We don’t get things because we think we are special, or because we are special. We get them because He is special, and we are IN HIM, the special One.

He is special, and unlike man, He is the keeper of His promises. Every time. He never fails. It’s our confidence in Him that fails. Never Him. He is the special one. Not us.

When He says in His Word, “For surely, He has carried all your sicknesses and bore all your diseases...He took the punishment so that you may have (His) peace (His wholeness. His completeness. His harmony. His health--the Life of God)...and by His wounds you are healed.” (from Isaiah 53)

When He says it, you have it. When? Isaiah asks a haunting question at the beginning of the chapter. In most Bibles Isaiah‘s question is split in two, so that it appears to be two separate questions,“Who has believed our message? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?"

Instead of when, Isaiah asks who--who has believed? Who has believed AND...
“And” is the connecting word that joins this sentence together so that we can put it like this: “Who has believed our message AND to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?”

The arm of the Lord in the scriptures always means power, mighty power. When is God’s power revealed? So to whom has the power of God been released? To whom? This is written for you. So the “whom” is you. When is God’s power released? The very moment you believe this message, when you take God at His Word.

This is why I’ve been healed every time, without fail, not because I think I’m special, and not because I am special, but because He is special, and He gave me His Word.

I ask, “Be it done unto me according to your Word.” And if I don’t see it or feel it the moment I open my eyes, I continue to believe and stand against the enemy who sweeps right in to the battleground of our mind trying to plant seeds of doubt, fear, worry, discouragement.

The moment you believe God more than you believe in the sickness, more than you believe in the doctors, more than you believe in the medication, more than you believe in lack, the moment you believe Him, you have it.

I ask, “Be it unto me according to your Word,” then I’ve confessed His Word, just like Abraham did, believing in my heart, not my head, that I have what He says I have...believing in my heart, no matter what I see or don’t see, or how my body feels.

Abraham believed in his heart, and at that very moment, it was counted unto him as righteousness. What was counted unto him as righteousness before God? His faith. It’s as simple as that.

It’s the same with us. “If you confess (say) with your mouth: LORD JESUS, and BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART that God has raised Him from the dead you shall be saved.”

“Yes,” I hear you say, “I believe Jesus died for my sins, and I believe that God raised Him up on the third day. I confess LORD JESUS so I am saved.”

Yes, you are. I just want to point out that this is a special “saved”. If you believe and have turned to follow Him, you do have forgiveness of sins, and eternal life, yet Jesus did more than this for us, not because you think you are special, and not because you are special, but because God is special. He was made sick so that we might be whole. It pleased God to crush Him and make Him sick so that you and I might be made whole. As much as the Father loved Jesus, He loved us just as much. And the salvation Jesus came to give is a special salvation, because He is the special One.

The Bible tells us that we are three-dimensional. We are spirit. We live in a body. And we have a mind. Jesus didn’t come to heal just one part of man. He came to heal all three. He came to bring us the life of the Father, the life Adam and Eve had and lost.

Jesus came to make us whole.

The Greek word, “sozo” is a special word that extends salvation, Yeshua (Jesus), to the entire man--spirit, soul, and body-- the moment we believe. Sozo means full savation: Healing. Health. Deliverance. Safety. Freedom. Redemption. Wholeness. Completeness.

In Jesus’ day, the people knew and understood the meaning of Jesus’ name :Saviour. Salvation. God with us. Many turned to Jesus, after He gave them the Word of God. They turned and believed that He was the Holy One of God, the promised Messiah, and they were saved spirit, soul, and body. In the early Church, people had no trouble understanding the meaning of this sozo, the mighty salvation, in all the fullness of the word. We can read example after example of full salvation in the book of Acts. Countless numbers believed in the power of God within that name: Yeshua, Jesus. And they got all they believed: full salvation. The crippled walked, the blind saw, the deaf heard, the dead came back to life. Not through medicine, through the power of the living God in the name of Jesus, that name that is above every name.

