"Sheep And Goats"

The Lord had taken me to Romans 12, but I wasn’t sure why. Every place He leads me I go by faith. I never know ahead of time why we’re going there. Nor did I know this time, until I read this verse:

“For your sake we are considered sheep to be slaughtered...”

Then I understood. Then I saw it, and as always, I was amazed. At God.

For Christ’s sake, I wrote.

Then the Lord spoke, “You’re the sheep, Paula.”

I know I am, and so are you, fellow are you.

Believers are sheep and unbelievers are goats. Not two of a kind. Two different people with two different fathers.

Once a sheep, always a sheep? No, that’s once a goat, now a sheep. Whenever we talk to any goat--and no, I’m not name-calling or mud-slinging here--never forget, “I was once a goat like you, but Jesus made me a sheep, and He wants to make you one too.”

Why do I want to be a sheep? So I can die? No, so you can live through Jesus, the new and living Way, the only Way.

This was not the first place nor the first day I was shown sheep, so I’ll start at the beginning and take you through what the Lord over all the earth has revealed to me, and is about to reveal to you.

It’s all about sheep. My story begins with sheep, and it ends with sheep.

About a week ago (Maybe two. Time is growing wings for me!), while I was gathering info on the rare coming eclipse that is about to make a splash in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, I was led to watch a video by Johnathan Kleck.

I don’t often watch videos, but my heart directed me to watch this one. As the video opened, the Lord instructed, “Now watch closely.”

The video opener was Obama standing in front of a mirror.


I’m not in America and even if I was, I’d never see this Obamacare commercial because I don’t watch t.v. I don’t even own one. But most people do, so you may recognise the commercial I am describing. You just may not have ever seen it in quite the way God is showing you.

In this commercial Obama is standing in front of a mirror. His exact words are not as important as what he does.

He looks in the mirror, as does the star he is reportedly mimicking, and the scene quickly flashes back and forth between the two, sorta like a reflection.

They are different, and yet? The same image.

One is black-skinned, one is white-skinned, and yet? The same.

First the star points his finger, winks, and sticks out his tongue. Then, Obama points his finger, winks, and sticks out his tongue.

Next, we see the star and Obama sporting the Vampire look, each one puts on sunglasses.

Innocent, you say? Just for fun? No way.

They are symbols hidden in plain sight, but my God shows me ‘the fenced and hidden things’, because He knows all things, and it is His will to reveal them to us.

“Who are you mocking?” The High and Lofty One asks, "At whom do you sneer? At whom do you mock, making faces, and sticking out the tongue?”

They are mocking, but not each other. They are mocking sheep. Dead sheep.

“They’ve all got the same spirit,” the Lord interjected. “They’ve all got the same spirit.”

Miley? Selina? Jim Carrey? And the many others--all those 'stars’ the press is laughing about and saying, “Look at them? Aren’t they funny? Aren’t they cute?-- Selina and Jim and the others? They’re all mocking each other.”

They’re all mocking, and sticking out the tongue. See them, Lord?

Jesus said there’d be signs, symbols, logos, and all are being set in place in order to fulfill God’s Word.

Here the goats are-- hiding those symbols in plain sight.

They are sneering, they are mocking, they are sticking out their tongues, but the target is not each other.

They are mocking sheep. Dead sheep.

For the third time the Lord Jesus repeated, “They’ve all got the same spirit.”

That’d be the goat spirit. The same one I used to have when I was spiritually dead.
“And you He made ALIVE, who WERE DEAD in trespasses and sins;
in which you once walked according to the course of this world,
according to the prince of the powers of the air,

They are dead, these goats, and they want all of us sheep who are alive in Christ Jesus, and reunited with the Most High God, clothed in His righteousness IN Christ Jesus, to die.

That same spirit who killed Jesus is working in the sons of disobedience, and this same spirit wants to kill us too.

Obama is mocking the death of the sheep.

Johnathan follows with a story. Two years ago he walked into a Starbucks coffee shop. Pointing out a kid behind the counter, he said to the manager, who is a friend of his, “See that kid there? He’s going to offer to draw a picture of me. And when he draws the picture, he’s going to put an image of a dead sheep on the picture...”

A week later the kid drew the picture of Johnathan’s face, and there it was-- a dead sheep “hidden” behind Johnathan’s ear.

What’s the Illuminati motto again? Hide those symbols in plain sight.

To threaten a prophet of the Most High God is to threaten the entire Church because a prophet is a representative, a leader.

This spirit wants to kill all sheep, and his man is the man with a plan just as Daniel and John reveal.
“And he will destroy the mighty men and the holy people...And it was given to it (Beast #1) to make war with the saints AND TO OVERCOME THEM...And it (Beast #2) had power to give life (spirit) to the image of the Beast, that the image should both speak, AND CAUSE ALL THAT REFUSE TO WORSHIP THE BEAST SHOULD BE KILLED.” (Daniel 8:24; Revelation 13: 7 & 15)

All of a sudden I blurted out, “The more killing, the more severe the Judgement. Yeah, Lord?”

“That’s right.” He replied.

See those dark glasses on the President’s face? Those glasses are a symbol of the spiritual darkness satan’s children walk in.

Vampires are allergic to the light. The works they do is always under the cover of darkness. They are inspired by the darkness. Light destroys them. They hate the light.

The unbelievers in this New World Order hate light. Light reminds-- believers and unbelievers-- what good is and what is not.

Vampires are out for blood. Vampires steal. Vampires kill. Vampires destroy.

Shading their eyes from the light, I hear them shout, “Hey Somebody! Kill the light!”

