You’ve heard about the devil and the deep blue sea, haven’t you? Well, on the map, that’s where we’ve been--diving for pearls in a sea of delusion, and coming up with empty shells.

And in this sea, we’ve been taught to trust the created instead of the Creator.

Can we see? Yes. Do we see? No.

The depths of this sea of delusion is so deep, my friends, that it is astounding. If we reach the unfathomable depths of it before Jesus Christ, the righteous Judge, bursts into our atmosphere, it’ll be a miracle of God, because this current of delusion is flowing through every area of our lives, and the pull of it’s current is so powerful that it threatens to sweep us all away, even the Church.

I will touch on only one area of delusion today, because it is imperative if we are to get out of the sea of delusion there is one thing we must do and that is trust, trust, trust. But here one big thing we’ve been trusting in is the god of medicine, the snake on the pole, instead of trusting in God. Call it naive. Like Eve, we are easily deluded.

“Yes, but God has chosen to heal through medicine today.” When and where did God ever say this? You show me, then we’ll both be convinced. Point out those scriptures to me. You show me where our unchanging God, the one who loved us enough to give His only Son as a sacrifice in order to provide for the complete redemption of every person who repents and believes, tells us to trust in the same god as the Ancient godless Egyptians, and the Ancient godless Greeks. Never, any place in the Bible has God chosen to heal through the god He has always detested, the god who harms more than it helps. As always His command to us has been to trust Him and He will by His own power, heal and loose us, not halfway, but all the way. So who said it then? Man, the created, who changes (exchanges) the truth into (for) the lie, and serves the Creature instead of the Creator, who is blessed forever, Amen.

This is one of the many gods which has seeped into our lives from out of the devil’s sea. I mention the god of medicine because it’s tied to the god those very identity has stayed partly immerged in delusion: the identity of the Antichrist. You know the one--the one who is expected to rise up in the midst of the Tribulation, that same one that I was taught long ago that I would never witness here on earth, because I’d be gone by then.

So, who is the Antichrist? That’s what I asked the Lord back in the Spring of 2013.

“Lord, who is the Antichrist? And who is the False Prophet? Will you tell me?”

These questions popped out just after I looked at Him in shock and exclaimed,”Father, are we IN the book of Revelation right now? Are we IN IT? Because the plagues John described are happening all around us? I’m seeing them every day in full living colour.”

Basically I asked, “Are we there yet?” Frankly, I was alarmed by it all. Not frightened. But certainly alarmed. I mean the Lord said we were close, but THAT close? WOW! I thought I’d be viewing these things from heaven not earth. And don’t feel alone if you are being jolted awake, like a sleep walker in the dead of night, and crying out, “Why are we still here?” You’re not alone. The good thing is that you’re awake now.

You can see. And you do see. Sometimes we don’t want to, that’s all.

So my question was this--
Will the real Antichrist please stand up?

God’s reply to me was, “You shall know them by their fruits.” But He wouldn’t say any more than this.

In the past, I had looked to men for the answers. I studied what others said; who others said the Antichrist and his False Prophet were. I read all those divided opinions.

“The Antichrist is Prince Charles and here’s why...”

“No, Prince Charles couldn’t lead a flea. His son, William, he’s the one.”

And the most popular candidate of all, especially for many Americans, has been Barack Obama. Long ago, I switched my vote from Prince Charles to him. And you know, all the arguments seem to make sense. The evidence made him seem so right. Yes, I reasoned, Obama’s the likely one.

Will the real Antichrist please stand up?

But then, my life was transformed, and my body healed. I was raised up to do what God had called me to do: proclaim the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the salvation He is bringing with Him, and the Lord took me into the desert where it was just Him and me, like He has others before me. I joined Moses, and Elijah, and John the Baptist, and Paul.

He took me out of traditions and teachings founded in the wisdom of men, so He could teach me Himself. Just Him and me. And now, if I have a question, I ask Him. And you should too. After all, He’s the only wise God. He’s the one who knows the past, the present and the future of the world He created, and in all of their goriest details. He’s the secret revealer.

I can see and I do see. I had seen the signs that were going off around us like the bomb of Hiroshima in multiple. Too big to miss. Unless you’re spiritually blind.

Will the real Antichrist please stand up?

I wanted the answer to this. I craved it. So I got into God’s Word.

My search began in the book of Revelation. But, I didn’t want to just read it, and try to figure it out in my head, and get it to fit my beliefs or someone else’s theory. I admit that would have been easier but wrong. The easier part is nice. I like easier. But the wrong? Nope. Didn’t want that. So I did more than just read it over a few times only to throw my hands up in frustration and say, “I give up. I guess God just didn’t want to show me after all. It must not have been His will.”

If we want answers, the deep things of God, we’ll never get it by skimming. We won’t get it unless we dive right in.

Prophecy? It’s like a big puzzle. God won’t hand us each and every piece, so that we don’t have to make an effort. He tells us to be diligent. Like Him. He’s diligent. To be diligent is to work at something, to make great effort, and to do your very best. Diligence is a trait that increases as we use it. Practice makes perfect. Peter tells us how vital diligence is in the first chapter of 2 Peter. (That’s where he lists all the traits that keep us from falling. If we develop these traits, we will never fall. Ever.)