Unfortunately, our word for saved (English) falls short of the fullness Jesus came to give us, leading us to believe that when we turn and believe and follow Jesus, we only get spiritual salvation, and occasionally, a sporadic miracle, maybe, of God so chooses to bless us with them. That is what is believed these days, and this is what we get. It’s the less instead of the more. But I’m urging you to go for the more. Don’t settle for the less.

Along with Abraham, I’m saying, go for the more, and you will get the more. Go for the less and you will get the less. If you only believe Jesus came to free you and make you new in the spirit, then that’s what you get. If you will believe, it will happen to you. You will get what you believe. In your heart.

Abraham believed. In His heart. The Bible says that he began saying what God said he had. He stopped saying what he had been saying. He stopped saying what he saw and what he felt. “Oh, look at me. I’m too old. My body is as good as dead. And look at Sarah. Her womb has always been empty. We couldn’t have a child when we were young, so how in the world would we ever have one now?” He stopped because of the hope God’s Word placed in His heart. He stopped believing the hopeless, and turned to believe in the God of hope.

“In hope he (Abraham) believed in hope (The God of hope),
and not being weak in faith, he considered not his own body, now dead, nor the deadness of Sarah’s womb...”

Not being weak in faith. Did you catch that? He stopped considering His age, and Sarah’s barren womb. Paul says Abraham stopped saying it all the time. He changed his “I don’t have.I’ll never have,” to what he believed in his heart.

He changed what he thought and he changed what he said. He changed because in his heart, he believed God more. He believed God and he said, “I am the father of many nations.” God said it so he said it.

And being strong in faith, Paul tells us-- faith in a never changing God, he believed God more than he believed what he felt in his body or saw with his eyes.

He renewed His mind with God’s Word, and he stopped being faithless. Paul tells us he became faith-filled.

“And being strong in faith, he gave glory to God...”

When? At what moment did Abraham give glory to God? Before. Before he saw or felt or possessed the son God promised him.

Why? What did he base his trust on? Because “he was fully persuaded that what God had promised He was able also to perform.”

God was faithful. God is able to do what He has promised, no matter how wild and far-fetched it seemed. Abraham cast down his imaginings, the reasonings of his mind as we are told to do.

He stopped believing in his lack more than he believed God.

When we call sickness a blessing or a gift, we are believing in it more than we believe God. Not only that, but worse--we are believing that it’s God’s fault we even have it.

This world was perfect before Adam chose to believe satan over God. All creation, even man, was blessed by God. There was no sickness, no disease, no lack. Man was whole and complete. Adam had life, the life God gives. The life only God can give, because He is life. In satan there is only death. And death kills. Death steals. Death destroys. Death is the opposite of the blessing. It is the curse. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “For the thief comes not but for to steal, kill, and destroy; but I am come to give life, and to give it more abundantly."

The moment Adam turned to believe satan instead of God, at that very moment, he died, and we died with him. The blessing was replaced with the curse. But this is not God’s will. The moment our hearts turn to Jesus, the veil that has blinded us is taken away and when we choose to believe Him, we can be set free. We can walk in His blessing and not in the curse.

We can witness this in the nation of Israel when they turned to believe God. He didn’t just deliver them from the slavery of Egypt, He delivered them entirely, in every single way: spirit, body, soul from satanic oppression, the curse. We read that there was no sickness on them, they were free, as long as they looked to God. They were whole and well and free; they walked in His blessing as long as they believed and kept His commandments.

Countless times in the scriptures the same story unfolds, a group of people believing God and being made whole. Spirit. Body. Soul. Jesus came to do the same for us, to give us His blessing back: the life of the Father, the Life only available through Him. When is this life given to us? The moment you believe Him more than you believe in the sickness, more than you believe in the doctors, more than you believe in the medication, more than you believe in the curse. The moment you believe Him, you have it. It’s yours.

God told me and He’s told you, “Drink freely from the well of Salvation.” (Isaiah 12)

If I had been healed one time only you could say, “That was a fluke.” But God didn’t just heal me once. I’ve been drinking freely from that well of Salvation that’s in Jesus for years and years now, even before I even knew the verse was there.

