GOOD MORNING FROM ENGLAND! In the early morning hours the Lord gave me a new teaching. When I finished writing it out, just a bit at a time, as God gave it to me. I said to the Lord, "I feel like going and putting this thing on right now." Then I paused for a moment and added, "I love you, Father. I love you, Jesus. I love you, Holy Spirit, Sir."

His response came in an instant, "I love you too."

Then I heard, "Get on there and do this thing."

I knew it wasn't my mind talking 'cause outside those warm soft covers was air that does bite. So I answered, "Okay, Sir."

And here I am with an invitation: Walk the faith walk with me. C'mon, let's join hands, knowing that no good thing will He withhold. Abundant Blessings, PK


Text: Psalm 84:11; Romans 4:17-21; Hebrews 11:1.

On Tuesday night, the Lord did a strange thing. I awoke from my power nap, and made a move to get up and pray the late-late-prayer, the pure Word prayer for myself and others that is His will I pray. But, He stopped me. He said, “Rest. Rest until I say.”

“Lie back on Me”, Jesus instructed. “Just relax. Rest.”

I was so weary, so exhausted. The Lord even said so Himself. Not once but twice. And He always prepares us for everything we must face, when we trust Him.

As usual, we weren’t alone. The devil was there trying to crash the party. He came with distractions and that favourite wrench he loves to throw in: FEAR. I felt it the clunk, and could almost hear the sound of the metal when it hit as I obeyed God. 
That was the moment Jesus spoke the first few words of John 14.
“Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, Believe also in me.”

I knew that was what I was to concentrate on while I relaxed. I was to rest in those words.

After awhile, He gave me the verse from Isaiah, “Fear not for I am with you. Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yea, I will help you, yea, I will uphold you in my strong right hand.”

The more I considered His Words, the more relaxed I became.

Then came the next surprise. When I made a move to get up at the usual time (as in lately), He again said, “Rest.” Only one other time, perhaps, has the Lord Jesus led me to stay in bed past 6 a.m., but that morning He did.

Later, I discovered why. I had made a mistake. I had read a date wrong. An entire month wrong. And my mistake was about to be used against me by the devil. What was his intent? To get my faith in God to crumble like an old shaky wall. There was a knock at my door. I opened it and faced a very angry person. I remained in Jesus. In love and gentleness I spoke. And only in complete honesty from my heart. I went and got the paper with the date. And to my astonishment, he was right and I was wrong. I went back to the door, and admitted my mistake. I spoke only the words the Lord placed in my heart, and God gave me favour. The anger melted. I was given another month.

As awful as it is when a weakness is being used against you as a weapon, like it was for me yesterday, I didn’t crumble into doubt as satan intended. If we remain in faith, God will do the opposite. In that weakness, His strength will be perfected. Doesn’t usually look good or feel good at the time, but it is good, because God will turn it to the good when I depend on Him, and when you depend on Him.

Like I’ve said, I didn’t crumble into doubt, but I did crumble. I crumbled into a heap before the Lord. Greatly humbled, I first repented, and received by faith His forgiveness. Then, I prayed. And His Word rose up strong inside me. I repeated it to Him. I said to Him, “I will not stop believing you, no matter how bad things seem. I will trust you no matter what. You are my exceeding great reward. You have never let me down and you never will. What would you have me do?”

His answer was short, “Stay in the Word.”

The mistake I made involves the very things I am believing God for--they are all connected together like dots on a connect-the-dots page. Gotta have one to have the other, and so on.

Always, in each case, God prepares us for what is coming. He had prepared me the night before. He gave me that extra rest and those scriptures to strengthen me so that I would not crumble into fear when a bigger testing came.

I did as He said. I got in His Word. I sat at His feet and He gave me prophecy, taking me to the book of Zephaniah, then on to Luke and to Isaiah. Again, like that connect-a-dot page. I knew I was to do the work He had given me no matter what I felt like or how things look. Even on our anniversary (mine and the Lord’s) He told me, “This is a work day.” Then, because He is a loving, compassionate Father, later, He gave me a wonderful revelation in His Word, and as my eyes filled up and I pause to beam up at Him, He said, “Happy Anniversary.”

Yesterday, in obedience, I spent hours searching and studying the Word.

When break time came, I moved on to the kitchen to prepare food. As I chopped and diced, I would pray in the spirit for awhile, then switch to confessing the Word. But God had replaced the prophetic mood with a faith mood.