Yes, there’ll be discouraging moments. Every pearl diver has ‘em. Those“I’ve-looked-and-looked-but-I-just-can’t-find-those-pearls” moments. But does a serious pearl diver give up? Not a chance. So what is he? Diligent. Alert. Watchful. He keeps diving. Deeper and deeper.

Like the serious pearl diver, I remained diligent in my search. I did more than skim the surface of the water, like the water bug I used to be, in my search for those pearls of wisdom God has for us. I tore that Word apart. I dove down into the deep water. Deeper and deeper I went, meditating, praying, questioning God, pondering each clue in my heart, not my head.

All the while, I prayed (as I do daily), the Holy Spirit inspired prayer found in Ephesians 1:17-22.
“...that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give me a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in a full knowledge of Him, the eyes of my heart being enlightened (opened), that I may know the hope of His calling and what are the riches of His glory in us His saints...” (17-18)

And, Jeremiah 33:3.
I call on you, Father, and you promise to always answer me, and to show me great and mighty things, the things I do not know, the things that are fenced and hidden.

Then, I thanked Him--that He reveals His secrets to me, just like He did in the Old Testament when He was revealing to the prophet in Israel the enemy’s plots that were being whispered in the King’s bed chamber. A confused enemy cried out in exasperation,”Okay, that does it. Who’s the spy? Who’s revealing our secrets to Israel?” They didn’t know that God was the secret-revealer all along.

The beauty of it all is that in His Word God has placed a diagram showing us where each of those puzzle pieces go, and how they all fit together. And He will show us when we trust Him. He will reveal those bed chamber secrets. When we are diligently seeking. When we pursue and we don’t give up.

God doesn’t give it to us all at once. He gives it to us a little at a time. In measures. I’ve found that He gives exactly the amount of revelation we’re able to handle at that time. Nothing more, and nothing less. Exactly the right amount. In a measure. Tiny glistening pearls here and there that keep us eagerly diving for more.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Then suddenly, “Wow! That’s incredible, Lord. I never saw that before. Thank you for that.” There it was. A tiny glistening pearl. God’s own wisdom. In a measure.

In this way, we keep on going from faith to faith. Too much and we become complacent, or downright lazy, and too little and we give up. But with God’s measures, we keep going, we keep growing, we keep stretching. And as we do this, the truth will come to the surface because God’s Word is truth.

Will the real Antichrist please stand up?

My search went on, that quest for prophetic pearls in the Word. Eventually, God nudged me into the book of Daniel. He said it was a key. During my spiritual dives, I found myself criss- crossing back and forth. Daniel to Revelation; Revelation to Daniel. These were the main books I was taken to, although God also took me into the less-explored areas of the Word. One pearl leads to another. After all, the entire Bible is saturated with prophecy. God led the dives and I followed after.

Finally one day I asked the question: Will the real Antichrist please stand up?

And it did. Each one of them. Amazed I yelled, “Don’t all stand up at once. You’re crowding me.”

I discovered, as God revealed, that each one of man’s reasonings were right. Well, partly. We’ve had parts of the truth all along, but isn’t that what a lie is: parts? We take the truth, then we try to figure it out in our heads, and it becomes parts of the lie.

What to do then. We put them together and get the truth. Not by studying and comparing all the theories as I had done for years, the act of always learning but never arriving. Rather we arrive at the truth by setting those theories and reasonings aside, casting them down (2 Corinthians 10:1-5), saying, “I don’t care who man says it is, Lord. I want to know who you say it is.”

Now, it will take awhile for me to reveal every pearl of truth the Lord has revealed to me so far. Especially in End Time prophecy. You won’t get it all in one teaching, so I urge you to keep on reading until the truth comes to you as it did to me, and you get that urge to yell,” Don’t all stand up at once. Your’e crowding me.”

Will the real Antichrist please stand up?

Are you ready? Would you like to see the first pearl or clue God gave me? I’ll show you it first. And next, I’ll show you how I found the pearl, or rather, how God chose to reveal it through His Word.

Here it is. Are you ready?

It’s not a man, although that’s partly right. And yet, it’s not a single man at all, like the Church is expecting but will never see.

The Antichrist we’ve been waiting for is not a man. It’s a kingdom: the kingdom of man.

The devil’s kids already know this. They’ve known for awhile. How? Because the early Church knew, and they learned from them. It’s what they’ve been building on for ages. Diligently. All the while, laughing at the Church’s confusion. But don’t you worry. While they are laughing at us, God is laughing at them.

Here’s the first clue I’ll share with you out of all the evidence God has given me, a clue that points to the real Antichrist. Revelation 13.

