“The Theme Of Things Is Strength”

Never being a very patient person, coming from two parents who were always on-the-go, I’ve a tendency to rush around. Often I’d like to do everything, and do it all in the same day. Once as I was rushing about the Lord exclaimed, “Paula, you are a worker! You’re like a candle burning at both ends.” I laughed, then it dawned on me that a candle burning at both ends will eventually burn out, so I caught His meaning, and asked, “Do you mean a birthday candle, Lord?” I pulled on the reigns, and said, “Whoa!” to myself,
“What is the theme for today, dear Lord? What is the theme?”

“Rest,” He said. “Rest.”

I closed my eyes and centred on Him.

“Yield,” He said. I quieted my mind, and felt every muscle in my body relax, resting in Him.

There He sat, clothed in glory. I sat at His feet. When I pray, I’m at the foot of the steps to His magnificent throne, or I’m on the steps. But when I am being taught by Him, I am there at the top, sitting cross-legged at His feet, perfectly relaxed and at home. Just me and my Father.

It was then that He gave me what I had been waiting for, “Isaiah 41:10.”

Be it known that I’m not always good at where things are found. I’m more of a Thesaurus than a Concordance. I’m more into the words and their meaning, instead than numbers and the scheme of things. No problem. I can always look that info up in a Concordance. My big concern is placing His Word into my heart, and that’s God’s big concern too, for it is Word that saves and heals and frees and delivers, not where it is found. So God’s never worked to fill my heart with numbers, but even I recognised the numbers of this verse straight away. As it turns out, it’s one of my favourite verses in the KJV Bible, and often, these words are His personal Words to me in times of testing. Today, He had me reading it from the NAS version,

“Do not fear for I AM with you. Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God...”

He spoke again at that moment, “No matter what you’ve got to face, I want you to rest in Me. This is the secret.”

How long has He been teaching me, “Rest in Him?" How long--months, perhaps?

“...I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Today, I began at the foot of His throne, like I do when I pray, only I was standing, instead of kneeling, when He invited me to come up. I thought it was so He could give me a hug, as He’s done before, but this time when I reached the top, He simply held out His hand. His hand is a beautiful hand, perfectly formed. Always His hand and Him are bigger than me, but this time His hand was huge, and the fingers gently curved upward. Then He asked me to do something. He asked me to climb right on in, into the palm of his hand, and I watched myself climb right in without the slightest hesitation.

Do not Me. For I AM with you. I will never leave you alone, nor forsake you.

Do not look anxiously about you, for I AM your not worry, do not fret, do not panic, do not be overwhelmed. The great I AM is your God.

I had been anxiously looking about myself that morning. Worry. Fear. How? How? How? How would I do everything? How would I fulfill this ministry? I was familiar with those two evil twins:worry and fear. I had been on intimate terms with them for past years. This was before the God of my Salvation transformed my life from the inside out in 2012. Since then, the enemy has done everything imaginable to place me in bondage to them, and their big brother, doubt again, but I have fought tooth and nail. But not on my own. Jesus is here, the Father is here, the Holy Spirit is here. I am not alone. I have the great I AM on my side. We are a team. I am the earthen vessel. He is the treasure within me. This morning, I climbed into God’s hand, and into His Word, and He invited me once again to rest, rest, rest in Him.

“...I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

God’s words are more than just pretty ornaments to fill our notebook with or glance at and say in one breath, “How comforting,” and in the next, “but what do I do and where do I go?” No, His words are more. They are more than the words of men. They are the words of God, which is alive, living, active, mighty, powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword, dividing between the soul and the spirit, and between the bones and marrow, and able to discern our thoughts and motives.

His Word is awesome. The most awesome power I’ve ever seen or ever known. By his Word, I ‘ve been healed many, many times. By His Word, my life’s been transformed from the inside out. By His Word, I’ve seen demons cast out. By His Word, I am made free, and I am kept free when the enemy attacks with fear, and worry, and anxiety.

By His Word, you have everything you need or ask for. All you need to do is trust Him, and not let the thief steal that trust and replace it with fear.

By His Word, not by men’s. Men’s words are the pretty ornaments. They look pretty. They sound pretty. They are usually exactly what we want to hear, but they are empty, and as filling as a plate that’s been licked clean. But,God’s Word is much more. His Word is an awesome powerhouse that is actively operating in us who believe. (1 Thes. 2:13).

Actively operating where? IN US WHO BELIEVE, those of us who choose TRUST over fear. Am I saying we have a choice, that we’re not just powerless when fear and doubt and worry attacks? That’s right. That’s exactly what I’m saying. We choose. We choose to believe God’s Word or we choose to fear. We cannot do both.

But know this fact because this will change things for you: We trust with our heart; we fear with our feelings. So even if you can feel fear once you have decided to trust Him, don’t receive it, don’t accept it as your own. It is the bait of the enemy. Fear is of the mind. Trust is of the heart. So do this: Choose to go with your heart, and resist the devil’s bait, or as Paul says, STAND. Stand on God’s unchanging Word. Go straight to the Word. For that matter RUN, and as fast as you can. STAND because your faith is being tested. STAND and ENDURE the feeling of fear, but never for one moment give in. Trust God, and you will win the battle. Every single time.

As I read His Words, “...Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand,” my eyes filled with tears. I realised that before I had even read these words, He had already placed me in the palm of His strong right hand, for He knew the scheme of things and the schemer who was trying to steal my peace, and He knew my heart, that I was trusting Him and the power of His Word to deliver me and free me. The scheme of things is strength: His strength.

And His strength is in us.

“Keep your eyes on Me. Do not fear. I AM with you. I will strengthen you. Don’t panic. Don’t let those feelings overwhelm you. You can’t do it by yourself, but you can do it through Me, through My strength. Not yours.”

With these wise words, I begin my day. By these powerful words, I live my day. For He knows the scheme of things, and He knows the schemer whose trying to steal my peace. The scheme of things is strength: His strength. God’s Words to me.

So don’t panic and don’t let those feelings overwhelm you. With these wise words, you begin your day. By these powerful words, you live your day. No,you can’t do it by yourself, but you can do it through Him, through His strength. Not yours. For He knows the scheme of things, and He knows the schemer who’s trying to steal your peace (Shalom: completeness, wholeness, healing, harmony, faith, abundance, tranquility, assurance). The scheme of things is strength: His strength. God’s strength in you. God’s Words to you.