In 2008, I was hit with bronchitis of the worst kind. I had not had a cold or bronchitis or pneumonia for over twenty years, but there I was. I coughed so hard, I couldn’t keep any food down, and I could only sleep, catching just a few precious seconds at a time, sitting up. But this happened just a few months after Mama and Becky had sent me one of Daddy’s Bibles, a study Bible, and I’d been studying it every day. Faith comes by the Word of God--Abraham’s, mine and yours--by hearing it, and hearing it, and hearing it. So I turned and took hold of that Word. I turned and believed God. Ten minutes later, I asked Chris, “Hey Chris, notice any thing different?” He thought for a sec, and answered, “Noooo, whadda mean ?”

“Did you notice how quiet it is in here?” I asked.

“Oh yeah!”

In triumph, I responded, “I’m not coughing any more because God healed me.”

What had I done? I believed God more, I prayed, and I spoke His Word, and He had made me whole. When? The instant I believed in my heart and said what God said.

Six months later, severe bouts of depression left and my mind was restored by the power of God, not the power of man. When? When hands were laid on me according to the Word, and I believed in my heart, and said what God said I had, instead of what doctors said I had.

In 2010, I was as good as dead from kidney failure, but God intervened, and my kidneys were made perfect. Why? I stopped confessing what I saw and felt. Did I still feel awful? Yes. Downright ghastly. And I looked as awful as I felt. But no matter. I believed God more, so I kept on speaking God’s Words--”Jesus, thank you that by your wounds I am healed. My kidneys are whole and working perfectly. God made you sick so that I can be whole.”

Several times a day, I confessed God’s Word. I confessed all Jesus had done for me in Isaiah 53. I believed it was mine. No matter what my head tried to say, or what my body felt, I turned and believed in my heart. And you know what? I got what I said. I got life, not death.

Can you call it a fluke now, and say, “Yes, God healed you without medicine, and without doctors, but it doesn’t always work that way.”

Yes. It does. Not because I think I’m special, and not because I am special, but because God’s special.

How much does God want you to believe Him? More than you know. So much that He has given you His own faith. It comes from hearing and hearing the Word of God. That’s how much He wants you to believe Him. If those Pharisees had believed Him over their traditions and teachings, and rational explanations, they would never have said, “No, Jesus can’t be the Messiah because...He can’t be right because we know His mother, father, brothers and sisters...He can’t be right...He’s not of God.”

They didn’t believe because they cast away the wrong thing. They cast away the truth Jesus brought, instead of the lie.

I was healed every time, and I remain free, because I’ve cast away the right thing. I’ve cast away the lie, and believed the truth. Every time. “Be it done unto me according to your Word.”

Jesus said, “If you believe, ALL THINGS are possible, only believe.”

If you believe in Him, and His power, not your own, not doctors or medicine, but Him alone, ALL THINGS are possible, only believe.

Hear and believe God’s Words. Hear. Believe. And Say them. Jesus is the truth. He died so that all may be complete and whole IN HIM. That’s what Shalom, the Hebrew word for peace means in part: Whole. Complete. Healthy.

Now, my friend. Believe, and cast aside the lie and believe the truth.

Say, “By Jesus’ stripes I am healed. He took my sicknesses along with my sin upon Himself, so that I might be whole.”

Isaiah asks in chapter 53,” Who has believed my testimony? To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?”

I’m banking on you. I’m believing that you will believe our testimony so that the arm, power of the Lord might be revealed to you.

Believe along with me so that God’s power will work in your life as it did in Abraham’s, and as it does in mine.

Believe in your heart. Like Abraham. Like me.

Believe in God more than in the problem.

Believe and say with me, “Jesus, you said, “If I believe, ALL THINGS are possible, only believe.”

All things are possible WHEN I believe. Not when I doubt. When I believe, I shall have what I say.

Say with me, “I turn from unbelief. I believe, I believe, I believe, so that I can be made whole.”

I believe in the God of my salvation. Allow Him to be your salvation too.