Before I begin let me share my credentials and briefly describe my study methods. I’m no scholar with shingles lined up on the wall. But to God this is a good thing, because He chose me for this, He called me, and He alone ordained me. It is God who enables me, gives me the Words, and the power and ability to write them and speak them. Without Him I am nothing, as was Paul. With Him I can do all things. This means my dependance is on God and not man. Just like Jesus. Not to mention the original disciples. Jesus didn’t learn His wisdom by sitting at the feet of a renowned Scholar day after day. He didn’t get what He knew from the wisdom of man. 1 Corinthians tell us that God’s foolishness is wiser than man’s wisdom. No, Jesus learned all He learned from the Father. Same thing with the disciples. They were simple men. God was their teacher. Like He wants to be ours. And when those disciples preached, it was clear to the leaders, the learned men of their day, that the knowledge they had wasn’t from them.
Acts 4:13:
“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled, and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.”

As I study, I open various versions of the Bible, and compare them one to the other. Then, very often I’ll say, “Okay Lord, now how does the Greek Interlinear put this? Let’s go there and see what it says.”

It was when I went to the Greek Interlinear that the first clue I’m giving you about the identity of the Antichrist was first revealed.

Here, let me show you now what God showed me. Get ready to hold your breath and dive for that pearl.
Revelation 12:18 & 13:1-9:
“And he (the dragon) stood on the sand of the sea.
And I (John) saw out of the sea a beast (kingdom) coming up, having seven heads, and ten horns, and on the horns of IT ten diadems (crowns)...”

Wait. The word was IT. Not him. This was puzzling. Not him? How’s that? Isn’t the Antichrist a man?

There was an asterisk beside “it”, and a corresponding note at the bottom of the page.

In Greek there is masculine, feminine, and neuter.

This Greek word which was translated “it” was not the masculine one, it was a word which could stand for either neuter or masculine--”of it” or “of him” (= satan). John uses this ‘either-or’ word or he uses the neuter word meaning a non-person when referring to the beast. So here in the literal translation “it” was used just as it was originally written.

I was puzzled and very intrigued but I didn’t jump to any conclusions from one little “IT”. I simply kept on diving and remained alert.

“...and on the heads of IT names of blasphemy.

And the beast which I saw was like to a leopard, and the feet of IT a to a bear, and the mouth of IT as the mouth of a lion...”

Are you counting those it’s yet? I was.

Four. John was persistent. In a book with more personal pronouns: 'he’, 'him’,’she’, 'her’, than perhaps any other book in the Bible; John had chosen ‘it’ to describe the beast. This was no mistake. But what did it mean? That’s what I wanted to know, so I went on and I kept counting.
“...And gave to IT (five) the dragon the power of IT (six), and the throne of IT (seven) and great authority.
And one of the heads of IT (eight), as having been slain to death,
And the stroke of the death of IT (nine) was healed,
And all the earth wondered after the beast,
And they worshipped the dragon, because he gave authority to the beast,
And they worshipped the beast saying: Who is like the beast, and who can make war with IT (eleven)?
And it was given to IT (twelve) a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies,
And was given to IT (thirteen) authority to act (for) forty two months.
And it opened the mouth of IT (fourteen) in blasphemies against God,
To blaspheme the name of Him,
And the tabernacle of Him,
The ones in heaven tabernacling.
And it was given to IT (fifteen) to make war with the saints and to overcome them,
And was given to IT (sixteen) authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation...”

Well, I came up with sixteen. How about you?

Sixteen ‘its’, but listen to this last verse:
“...And [they] will worship HIM, all the ones dwelling on the earth of whom has not been written the name of him in the scroll of the Lamb’s life--
[who was] slain from the foundation of the world.”

Sixteen ‘its’, yet here in verse 8 the word is rendered him. Who’s him? If we look back we can see that they worship the dragon who gives the power and authority to the beast.

In his description of the beast, John uses avrov, meaning either neuter or masculine, eleven times, and the neuter, four times.

Even the masculine is not wrong because God often refers to kingdoms as ‘he’ or ‘she’.

No, John was telling us something important here. God, seeing the future, knew the day would come when we would see ‘he’ in most of our Bible versions, and jump up and search for one solitary man.

And that’s correct. It IS man. But not one man alone. It’s many men together: the united kingdom of man. And yes there is a leader, but John only identifies the main one, which he calls the False Prophet.

Again, though. Even after sixteen ‘its’ , I strongly suspected and questioned the Lord, but I didn’t leap to my feet and exclaim, “By Jove, that’s it!”, and start shouting. I kept the clue to myself, I remained in the Word, and before the Lord in prayer, and I looked for more confirmation of what I had found, more proof. Always we are to continue this way. When we do,what happens then? The Word will prove itself. It always does, because God wants us to know the truth so we can take the tweezers and pick out those tiny grains of pearls He grants us in a world filled with the empty shells of lies.

So who is the Antichrist? Will the real Antichrist please stand up!

If you aren’t feeling crowded yet, keep looking at the clues as I give them, and when that day comes when you find,as I did, that you’ve been standing in an entire kingdom of Antichrists all along, you will say, “Don’t you all stand at once. You’re crowding me.” Trust me. You will. No, hear the Word, and you will.

You will.