Good Evening from England! I know this is rare. I mean, tell me, when do you ever get a post when my day is winding to a close? But God says post this NOW. So I am. Apparently it may do some of you as much good as it did me. And hey, it's so short too. Imagine that from me: a short preaching. Normally I write long letters just like Paul. In fact, once God mentioned this similarity to me. I had asked Him for the words to write to a couple of friends having problems once. Then, later on as I was almost asleep, I thanked the Lord for His words, but I added, "I'm going to have to apologise because my answers were so long. But, always the encourager, and always truthful, He responded, "Paul wrote long letters." That night I laughed myself to sleep. I had never expected God to say that. And I've never worried a whole lot about it since. I mean let's be honest. I know I'm a book writer, and not a short story writer. The long instead of the short. But God chose me for this because I am proof that He is God. So enjoy the break from a long read. It too is rare. Blessings, PK x


(from 6 April 2014)

Late Sunday night, the small catheter bag dad wears blocked up. He called Chris, and Chris told him he’d need to go to A&E (ER).

I was in bed sleeping when dad called, but the ringing phone woke me up. I last thing I heard was Chris heading out the door to take dad to get the catheter unblocked.

I dozed back off, but only for a few minutes because God had a plan. He had something for me to do first. Dad was in a bind.

I sensed a need to pray in the spirit, and to prevail (continue to stand against satan). I knew too that it was dad I was praying for. I told the Lord that I would pray until He told me to stop. I don’t use a stop watch,so I’m not sure how long I lay there praying, but after awhile the Lord said, “You got it.”

Then, He added, “They will see my power.”

They will see my power. They will know my power. The power of God.

That was the beginning. These were the same words He spoke in October 2013, “They will see my power.”

That was when I began speaking God’s Word over dad, and shortly before God had me lay hands on him for healing. October 2013.

My Bible tells me,”You go into all the world and preach the gospel (exactly as Jesus preached it, the whole thing) to all creation (every person in every place). He who believes and is baptised shall be saved; but he who does not believe is damned. These signs will accompany those who believe: IN MY NAME they will cast out demons,[IN MY NAME] they will speak with new tongues; [IN MY NAME] they will pick up serpents ( meaning we have dominion over them and all other wild animals, if we should accidently meet up with them) AND if we drink (or eat) any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; [IN MY NAME] they shall lay hands on the sick, AND THEY SHALL RECOVER.” (Mark 16:15-17)

God says it. His Word is truth. I say it. I pray it, I preach it, I teach it, I do it. No matter what. Doesn’t matter what I see or what I feel. God Word says I have what I say when I say the same thing He says, so I have it. I stand and confess it in the face of the devil, “God says it and I have it. I don’t care what you show me. If it contradicts what God says then it’s a lie, and I refuse it. “

It isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it is just that simple. So always I confess and stand against the enemy who is a thief, a killer, and a destroyer. I do it, and so can you.

Chris was back in record time. I asked him, “Back so soon?” The last time he took dad to the hospital he was gone for hours, then dad was kept there for two and a half days under observation. The doctors couldn’t understand why his blood pressure was suddenly low when he was a high blood pressure patient. But I could have told them. It was the power of God.

So when dad rang up this afternoon and told Chris, “I’m bunged up again,”Chris headed back out the door to dad, while I wasted no time heading straight to the Lord. I said to Him, “I have prevailed against the enemy. I have taken dominion over him just like you tell me to do in Luke 10:19, “Behold, I give you authority to tread on all serpents and scorpions [all types of demons], and over ALL the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” If you want me to pray more, I will. Otherwise, I wait before you for whatever else, if anything, you want me to do.”

Suddenly, with my eyes were still closed, I said to the devil, “I’ve already taken authority over you, and you’re bound according to Matthew 18:18, “Whatever you shall bind on earth HAS BEEN BOUND in heaven and whatever you shall loose on earth, HAS BEEN LOOSED in heaven.” Now, I LOOSE dad’s bladder by the authority Jesus gave me. “

Then, in faith,I followed up with praise. I praised my God who is the head of all authority, all power, all principalities, all might, all dominion. I praised the God who came to save, to heal to free, to loose. I praised the God who gave His life for us. The God who is love. The God who is unlimited in power and in mercy. The Unseen One who changes the Seen through us. In faith. Before I saw or felt anything different, I praised, because I believe all that He gave us and all that He says. I had what I said the moment I spoke it because I believed in my heart.

The words had barely left my mouth when the phone rang. I walked over and picked it up. It was dad. Why was I not surprised? In awe, yes, but not surprised.

I said, “Hi. Chris is on the way.”

He said, “He’s not, is he? Everything’s okay. I’m not bunged up now. It started working again.”

“Yeah?” I responded. “I’ll bet you’ll never guess why. Guess what God had me doing just now?” I shared what had happened, and he was astonished. But he did agree it had to be God, because no doctor’s hand had touched him. One moment he was bunged up, and the next moment, he wasn’t.

Now you see it, now you don’t. I believed God. And dad got a miracle. Another miracle, I should add.

The UNSEEN had changed the SEEN.

“Look not to the things that are SEEN, but look to the things that are UNSEEN; For the things that are SEEN are temporal (changeable), but the things that are UNSEEN are eternal.”

And you may find this part astounding, but this is what God is giving me to say, so say it, I will. I’m not talking about through doctors. I’m talking about the power of the living God that is in us who believe. God doesn’t need doctors. He didn’t need them when He made me, and He didn’t need them when He healed me. He only needed me to believe, then He honoured my faith. Doctors are for the world, not believers, though I realise that this news will shock many. Doctors are human. They are man. They are not God. We serve the living God. He created us. He died for us. He He rose again for us. Why? So that He might destroy the works of the devil. That’s why He came. And that’s what He did. He did it to set us free. Trust God, our deliverer and our healer. Trust Him and not man.

So when the devil puts you or a loved one in a bind, then grab hold of Matthew 18:18. Take authority. Break free, LOOSE!