Yeshua, our Jesus, is that light. He is the Light of the world.
“Again therefore Jesus spoke to them saying, ‘I AM the light of the world;
the one following me shall by no means walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life.’ (John 8:12)

Jesus is the life-giving Light, and ones who choose to walk in darkness instead of light hate him.

Jesus didn’t come to condemn. He came to save. “He who believes in Him is not condemned: but He who does not believe is condemned already, because He has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”

Jesus didn’t come to condemn, and I’m not here to condemn. Light does not condemn. This is the condemnation: “that Light is come into the world, and men loved darkness instead of Light, because their works were evil.” (John 3:18-19)

Like John the Baptist said, “I am not that true Light. I am a witness of that Light."

John was a bringer of the true light. He was a light bearer.

You and I are now light bearers. I am a light bearer because I am a believer and now His light shines through me. You are a light bearer because you are a believer and His light shines through you.

The words He speaks to me and all believers is “Let my light shine into the darkness, that men may see my love for them and believe.” For you see, God loved me when I was still a goat, and God loves you too while you are a still a goat.

So what are we waiting for, believers? Let LOVE shine...Let LOVE shine...Let LOVE shine!

And let the light of Yasha within you shine brightly because this darkness is getting darker.

Do you believe in coincidence? I don’t. I believe that ALL things work for the good for those ones of us who love God and are the called according to His purposes.

The next morning on the news an article shouted out, “Hey, click on me!”

The article was all about the year. The Chinese New Year had begun.

I don’t believe in coincidence. Yet, was I really seeing what I was seeing? I felt like rubbing my eyes.

I said to Chris, “You know how China always has a new animal they honour every year?”


“What do you think it is this year?”

“Ummm, Year of the dragon?”

“No,” I answered. “Try again.”

“I don’t know...Serpent?” He hadn’t been up long and was running short of animals.

“Well,” I encouraged. “It IS an ‘S’ word. What was the animal we were just talking about last night?”

“Sheep?” He said it rather, um, sheepishly.

“That’s right,” I confirmed.


But there’s more, because the Chinese can’t seem to agree. Some say “This is the year of the sheep.”

Others say, “This is the year of the goat.”

Still others call it, “The year of the Ram.”

So which one is it then?

Goats or sheep? What the difference? Both have horns.

Well, the two may look similar, but here’s the difference: One eats the garbage the world is spewing out, and the other does not.

But the Ram? I researched the Ram briefly and once again, I felt like rubbing my eyes.

There stood the two horned one. It was Baphomet himself. His image was not exactly standing. It was seated cross-legged on the floor.

His head is the head of a goat. On it’s belly is the cadduceus--a pole (tree) with two snakes wrapped around it--a blasphemous symbol that is used today to represent the art of medicine, man’s replacement of Jesus the healer. Actually, it’s not exactly on his belly, it’s below his belly and rising up.

Baphomet is “the goathead”.

“The horned god, Baphomet, god of witches,” I read.

It is a satanist’s way of mocking Christ as the Lamb who died for the sins of humanity.

“The god of Mendes...” Egypt.

So, I realised, he is the god of today’s spiritual Egypt. He is the god of THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

He is the Ram. The goat’s head. With two horns. Like a lamb, but it’s really a goat. The anti-Messiah himself. He is that same spirit that is working in the sons of disobedience. He is the reason they all speakah the same language. All the little goats are following him, like the little lambs are following Yasha, The Lamb of God who was slain for our sins, and raised again in three days.

Baphomet is mocking the dead sheep in the year of the sheep...and the year of the goats.

Baphomet’s mocking began long ago, and his little goats are following.

The signs, those symbols, are hidden in plain sight. We just need to be awake to see them.

In a 2002 movie, “The Time Machine”, the traveller meets a very strange man. An even stranger conversation takes place, but this movie is fantasy, right?

“Tell me what’s happening here,” the traveller asks.

“I believe what was one race is now two,” the strange man began. “One above and one below...two distinct species have evolved.”

“How do those below survive?”

Listen closely to the strange man’s response. “That is the real question, isn’t it,” he begins.

With that, he winks his eye. Very mysteriously he bleats like a sheep. “Baaaaa,” he says.

The wink. The eye. The Seeing eye. The eye of Horus. The sign of Horus. All goats see through this one eye, the eye of the soul, mental understanding, and they cannot see past the body and the mind. Just those two, and nothing more. Natural. Earthy. Worldly.

All sheep see through the eyes, the understanding, of the spirit. Supernatural. Godly wisdom.

The Bible makes a difference between these two. This difference is enormous. the soul and the spirit are not the same thing, just like goats and sheep are night and day.

We are spirit. We live in a body. We have a soul (mind and emotions). Hebrews 4:12 explains that their is a division between the soul and the spirit.

“The Word of God is alive, living, active, powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword, PIERCING THE DIVISION BETWEEN THE SOUL AND THE SPIRIT...the bones and the marrow (body) to discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

This is the year of a rare Solar Eclipse, and this eclipse is as much a signal to the goats as the year of the sheep AND goat is to the sheep.

Open up the eyes of your understanding so you will hear what the Lord of all the earth is saying to you.

I’m not saying ‘like it’. I’m saying ‘hear it’.

In Bible days, and nowadays, sheep and goats used to graze together during the day. But they are always separated at night.

They are always separated at night, and night is here. Night has arrived in the East and the West.

The goats all speakah the same thing. They all mock the same thing.

What are they saying?

The devil could not destroy the Light. God raised up Jesus in three days and took Him to heaven where He is seated on the righthand of God. So, he’s made war on the sheep.

Stay tuned for Part two, and hear how he does it. Hear what his moves will be. Then hear what our moves will be during this year of the sheep and the year of the goats.

Hear what happens when darkness becomes a touchy-feelie thing.