There are so many writings the Lord has given me lately that I didn’t quite know which one to post next. Over the past few days, I’ve been looking to the Lord and asking Him to show me, “Which one, Lord? Which one?” Then, I saw even dear Christian friends of mine taking up this challenge, and I was instantly moved in my spirit to post this “Ice Bucket Challenge”. 

Whether you are old, or young, a believer in Jesus Christ, or an unbeliever, please see and hear the words I write to you this day, for I am speaking words from the Father’s heart, and from the very deepest reaches of my heart as well. My prayer is that these words shout this message to you so loudly that they drown out the words of the celebrities of the world who all say in agreement, “This ice bucket thing is a good thing and for a good cause.”

Please see and hear my words.

This is not a clever writing at all, nor is it a pretty one, but here goes. I did not know a thing about this ice bucket challenge until this past Monday (It’s Friday now, 28 August 2014). I saw people were doing some kind of challenge, but I simply passed all the news reports by, thinking it was all part of some stupid fad. Then the Lord took me to see a video on youtube. Must say that I don’t normally watch videos, but God directed me to watch this one, and to take notes. I kept stopping the video, and writing down what He told me to write, all He put in my heart. Here’s the kingdom of man’s motto again, or I should say, the motto of the ruling elite: “Hide the symbols in plain sight.” Watch and see them do exactly that. I pray that by the time you’ve finished reading this post you will say along with me, “I see their symbols for what they really are. They were hidden in plain sight all the time. I just didn’t know to look before.”

Some times we don’t look because we don’t know what to look for. So now look because you know to look, and look because you’ll know what to look for: symbols hidden in plain sight.Yeah?

First you will see my scratchy notes. Then you will see the interpretation. The Lord has promised to bring the hidden things to light, and He is doing just that. Also, this article improves as it goes, like a story that intensifies as it unfolds, so if you think, “This is boring, Paula." Stick with me. You’ll be glad you did.

I’ll just spit it out now. The Ice Bucket challenge is a baptism. That’s right. A baptism. 

“How so?” you ask. 

First, let’s make sure we all understand the meaning of the word, “baptism”. 

In the Bible, the first we see of the term baptism is with John. It all started with John. You know the one. The John called John the Baptist, the same John who came before Jesus to prepare people for His first coming? He began baptising people in the Jordan river. John preached repentance. He preached for men to prepare their hearts for the coming Saviour. “Repent,” John said, “for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” Repent and be baptised.

So what does the word, baptism mean?

Baptism was a term that was used only in the cloth industry before the time of John. When cloth was dyed, the cloth was then permanently in the dye, and the dye in the cloth. The water-baptism that John was a forerunner of, and that Jesus taught, and we teach to this day, does not save us. Water cannot save or it would never have been necessary for Jesus to die on the cross in order to save us. Water would have been enough, but it’s not. But the very moment we repent and turn to Jesus, the Holy Spirit baptises us into Jesus. We are then IN Jesus, and He is IN us, same as the cloth and the dye. After we turn from our sin and repent, then and only then are we baptised with water. As you can see, baptising babies does no good. They don’t know to repent or turn. This is not in the Bible. It has been the teaching of man, not God. The water baptism is a symbol of our repentance, of our turning to Jesus. Going under the water is dying to the old life, and rising up is into the new life Christ Jesus gives us. 

So what is this ice bucket challenge then? How is it like baptism? Furthermore, what are people being baptised into? These are questions I had myself.

And here’s what I came up with: America is being prepared for death. America is being prepared for sacrifice. Wild, you say? Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean. The symbols are hidden in plain sight.

America was a test. Stay tuned for more on this in a later article. All the info won’t fit in one writing. but I will reveal this much. America was a test. Satan’s doing things in measures, like God. 

Could one nation with all different nationalities, made up of different states, all exist together as one nation, and become great? That was the question, and this question needed to be answered before the Kingdom of man, the End Time Beast of Revelation 13 was formed.

Now I’ll move onto the Ice Bucket challenge itself, and some of the forerunners who participated in it. Keep in mind what I said--what THEY, the elite, who call themselves the “Illuminati” say, Hide the symbols in plain sight. Hide the symbols in plain sight.

Take a look at Bill Gates when he took the challenge, as it’s called, and look for those symbols,ok? In the video of Bill, we see him standing between two pillars, one on either side of him. Beside him is a pup tent. This pup tent is on his right.

