Good Morning from England! It's been awhile. but I haven't gone anywhere. I'm still here. It's just that God has been doing so much that it makes my head spin. There have been days when I have gone to bed too excited to sleep, because the things He told me would happen ARE happening in me, to me, and to others all around me. There I am with my head under the bed covers praising God and talking a blue streak until He finally has to say, "Paula, rest now, get some rest, you need your sleep!" But often during these nights, after short intervals, I am back awake praising and talking to Him again. "The Woman Who Refused God" may look like defeat but watch as God turns it into the something good, as He promises, "And God causes all things (ALL! Did you catch that?) to work FOR THE GOOD for them who love God and are the called according to His purposes." He leads, He teaches, He encourages, He strengthens. When we trust Him, He turns defeat into victory. He did it for Jesus, and He will do it for us. How often? Every time. Here is one instance when He did this for me. BE BLESSED! PK x


Oceans (where feet may fail)

You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In Oceans deep
My faith will stand

And I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When Oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your Sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed and You won’t start now

So I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

I will call upon Your name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in your embrace
I am Yours and You are mine.

I walked along the streets of Bedworth again praying,

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders...Let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me...Take me deeper than my feet would care to wander...that my faith will be made the presence of my Savior...”

Chris and I had come into town for a special purpose: to send money to a dear minister friend so that Urdu Bibles could be purchased for a people who are crying out for Bibles, a people who are too poor to buy them so they pray day and night to our God, “Please give us Bibles,please give us Bibles.” To these precious ones a Bible is the most priceless treasure they can possess. How right they are! Do you see this too, my friend? (NOTE: This money bought 300 Bibles.) If you never do anything else for God, give a Bible to someone else, for in doing so you will not only set them free but many others as well. It is the Word that sets us free. (How do you give a Bible? Ask me and I will tell you)

Beforehand, I had reminded Jesus that I would speak only His words, and that I was willing to do what He says, and when He says it.

Everything seemed very routine, then while enroute back to the car, as we were passing Iceland, a grocery store specialising in frozen foods, the Lord said to me, “Go in.”

Chris, who was walking slightly ahead of me stopped and turned around when I said to him,”Chris, I’m nipping in here.” Puzzled, he followed.

I walked up and down the aisles, commenting now and then, “Oh wow, that’s a bargain.” Or “Hey Chris, take a look at this. That's not a bad deal.” But my spirit stood on “red alert”, while I waited to hear from God what was next.

Soon it was apparent that Chris was bored and even more puzzled instead of less. Finally he asked me, “Why did you come in here?” We rarely shop at Iceland. Besides, we had nothing to left to buy, and I had no money to buy with, so this detour was an unexpected stop that seemed like a total time-waster.

“The Lord told me to.” I said. I’ve been saying that alot lately. It was becoming my answer for many actions.

Not that I had any more clue where I was going than Alli Bongo when at 3 months of age, she slipped through two boards near the bottom of our back gate, and Chris found here heading down the alley in the direction of her best friend Taffy’s house. She didn’t know where he lived, but she was headed in that direction, by faith. In the same way, I didn’t know where I was going, but I was heading the way He told me, walking by faith,where feet may fail,with His Sovereign hand as my guide.

A few minutes passed, and nothing happened. No earth-shaking reflections, no “I can’t pass this up bargain.” Chris had had enough. He said as much. I’m not trying to put him in a bad light. Quite simply, God had told ME to go in to Iceland, not HIM. So next I knew, Chris was saying, “Well, I’ve had enough of this. I’ll be in the car.”

The Lord had separated us again. Gently but effectively. It was down to Him and me. But that wasn’t only reason He had me take this detour.

A few more minutes passed by when I found myself in the last aisle. I said to the Lord, “I have no idea what’s going on here, but no matter how crazy it seems, I will do what you say. Your ways are higher, Your thoughts are greater. And no matter what, Lord, I trust You.”

