Good Morning from England! God is having me give you something a bit different this time. It is a letter I had written to a partner God has given me in the country of Mynamar (known also as Burma). In this letter is my testimony in very condensed form, call it shorthand. In 2009 He told me, "Your testimony will show them!" And He is right. So it is, and so it will! God bless all of you today. Yes, even you ones who don't want His blessing. God bless you too!  PK x

Good Morning dear C,
God is on the move here as He is there. I am doing well. God's grace (undeserved favour, strength, power, ability, anointing) is sufficient for me for His strength is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I glory in my weaknesses (and lack of power and ability) so that the power of Christ rests upon me. He holds me up as I know He does you. When we dwell in Him, He tells us we will bear much fruit in Myanmar, throughout the world, all the way in full circle back to Jerusalem where the gospel began. Then, Jesus will come in power and great glory! We will do this together as a team in Myanmar, our ministries together, and the Lord says we will do it quickly, more quickly than we imagined. The Lord is using everything to see this happen. The gospel will be preached and the Lord God will stretch forth His hand in healings and signs and wonders, and miracles. He is proving His own Word true by the works that we do by His power within us, through the name of Jesus, the Messiah, just like He did when Jesus walked on the earth, and in the early days of the Church.

Each day I pray for the nation of Myanmar, for all of you who are labouring in the vineyard there. I remember long ago when Jesus said to me, "My Father needs you to work in the vineyard." It had been prophesied before my birth that I would preach worldwide by my father who did not even believe that prophecy was for today. After I was born a girl, he then prophesied that I would be a missionary since girls did not preach in our denomination (and still don't). But, I was called to do both. It's just that that ministry the Lord designed for me is as He puts it, is "unique". I resisted the preaching. I was spoiled, I loved the world, my body was sick and broken. I was strong-willed and stubborn. My heart was in the right place, but God had to get me to the place where I would give up everything to follow Him, and I did. In 2012, I gave everything to Him, along with every sickness and every medication. I had chosen. And my choice was Jesus, no matter what. He came that night, because I had placed my trust in Him and I believed and I said (Mark 11:22-23, Mt 17:20) "By Jesus stripes I am healed." He spoke to me a long while but I can't remember exactly what all He said. I just know it was all good. Then He said to me, "Now, tell them to get OUT!" I didn't think to ask Him who "they" was, I just did it. I said, "Now get out!" Suddenly, all of these demons came up from within me. They were every where. I could sense them all around. I could smell them and it was the most horrible thing I have ever smelled. I was aware they had been oppressing my mind and my body for many years, since early childhood. My spirit was not possessed because I'd received Jesus as my Saviour when I was eight years old, but I was never taught that I had to grow up in Christ, obey the Word, don't be OF the world, only IN the world. I was never taught that we get what we say- because we say what we believe in our hearts just like God does. I never knew that Jesus bought me more than forgiveness of sins on the tree. He had bought me healing for my body, freedom and deliverance, the fullness of the gospel just like Jesus taught it, and just like the early church taught and lived. I didn't know, but now I do.

On that night of 3 October 2012, I received the healing for my body as I had in 2008, in 2010, in 2011, but this time I was healed of everything, because I said what God says, "By His stripes I was healed." I trusted Him, not me, not doctors who were helpless do do anything anyway, because they are not and never will be healers. They are only men just like me. What happened next? I was loosed from horrible pain, a twisting esophagus that was causing me to strangle and choke on my food, five years in a wheelchair, dependency on powerful drugs, horrible progressive nerve damage all over my body, and many, many other serious illnesses, all with no medical cure. Mostly God loosed me from fear so that satan cannot bring me back into bondage anymore (Heb. 4:14-15). And my life He transformed from the inside out.

I stopped giving Jesus excuses each time He gave me dramatic callings and warnings to do the ministry to which He had called me. I've went to work in the Father's vineyard, just like He said. I'm a door-opener, just like I've always wanted to be. I hold the door open for the most important one of all--The King of Glory. I preach the full gospel of Christ Jesus just as He's shown me, just like His Word says. "Repent(turn) and be saved...By Jesus stripes we are healed...We are blessed not cursed..Every Word of the Bible is truth and it's for us today! .I live it, I breath it, I sleep it, in His presence and surrounded by His glory every minute of the day is how I remain. I love Him more with every passing moment. He says it's because I've been forgiven for so much. I am seeing others repent and receive Jesus and all He has given us, lives changed and freed, bodies healed, demons cast out just like the last chapter of Mark. It's pray, pray, pray; say, say, say; obey, obey, obey! This is my testimony in short. This is the power of God and for His glory.Cool