I asked the Lord Jesus to show me what two pillars meant. He took me to a masonic site, and I am still shaking my head over what He showed me. Here it is. Please see and hear me.

The pillars on either side of Bill Gates are not there just to hold up the bucket until he dumps the ice water over himself. That’s what it looks like, but looks are deceiving. Those two pillars are masonic, and very symbolic.

Masons don’t believe that when God led Israel out of Egypt He was actually with them in the form of two pillars, one before them, the other, behind them. Cloud by day, fire by night. Here’s what masons believe, and I quote,
“As long as the Hebrews were wanderers, the pillars of cloud by day and of fire by night was merely a ‘metaphor’, to express their belief in a divine direction of their movements. When they came at last to the promised land, the figurative[NOTE: symbols] pillars of cloud and fire became two pillars in the porch of the temple [Solomon’s temple], as the symbol of the establishment of a nation.”

Did any words jump out at you yet? Did you catch the deeper meaning of Bill’s two pillars? I wrote down some words which stood out to me.


For? THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE NATION. But no, not the nation in this case, because as the nation, we passed the test. Now it’s time to move on to the next step: ONE WORLD ORDER.

I was astonished at what I saw next. I had to symbolically rub the sleep out of my own eyes. 

The masons then quoted the first and second stanza of a poem by Verde.
“In the beginning there arose the golden child.
He was born lord of all that is.
He established the earth and the sky;

Sorry folks, I’ve got to stop and point out something here. Their lord was born. He had a beginning. My Lord, Creator of heaven and earth was not born. Rather, HE IS the beginning and the End, HE IS the Alpha and Omega, HE IS the First and the Last. There was no god before Him, and there shall be no god after Him. He alone is God.

But look, they are giving a created god, this one who had a beginning, their sacrifice. 

Let’s keep reading. We’ll just pick up where we left off...
“He who gives life, he who gives strength,
Whose command all the bright gods revere,
whose shadow is immortality;
whose shadow is death;

The two pillars have names. Boaz means STRENGTH and Jachin, TO ESTABLISH.

Who is the god the poet is speaking of then? Who is the golden child?

The sun. Ra. Notice how many of today’s logos, and brands are named “sun” or are of suns? Go ahead. See how many suns you can find. You won’t have to look very far. The sun has replaced the SON of God, Jesus in our world.

In other words, satan is worshipped as Lucifer, the light bearer. As John saw, 
“And they worshipped the beast, and they worshipped the dragon, because he gave the authority to the beast...” Revelation 13:4.

Have you noticed yet that symbols of satan are growing in popularity? Satan and his realm of the dead? Dragons, goat heads, skeletons, skulls, blood; broken crosses, triangles, pyramids, the seeing eye, and sun symbols are bigger than ever world wide.

Are you ready now for the next stanza of the poem? Brace yourself. I didn’t know there was more, but there is. It confirms what I said about CLOUD/WATER, and FIRE.
“Wherever the mighty WATER-CLOUDS went,
Where they placed the seed and lit the FIRE,
Thence arose he who is the sole life of the bright gods;
He who by His might looked even over THE WATER-CLOUDS,

Which did what?
“...gave the STRENGTH and LIT THE SACRIFICE...”

First it was “lit the FIRE”, then it was “lit the SACRIFICE.”

“He and he alone is god above all gods.”

But take a look at this, guys. The poem even tells us when.
WHEN the water-clouds or water-baptisms take place, they sow the seed of the NEW WORLD ORDER, and they LIGHT THE FIRE,
THEN, THEN, THEN their god arises in full measure--the god to whom they offer their sacrifice. He, the dragon, gave the POWER (strength, authority) to their beast, so they now owe Him blood sacrifice.

Unlike Jesus, the devil takes life, He never gives it.

Hey guys, I didn’t know that was coming. Not a word. Not even one stanza. Honest. The Holy Spirit directed me to that site (Yes, a bonafide masonic one) when I asked, “What do those two pillars symbolise?”


These fit with what comes next. Come and see.

Keep in mind the motto: ‘Hide the symbols in plain sight.” Yes, they think we are that stupid. But remember, believers, we serve the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High God, and He promises to reveal the hidden things. So stay on the alert and watch for those symbols.