“And God is able to make all grace abound (overflow) unto you, that you having sufficiency (enough) in all things may abound (overflow) unto every good work.”

That was all I knew by heart, but God urged, “Keep going.” So I nipped in and got my Bible and opened it up to this passage of II Corinthians 9: 6-15. I would concentrate on this for awhile, go to “Give and it shall be given unto you...”, and back again.

Later on, I noticed two verses, 13-15, in the preceding chapter. These really caught my eye because the last verse was from Proverbs. It brought to mind another proverb I’d been confessing as of late, “He who waters shall be watered.” I am a waterer.

My faith was getting charged and re-charged while I chopped and diced, and stirred, and confessed.

Bedtime rolled around quickly, that time when God gives the okay to rest. But as soon as I got comfortable, He spoke to me. First He confirmed much of what He is doing in my life. Then He added, “Isaiah 42.” When I didn’t move. He said it twice more. I got back up and switched on the light. Time to look it up.

I assumed Isaiah 42 would be comforting or something like that. Never assume. That’s my advice. God’s wisdom is above our assumptions. Isaiah 42 was all prophecy. I am called to be a Prophet of Judgement in this last day, and the Lord is determined I will be exactly what He has called me to be.

I went over Isaiah 42, then He said, “Rest”, and I rested. Again, it was a night when He would not have me pray the pure Word.

I slept until a dream woke me. Ah, God was doing some cleaning in my heart. After I repented, I was wide awake. I began meditating on Romans 4:17-21. 
“As it has been written, I have appointed you a Father of many nations, before whom he believed, even God the [one] quickening the dead...”

Didn’t even make it to the end of the 17th verse, but meditation is not about quantity, it’s all about quality. When we meditate on the Word, a little bit goes along way.

His Word is not like man’s words. It’s not empty. It’s living, alive, active, powerful. So I cannot urge you enough, if your situation looks bad, get into the good even more than usual; get in the Word, and stay in it. Search it. Say it. Live it. Breathe it.

Last night, I kept repeating that last bit:
“...even God, the one quickening the dead...”

After awhile I stopped and spoke the words my heart revealed, “This [the situation I faced] is actually a dead thing. It’s a thing that’s dead in the water. And I look to you,” I said to the Lord, “for the deliverance from the enemy you’ve promised me.”

I continued, “You cause those things that haven’t [yet] happened to happen. By my speaking the Word.” (Mark 11:22-24; Dt 30:11-14; Romans 10:8-10).

When I speak His Word, I release His power to work.

Faith is the proof of the unseen. Faith is the proof I have the unseen thing BEFORE it’s seen. And my faith is in the Lord and His ability.

“Therefore, whatever things [anything] you desire, when you pray, believe that you have it, and you shall have it.” (Mark 11:24)

I kept centered on His Words in Romans 4:
“Even God, who...calls those things not being, being.”

For a long awhile I saw each of these words before my face. One. At. A. Time. And I examined each one. Oh so Sloooooowly.

Then, I saw a plug. It was plugged into a socket. But this was a plug with a difference. There was no wire. It was wireless. Yet, I knew that it contained great power. The great power within it came from a Source UNSEEN.

We are the plugs. You and me, friends. God is the power within us.

Ephesians 1:19. “And what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us the ones believing,”

The exceeding greatness of the Father’s power. Exceeding.

God made a substitution. “Tremendous.”

Tremendous power. No, bigger.

What is the tremendous greatness of Your power who believe.

Better yet, what is the knock your socks off power--that sock-knocking-off power unto me, a believer.

Now, Psalm 84:11 again. His promise to me and to you.
“You, Lord, are my sun and my shield...You shall give me grace and glory...and no good thing will you withhold to me because I walk uprightly.”

Need an extra helping of grace? He will give it to you. Just ask.

His grace is: His undeserved favour. His power. His strength. His ability. His might. His anointing. Unto me--and you--who believes.

All at once an old memory flooded back to me, a flash from the past.

When my girls were tiny, we lived in a mobile home. The place was nice and the rent was reasonable. But the heating was another thing. The gas bill for one month stunned me. It was $100.00. I’d never been faced with such a large bill in my life. $100.00 was a lot of money to me. I didn’t know how I would pay it. Looked impossible, and it was, for me.