“...Lead me where my trust is without borders...You’ve never failed and You won’t start now...”

Still the Lord remained silent. So I decided it must be time to leave. I headed for the single door exit, but in order to reach it, I would need to weave my way past the checkout counters.

I headed that direction, but all my attempts were blocked. Seemed quite like a game of chess.

Was it my move again? I’d try the third aisle. By then the lines of carts were so long they had turned into a traffic jam of metal and frozen foods pushed by people who had no where to go. If I’d been a police car, I’d have turned on my siren.

I made it back to the last aisle, and I reaffirmed to the Lord, “I don’t care how senseless this seems nor how stupid I feel, I choose to follow Your plan, not mine. There is a reason for this delay. I will end up exactly where I need to be and at just the right moment.”

Instantly a pathway cleared for me, that mass of carts parted before me like the red sea. The Holy Spirit had turned on His siren and I soon found myself back outside.

Tesco was not far. Jesus said repeatedly, “He who has ears, let him hear.” He meant our spiritual ears. Turning the corner, I kept mine open, listening and watching. The Lord instructed, “Do what I tell you, when I tell you.”

In front of me was a large woman. She couldn’t have been any older than me. Her attentive husband was holding her right arm. In her left hand she held a cane which she was leaning heavily on. She was limping badly. Each step she took was slow and in great difficulty.
I see many who are crippled, many who are wheelchair bound, in mobility chairs, and with canes. The crippled and broken are everywhere. Jesus hurts for them and so do I. But this woman in front of me? She was different. The Lord had singled her out. He wanted me to minister to her.

I’m reminded of the time I was in the Tesco lift (elevator), and a young nice looking couple, a man and a woman were in there with us. I could not help but look at them because they were standing right in front of me, and as you know there’s not much to look at in a lift. Yet, as my gaze moved from the back of the woman to the man, suddenly I saw a transparent hand on reaching down on the inside of him. I was astonished. I didn’t know what to do. As I hesitated the door of the lift opened, and the couple disappeared into the store. I always wondered what the hand inside the man meant. I kept asking the Lord over and over again. And one day He answered, “I wanted to free him.” I cried because I had stood and done nothing when He’d given me the chance. I had what the man needed--the Word of Life. It is the Word of God that sets us free. If you know Jesus, you,too have the only means to set others free. If you have never met Jesus, read on and discover how to be free.

I didn’t set that man free, but the experience strengthened my trust in God and my own determination that I would listen better, move faster, and set others free when He gives the opener. And when He doesn’t give an opener, I don’t worry about it. I just go around and love and bless every one I can.

I quickened my pace behind the woman leaning on the cane, her body twisting heavily to the right with each step. Jesus had not spoken any direct words, I knew by way of impression this time that He had brought me to the right place at the right time. Jesus often ministered by impression when He walked on earth.

Matthew 9:36 “But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion on them...”

Matthew 14:14 “And Jesus...was moved with compassion.”

What was the result every time?

“Matthew 9:35 And healing every sickness...and every disease among the people.”

“Matthew 14:14 “And He healed their sick.”

As I watched this woman, my own heart was moved with compassion. Tears sprang into my eyes. She was the one. I wanted to reach out to her. I wanted her to be free as I am free.

I asked the Lord for His words. Out of my heart came, “Are you in pain?”

I came up beside the woman. Lightly touching her arm, I spoke to her, “Excuse me, Are you in pain?” The Lord’s exact words.

She looked at me. “No, why?”

“I’m supposed to lay hands on you.”

She turned away from me, and labouring to take the next small step, she replied, “No thank you.”

My right hand froze in mid air, just inches from her shoulder.

No thank you. No thank you. I hadn’t expected that. Reluctantly, my arm dropped to my side. All I could say was, “That’s fine,” and walk away.
“...and He healed their sick."

Jesus spoke , “I would have healed her.”

Sadly, I replied, “I know.”