These weren’t the only symbols in Bill’s video. Beside him was a small pup tent. Go to his video and see for yourself. It was set up (on his right) like a mini pyramid.

A pyramid depicts the mountain of man, and mountain stands for kingdom. The right is always a place of authority, so in the video it is a symbol hidden in plain sight. Bill is doing homage to the UNITED Kingdom of man.

Now, here comes Donald Trump. Donald Trump took the challenge. In his video, we join Donald on the roof of his towering New York “Trump Plaza”. Instantly I was transported back to the tower of Babel, the tower built to touch the heavens, or basically, to symbolise man’s UNITED disobedience to the most high God. 

Two elegant silver buckets were filled with the world’s best bottled water by none other than Miss Universe and Miss USA. Donald wore his familiar uniform. He was dressed for the occasion in a suit and tie. Money makes the world of man go round. 
Miss Universe took her place on Donald’s right, and Miss America on his left, each holding a bucket, while Donald bragged that he owned both of them.

Donald is one of the ruling Elite, who like to think they own the world. Won’t they be surprised when they find out that it’s not them who owns the earth, after all? The Most High God, who made all things, He has owned it all along.

Know your right from your left yet? The right side is the one in authority. And who was on the right? Miss Universe. Miss USA was on the left.

The USA has passed the test. Now, she is being sacrificed for the NEW WORLD ORDER. ONE WORLD. UNITED in evil. And their motto is? “Many tongues, one voice.” The new Babel.

Justin Bieber took the challenge. Right after he dumped a bucket of ice water over himself, a friend joins him. The friend just happens to be wearing a New York jersey with the number 33 on it. After the friend joins him, the video ends in 33 seconds. So what? Not ‘so what’. 33 degrees is very symbolic for masons. It is the highest order of the masons. What’s 3+3? 6.

Charlie Sheen didn’t use water, he used money instead. Money is symbolic of the world’s system. But hold on, did his choice of paper money reveal something even more sinister than this? I believe it did, because John showed us 2,000 years ago that we would no longer use paper money. In this ONE WORLD ORDER he was shown, a cashless system. A world in which every person--the great and the small, the rich and the poor, the freeman and the slave, were given a mark, and without this mark, no one could buy or sell. Revelation 13:16-17.

“And here is the wisdom, Let Him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty six.” 6-6-6.

Next we see Oprah taking the challenge. Oprah speaks these words, “In the name of ALS, I will be drenching myself in ice cold water.”

Here’s a fact pointed out in the video that you may not have thought about: When you do anything at all ‘in the name of’, you are giving worship in that name.

Surely no one in their right mind would seek to worship a disease that kills and destroys life, would they? So, could the term, “ALS” possibly stand for something else? It was suggested that it could mean, “Antichrist, Lucifer, and Satan”, but what sprung to my mind was “Antichrist, Lucifer, Serpent.” Either one fits. Just read Revelation 12:9 and you decide which one you like better.

The celebs and the Elite and the prominent are doing it, and when they do it, what happens? The public does it too. But, please don’t, please don’t. It’s cold, yes, but it’s not cool.

The public is following the ones they regard as leaders, and in doing so, they are unknowingly being prepared for sacrifice. Baptism is symbolic of cleansing, and of death. In Jesus, it is the death of the old Self. In satan it is the death of many people, and the death of nations, so that they may gain the NEW WORLD ORDER they’ve been promised by the false god. The saddest part is that Jesus, our Creator, keeps His promises; satan, the created, does not. Jesus is the life giver; satan seeks only to destroy. Any way he can.

The public is doing it.

America is being prepared for sacrifice.

The public in other nations are following after, but in India the ice water has been replaced with a bucket of rice.

The public worldwide is following and cleansing themselves for sacrifice.

The public in America is following, but one man is not. Guess who? Obama.

The public in other countries are following, but,like Obama, you won’t see their leaders take up this challenge. [NOTE: After writing this, I discovered that all US Government officials are in fact banned from doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Imagine that.]

This ice bucket challenge began in the US, and next it spread to the UK. The US is the military arm of THE ONE WORLD ORDER.

New York and London are the Financial arms of THE ONE WORLD ORDER.

Vatican City is the religious arm, and the one who rules THE ONE WORLD ORDER. 

