room was another table, a smaller one, and on this table was evidence that someone--I didn’t know who, only God knew--that this someone had found a picture of me and had used it to place a hex upon me. They wanted my death. This much was clear. They were plotting it, and planning it, and conjuring it. They thought they had the perfect way and the perfect plan.

If I got out of my heart even for a brief second, fear hit me. God instructed,”Stay in your heart.”

Each time I was lured out I would say, “No. Perfect love casts out fear,” and there I’d be, back in my heart with Jesus, and unafraid.

I was told to be alert. I was told to watch. I was told to pray. I was told to wait.

In that first room, I kept watching that large brown and white shell. Something was strange about that shell. I wasn’t sure what, but I trusted God.

Suddenly, I saw smoke begin to pour out of it. The thing had ignited. How does a shell ignite?

The smoke smelled like incense, like the incense used in the worship of idols.

I grabbed the shell and destroyed it.

The woman was to talk to me soon. The ex-husband too.

I didn’t know who had put the curse of death on me, but as I knelt down in the other room with those pictures, including my own, from my heart I had spoken to those demons behind the curse in the name of Jesus. I cannot remember my exact words, but they were powerful, according to the Word.

I awoke before anything else was revealed, and I lay in the dark before the Lord.

I kept going over and over the details of the dream. I knew it had been a powerful dream. The thing oozed power, and it had great meaning. I wondered, “Should I write it out?” I asked the Lord, but He remained silent.

Still, I was that watchman standing on the high hill feeling the winds of change blowing against my hair and against my face. I remained in my heart, praying and watching, watching and praying.

While I watched and while I prayed, I fell back asleep. In an instant, there I was again, in the same dream with the same people, just like groundhog day. Same dream, new scene.

This dream was like a part #2. It took up where the first one left off.

In this scene, I was watching and waiting (and powerfully so) still, and working at remaining in my heart, which is hard to do at times, when the body of sin is tempted to “react” to the things in the physical world.

I still didn’t know (yet) when the demons would manifest, or who they were in. Only God knew and I was trusting Him.

At that moment, the woman and the ex-husband came into the room.

The ex walked over to give me a hug to say goodbye. While he was hugging me he was talking. I knew his words were lies and not truth, and my heart hardened as my feathers bristled.

I realised that I was “reacting” (pulled by emotions) instead of “acting” in truth, by decision, from my heart, and that I wouldn’t be able to hear God that way. So again, I worked to get back into my heart, and out of my head. I worked to remain alert yet vulnerable so I would hear God speak His Words and not my own.

Near the end of this dream the demon who wanted me dead (as in doornail), made its move in a very strange way.

Suddenly, like the two Beast system we now live in, the woman and the ex joined together.

This was an unexpected turn. I stood there in amazement, watching. She was the head; he was the body.

It then tried to speak to me, but because I was in my heart with Jesus, I spoke the words God gave me before it could act against me.

Again, I cannot tell you the exact words God gave me, but they were words with fire-power.

I saw then the eyes of a powerful demon behind the woman’s eyes.

Truly, He had delivered me from the snare of the devil, just as He promised to.
“Because he loves me, “ says the Lord, “I will deliver him;
I will protect him, for he has known my name.”

Perfect love casts out fear. Perfect love triumphs over demons. Perfect love dwells in me.

Earlier the day before, I’d prayed to know God’s love even better. He answered, “You already do.”

His answer filled my heart along with this passage of scripture,
“For I have known and believed the love God has for me,
For God is love,
And when I remain in love,
I remain in God,
and God remains in me.
Herein in my love made perfect,
that I may have boldness in the day of judgement,
for as He is so am I in this world (When? NOW!):
Love does not fear,
but perfect love casts out fear,
because fear has torment,
and he who fears is not made perfect in love...
lo, I, Jesus, am with you alway,
even unto the end of the age.” (I John 4:16-18 & Matthew 28:20)

If we know and believe His Salvation, then we know and believe His great love, that love that surpasses all others.

Next I knew it was morning. It didn’t seem I’d slept much, but no matter, I felt refreshed and nourished by the power of God within me.

As I made my way down to the kitchen to flip the heat back on, I heard the Lord saying, 
“Stay in your heart.”

He meant for the whole of the day. “I will, Lord.”

“Stay with me,” He said.


“Stay with me in your heart where perfect love dwells, and there is no fear.”

It’s not an option. It’s a command.

It’s not a sometime thing. It’s a lifestyle.