He spoke again, “Many will refuse. They refused Me too when I was on earth.”

It doesn’t matter if they refuse. “Yes”, you may be thinking, “but when they refuse, I’ll look a fool.” What matters most? You looking like a fool or you pleasing God? We must all ask ourselves this question.

He reminded me of Mark 6:5-6,
“And He could there do no mighty work, save that He laid His hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them. And He marvelled at their unbelief[and He still does!].”

So can God force them to receive? No. He can’t and neither can you or I. In everything, even this, we have a choice. Will we receive or refuse?

The dream He gave me just after He freed me in October 2012 came to mind. In this nighttime vision I saw myself healed and freed run into a shop. I noticed a woman and took drastic action. Stopping in front of her, I fell to my knees. Lifting my hands into the air, I began to testify about and praise God all at the same time. The woman stood in stunned silence, watching. Then she reacted. She turned and walked away.

Watching her, I thought to myself, “I will not judge her.” My eyes scanned the room. I saw two other persons standing over by the counter. I hurried over and began praising and thanking God for all He’d done for me. They ignored me. It was as if I was the invisible man, and they couldn’t see me at all. I thought again, “I will not judge.”

I ran out into the street. It was empty and darkness swirled around me. As I ran, I searched every where with my eyes for someone to tell, someone to receive. Suddenly, I saw a woman standing at the entrance of her own townhouse. She had rang the bell and she was waiting for someone to answer so she could enter.

I joined her. Wasting no time I asked her, “Do you have anything wrong with you?” She was so surprised by my question that she struggled to answer.

I asked again, “Do you have anything wrong with you?”

She replied, “Yes I do, many things.”

I said to her, “Be free.” I reached up to place my hand on her shoulder. “Power of God,” I said. And before my hand even touched her, power like the brightest light I’ve ever seen burst forth from my hand and surged into her body. The power of God was so strong,the woman was almost knocked to the ground. Her eyes widened and a little “ooo!” escaped her lips. Then throwing her hands into the air, she shouted, “I’m healed! I’m healed! I’m healed!”

I left her praising God, and ran on. Eventually, I noticed another light. Another shop. I ran inside. I noticed two young girls standing in front of a kitchen table, their hands at their sides.

On the other side sat a woman, a sister in Christ. Her head rested on the table between her arms.

I asked the girls, “What’s wrong?”

One answered, “It’s her heart.”

I walked over to her. She stood and faced me.

Quickly I told her about the woman that was just healed. I described the surge of light that leapt from my hand into her body, the amazing healing power of God. I told the sister that she too could be free because Jesus had already set us free when He died on the cross-- by Jesus stripes we are healed. It is ours. We need only to believe Him. Simply believe and take hold of what belongs to us.

Then, placing my hand upon her shoulder, I said, “In the name of Jesus, be healed, be free.” Nothing happened. No power left my body. I looked at her face and I saw the reason why. Her face was a slab of granite. Her eyes cold and unfeeling. She didn’t believe. She didn’t receive. She had refused God. I n myself I said again, "I will not judge."

I was aware of her unbelief before I even saw her expression. Not because beams of bright light hadn’t visibly leapt from my hand, but because I perceived in my spirit that no power had left my body.

Jesus perceived the same thing when a woman who had an issue of blood touched the hem of His robe, for she said, “If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole, and straight away the fountain of blood was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague. And Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that virtue (power) had gone out of Him turned...and said, who touched My clothes?”

This woman was like so many today. She had spent all the money she had on doctors. They had advised, and prescribed and treated in every way they knew how, just as they still do, but they could not help her like they could not help me, and they cannot help so many others.

Doctors do all they can. Yet, Jesus can do something they can’t: Jesus can cure. And not only can He, He says, “I WILL.”

Only God has the power to heal and to free. He bought our freedom when He died on the cross, “By Jesus stripes [His wounds] I am healed...By Jesus stripes [His wounds] you are healed.”