So I took the bill to the Lord. I didn’t know much scripture then. I was still a baby in Christ (even after 12 years), and only newly filled with the Holy Spirit. But I knew this much: God promised to meet my needs.

Soon after, I was seated in my mama’s kitchen with an old family friend. As we talked, I mentioned the bill to him, but not the amount. He looked at me with the smile that says, “Uh-huh, I’ve already heard,” and reaching into his shirt pocket he pulled out some folded bills and handed it to me.

“Here. Will this be enough?”, he asked. “The Lord told me last night to give you this amount so I put it in my shirt pocket.”

Totally awed by the Lord’s ability, I counted the money our friend had handed to me. $100.00. Exactly.

Seeing this scene replayed brought the tears back. God was big enough then. And He’s big enough now.

No good thing will He withhold from him who walks uprightly.

No good thing. No good thing...

I was staying fully persuaded. Confident.

A second time, I spoke the words from my heart. “I have the money.”

Right away God answered, “You have the money. It’s yours.”

I was fully persuaded just like father Abraham (Romans 4:21).

I have an advantage over them. And so do you. If you have a Bible. Even if you don’t, you can find it on the net.

Abram and Sarai didn’t have God’s Words all down on paper. But they had to do exactly what we’re to do. So God changed their names, because God expected them to see and say, just like He expects us to see and say.

See and say the thing we hope for.

So God changed their names. Abram became Abraham, and every time he spoke his name, he confessed what God said. He spoke in agreement with God. He said, “I’m father of many nations.”

Sarai became Sarah. Each time she said her name, she was speaking in agreement with God, as she confessed, “I’m mother of nations.”

Each time anyone called them by name, they heard God’s Word. Again. And again. And again.

Can’t you just imagine how strange this was for unbelievers who knew them when?

What’s goin’ on here? Have those two flipped their lids? Their God changed their names? Get real! Why would God call an old man and his old barren wife, the father of many nations, and the mother of many nations?

Looked crazy. Sounded crazy. Felt crazy. But it wasn’t crazy. Abraham and Sarah did exactly what God told them to do.

SEE it. SAY it. Keep it before you. Meditate on it. Consider it and not the problem itself.

If we feed doubt, it grows. If we feed faith, it grows.

Were Abraham and Sarah tempted to doubt? You bet. How do I know? Cause the same devil that’s here now was there then. And you can be certain that he did not want to see them become the ones from whom the Saviour of the world would come. Neither does he want us to get anything God has for us.

They were tempted all right, but the Bible tells us that they refused to consider any of the things that made God’s Word sound impossible.

Romans 4:18 says, “And not weakening in faith, he considered his body now dead, and the death of Sarah’s womb, but he DID NOT DECIDE AGAINST THE PROMISE OF GOD BY UNBELIEF..”

Did you hear that? Say it with me about your own situation, “I DO NOT DECIDE AGAINST THE PROMISE OF GOD IN UNBELIEF...”

In my own situation, each time satan comes to distract, God says, “Bring yourself back. Concentrate.” So I do. Again. And Again. And Again. How many times? As many as it takes.
Call it, “the fight of faith.”

Faith is my proof of the things unseen. It is the reality that all I hope for is mine. Faith brings my hopes to life, and that life is in the Word.

The Lord has promised me in line with His Word, “Money will come from a source that will surprise you.”

It’s unprofitable for me to imagine,”Who? Who? Or What?” So I don’t. I don’t assume. I simply accept God’s Word. He’s never been wrong, and He won’t start now.

Place your situation before Him, if you haven’t already. Doesn’t matter how small it is or how big. Nothing’s too impossible for our God. Nothing’s too small or big or complex for Him.

Then do what He has me do: the same thing He had Abraham and Sarah do.

SEE His Word. SAY His Word.

See it. Say it. Meditate it. Concentrate on it. Consider it instead of the problem.

The people around you might think you’re a fruitcake. Just like they did Abraham. Just like they often do me. Abraham got it. Sarah got it. I have it. And You have it. For we have the same faith in the same God, and this faith is the proof of the thing [yet] unseen.

Just don’t let what others think cheat you out of that good thing God has for you.

Let them laugh. And while they point you out, you laugh with God while you Go,Go, Go for that good thing. And make it yours.

“For the Lord is your sun and your shield,
He will give grace and glory,
And no good thing will He withhold from them who walks uprightly.” (Psalm 84:11)