Good Morning from England, from a mother far, far away from her kids and her grandkids, and yep, her great-grand one too, but they are not far away from me, they are,each one, safely tucked in to my heart. For all of you mothers out there. And fathers. And kids and grandkids. From God who longs to be a Father to you. May God's blessing rest upon you. May you remain safely tucked inside His heart. Stay safe, PK x


Last night I watched in amusement as Alli Bongo, our little dog, lay on the floor eating her nighttime treats. Even as a tiny baby, Alli’s always been a finicky eater. She said no to most foods. Even when I gave Alli her bedtime treats, a highlight of her day, she had a “yes” pile and a “no” pile. But recently God has won the daily food battle. He showed me long ago that she would make the switch over from a diet of lean meats to dry food. This goal seemed impossible at the time. It looked impossible. And it felt impossible.

Yes, it’s true. I admit it. Alli was one spoiled little dog. Most people don’t eat as good as she did. And still does. She’s not off lean meats entirely, but God’s Word always prove true when we stand and endure. And it’s proving true this time. Alli is eating mostly dry food now. In the past, she simply dug in her heels and refused. I don’t care if you pretended the food was an airplane and her mouth, the airport. Yes, she’d play, up to a point. She’d open her mouth and allow the food to come in for a landing, only to fall right back out again in a belly-flop and scoot across the floor.

But when we believe God, and we patiently endure, something special happens. We inherit the promises. Just like Abraham. We have what we say. Even in the small things. Like Alli and dry food. God said it. I believed through the days when nothing seemed to change. I believed and I kept saying it. And I got what I said. God is God even in small things. He is God over all, the little and the large, when we allow Him to be. He’s a God who cares so much for us that nothing in our life is insignificant to Him. Nothing is too small.

In my own life even Alli and her needs rate a 10. It’s just another way He shows how very much He loves, and wants to give to us. Like Jesus tells us, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” God is the same. He is a giver, the Ultimate one. When we trust Him there is one thing we can hang on to: He will never allow our faith in Him, in His Word, to belly-flop, or crash land. He honours it every time. For without faith it is impossible to please Him.

So,these days the brand of dry food He had me begin to buy for her in 2012, ( Was it really THAT long ago?) is becoming her main diet, and the lean foods are the treat. Then He showed me step by step what to do in order to change her diet gradually.

While Alli lay on the floor munched away on bedtime treats, it dawned on me that these days she was eating every treat I give her. I said to her, “Alli, you don’t have a “no” pile anymore, do you? Only a “yes” pile. Your answer’s always yes, yes, yes. Never no. Just like God.”

Those last three words just popped out of my mouth. Without thinking. Then, I realised what I’d said. Just moments before, I’d told Him, “It doesn’t feel like I’ve done enough today. I wish I’d done more. “ It felt like I’d goofed off. Yet, I know He doesn’t go by appearance. He judges by the heart, and He sees the full picture, not just dull shapes. Also, the enemy told me that my faith was faltering but I knew that God Himself is holding me up. He assured me that I’d done His will. I’d done good. I explained, “I’m just being impatient, no, eager to do more, but I know I cannot just leap over steps in order to do all You say I will. I must take it one step, one little step at a time.”

I longed for a fresh scripture to meditate on and to stoke up the fire of my faith when I pray on behalf of others, but none seemed to come. I felt like a dying branch longing for a drink.

Would I allow discouragement to overtake me? Nope. Not a chance. I would trust God to give the right Word. Even with that, I would trust Him. And I told Him so and left it with Him.

So there I was watching Alli, relaxed and resting. And there it was. Like God had said, “The Word is nigh thee, even in your heart and in your mouth...that is, the Word of faith that we preach...that you will do it” (From Deuteronomy 30 and Romans 10) His word leaped from from my mouth.

Yes,yes,yes. Not no,no,no. Just like God. Suddenly, the scripture was there in my mouth, and
in my heart. His living, thirst-quenching Word for me and for you and for a parched, lifeless world. The Word of Life. The Word of faith. I Corinthians 1:18-20.

“But God is faithful...For the Son of God, Christ Jesus, who was preached among you...was not yes and no, but is yes in Him. For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes; therefore also through Him is our Amen to the glory of God through us.”

No matter how many promises God has made, they are “YES” in Christ. And so through Him “Amen” (So be it!) is spoken by us to the glory of God.

He had given me what I needed. When I felt dry and thirsty in a dry parched land, and cried to Him, Please give me a drink of your living water, the water only you can give.” He stopped, and lifting up the Word, He gave me a long cool drink.

I paused to give God a big thank you. An extra special one. “Thank you, God. You always lift me up when I’m sagging. You are the uplifter, and the Word you bring me is living. It is as zingy and refreshing as a tall, cold lemonade with a twist of chilli, and plenty of ice, on a hot day.”

My thirst was quenched. The fire of my faith fed. God’s answer is always, “Yes, yes, yes!” He gives us what we say and what we pray. It’s a promise. It’s ours. Yes, you can say, “Mine,mine,mine! I have what I say because I believe in my heart.”

I say it with my mouth, and God backs His Word to perform it. I say His Word. I pray His Word. And He is faithful. He does His Word. His Word is not the “how nice” lifeless word of man, but the living Word for thirsty hearts.

“For this reason we constantly thank God that when you received the Word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men (the “how nice”, feels good, empty words of man) but for what it really is, THE WORD OF GOD (living, powerful, active) which is actively working in you who believe.”

In you. In believers. God’s living Word actively working in us who believe and confess, “Jesus is my Lord”, and believe in the only one who has the power to give life in this lifeless world.

Us who believe. Us who believe. He is the “Yes God” to those of us who say Yes to Him.

God’s answer is YES, YES, YES. Ahhh, His Word sure hits the spot. His LIVING Word. As zingy and refreshing as that tall, cold lemonade with a twist of chili and plenty of ice on a hot day.

God’s answer is YES to me and to you. Yes, yes, yes in a world of no.

Ahhh,yes, yes, yes. Sure tastes good to me.

And the answer is? Yes. God is the “yes God." Amen. Amen. So be it!