He wants you to know that He’s set you free. He bought your complete freedom. He bought you freedom from sin, freedom from death, freedom from lack, freedom from sickness. Jesus bought you complete freedom. There is nothing that we can encounter in this world, not one thing, that He didn’t provide freedom for. He thought of everything. He came to give us abundant life, not a broken life. Don’t settle for less of the world, go for the more of God.

Here’s the difference between the woman with the issue of blood and countless ones today. Listen closely, “For she SAID, If I may touch but the hem of His clothes, I shall be WHOLE.”

She believed Jesus. She believed in Him and His name, and she said. And what happened? She got what she said: she was made whole.

What do many precious ones, even many Christians, say today? “If I can see the doctor, He’ll be able to help me.” They look first to the doctor, not to God. Many see the doctor as a god. I have heard this statement, “My doctor said it so it must be right.”

Another common belief these days is, “God chooses to work through doctors now.”

Only through doctors? No, my friends, this is simply not true. If it was true He would not have been so upset with King in the Old Testament for going to the doctor before coming to Him for healing. The doctors are for the world first of all, for all the ones who do not trust God. They have always been. It was the Egyptians, the worshippers of idols, who had the most elaborate medical system in the world, not Israel. In many ways, Egypt was perhaps more advanced medically than we are now. Why didn’t Israel use doctors? They didn’t need to. They had God as their Salvation. He forgave them, He healed their bodies, He gave them plenty in every way. He was their El Shaddai, their Provider, the God who was more than enough.

It was only when Israel began walking in the ways of the world, walking their own way instead of God’s that they began trusting in man more than God.

No,God is telling us, “You are not of the world. You are citizens of heaven. You are My children. Believe Me, trust Me, and I will heal you and free you each and every time without doctors.” I died for this. I died to give you freedom.” He is our El Shaddai. He is the God who is more than enough. He is my “more than enough", and He wants to be your “more than enough."

He wants us to trust Him first and foremost. If you don’t trust Him yet, He understands and is patient. He will accept you where you are at. So don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I’m not implying that going to the doctors is a sin. What’s the sin? Trusting in man and the things of man before God. Trusting them instead of God; Trusting them more than God.

Make Him your God who is more than enough. He wants you to come as you are. He doesn’t ask you to change first. His is a “come-as-you-are” party. Then from there, get into His Word, for faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing the Word of God. Then, begin acting on Word,take those baby steps in faith, and you will learn to trust Him. When you do, your focus will change from belief in man to belief in God. It will not happen all at once perhaps, but it will happen as we renew our minds with the Word of God, and He can teach us to trust Him.

Is it this simple? Yes, it is. The gospel is always simple. Jesus died,He rose again, we are free. Believe and say and receive. Doctors nor any other man will ever die in your place.

“There is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved.” No other name, no other Savior, only Jesus.

The woman with the issue of blood BELIEVED and she SAID. She knew she had sickness in her body. she didn't deny it was there. But she did stop talking sickness and symptoms of sickness, the language of the world, or world-speak as I call often call it. She stop centering on the symptoms--how she felt, what she saw, what the doctors said, and she began speaking the same thing as God. "For she SAID, If I can but touch just the hem of His garment, I shall be WHOLE." She did the same as Abraham in the 4th chapter of Romans. Not being weak in faith, she stopped considering the problem...but being strong in faith, she gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that what He had promised He was able also to perform.

This woman turned and believed in the cure: JESUS, instead of the problem, and she got what she said.

Each time I have done this, each time I look to the Word of God and believe and say, I too have been made whole.

I’m here to tell you God has already done His part. And now? He’s waiting for you to do yours.

Believe and say so that you can receive. Turn from the LIE to the TRUTH. Jesus is the TRUTH.

Turn, Believe and say, and keep saying until you see it.

Don’t be the woman who refused God. Be the one who received.

Stop refusing and believe. Believe God and receive all He has to offer.