What’s interesting is that Bush Jr, the former President, took the Ice Bucket Challenge. And just this fact alone is symbolic, because he is the son of the first US President who spoke to us about THE NEW WORLD ORDER. His father, Bush Sr. gave a speech to the Congress on 11 September 1990. On 11 September 2011 3,000 lives were sacrificed. Twenty one years later. 2+1 is 3. Another three. Hide the symbols in plain sight.

Someone else made a speech in 1990 about THE ONE WORLD ORDER. Who might that be? A senator named Joe Biden.

Friends, you are being conformed, being shaped into saying, doing, and thinking alike. John predicted this ONE WORLD ORDER in Revelation 13. In order to be united, people must be shaped to a common cause. 

Communism pretty much does this already. It’s us here in the west who have always been taught to believe we are free.

The Ice Bucket challenge is ritualistic. You do it, then you tell three other people to do it. Just like those forms of prayers and good luck things floating around on FB.

In threes. In threes. A masonic number. Three. Six. Nine, Thirteen...Thirty Three.

What comes next?

Are you ready? “Remember the song, “Come on Baby, light my fire?” Get your fire extinguisher handy then, and Stand by...

For the Fire challenge. A baptism of FIRE. Did I already mention FIRE follows WATER? Well yes, but the poem by Verde said it first. Yet, the Bible said it before Verde. What happens when we turn to Jesus and decide to follow Him? We are baptised in water as a symbol of dying to the old Self, and being made alive to the new. Then, Jesus will baptise us with FIRE. I don’t mean Hell fire. I mean The Holy Spirit. Like John the Baptist said, “I indeed baptise you with water unto repentance, but He who comes after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: He shall baptise you with the Holy Ghost, and with FIRE.” Matthew 3:11.

This FIRE is power, the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the fire that scares the living daylights out of the devil. He has worked for centuries to try and get God’s power out of the Church by trying to convince them, “This is not for today, it was only for Bible days.” And “Being filled is optional. You don’t need it.” Meanwhile though, the devil has his own brand of fire, and wouldn’t you know, it’s a baptism too.

The baptism of FIRE. Kids have been doing it. Yep, kids.
Using nail polish, gasoline, and other flammables, they douse themselves, and set themselves alight.

WATER,FIRE...Two pillars. Cloud by day, FIRE by night.

What’s satan preparing them for? The fires of Hell, my friend. Only they will never be prepared. The fires of Hell never go out. Jesus warns us that Hell is “where their worm never dies, and the fire is not quenched.” (Mark 11:44-48) Hell’s fires are far from cool. They are never ending, and so is the pain.


People are crying out, “I wanna do it. Let me! Let me!”


What’s that? Did you say ICE-US, ICE-US, ICE-US or ISIS, ISIS, ISIS?

People are begging ICE-US, ICE-US. The world’s media is screaming ISIS, ISIS. ISIS is coming. ISIS is almost here.

ISIS means sacrifice. Did you catch the symbolism you’re being shown? ICE-US, ISIS. Did you catch it?

The symbols are hidden in plain sight.

Stop promoting the world, and start promoting Jesus.

Stop aligning yourself with a world which cannot save you, and align yourself with a Saviour who can: Jesus. He sacrificed His life for you so that through Him you might be saved.

The world system may look like a winner to you, but looks can be deceiving. That winner cannot save you. It doesn’t have the power. It is evil, not good. And it cannot give what it does not have: LIFE. Only the Creator who gave us LIFE in the first place has the power to give us LIFE now. That life giver is JESUS. Not through the world, not through religion. Only through Jesus. He said about Himself just before death,
“I AM the resurrection and the life. Any one who believes in me, though he be dead, yet shall he live...”

We died the moment Adam took a bite of that fruit, and only the Creator, the one who made us, can give this life back to us. We were dead in our trespasses and sins, but because of God the Father’s never-ending mercy, and the great love with which He loves us, even when we were dead, He made us alive together with Christ (by grace we are saved) [from Ephesians 2].

“...And the one who believes and lives in me [remains, dwells, continues], he shall never die.”

That’s believe and live in Jesus. Two things, not one.

But this Ice Bucket Challenge revelation doesn’t end there. There’s more. And as I told you, it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger as I go, because...

I now want to show you the thing that pulls this Ice Bucket Challenge together. It’s a little game called The Game of Thrones...TO BE CONTINUED...

STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO (Don’t worry, the Lord had me write the entire post, both parts, so they can be read one after the other.)