Good Morning from England! Two days after Christmas 2013, I give you this word from the Lord. BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL, PK x

Jeremiah 51: 45
My people, get out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the Lord.
2 Corinthians 6:17
Therefore, Come out from their midst and be separate, says the Lord. And do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.
Revelations 18:4
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partaker of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Today while rain and high winds beat at my window, I must share with you the many warnings the Lord has been giving me about His church, the body of Christ.

He has been warning me for a long time, but now there is an urgency to these warnings that was not present before.

These more urgent warnings began about two months ago when I had a rather bizarre vision. I saw a dog’s water bowl, but this one wasn’t filled with water. It was filled with disgusting filth: dead, decaying things, and layers of dust, emptiness, and debris. Some people may have written this vision off right then and there. A dog’s bowl? How nutty can you get? Deciding it was crazy and worthless, they would have thrown it away. Way in the past, I may have too. But I have learned to not go by appearance because the Lord’s wisdom is far beyond mine, His ways past finding out, and His thoughts far above my thoughts. Being very aware of His greatness being far above us, my motto is,'When in doubt, ask God.' So I turned to Him and asked, “Lord, what does this vision mean?”

He answered straightaway, “It is the dead dry bones of my church.”

On the heels of this vision came two distinct warnings, one after the other:

After praying prevailing prayer for a friend here in Britain who has been greatly distressed, Jesus said to me, “Tell them to get out of the Anglican church (Church of England).” 

I don’t know if my friend or his parents are members of the Church of England, but perhaps, or why else would the Lord give this warning as I prayed for them and their needs?

Just the other day, while doing research on the new pope,(NOTE: I will be teaching on this subject very, very soon!) whom the Lord has revealed to me, after much prayer, is the false prophet of Revelations 13, the beast come as a lamb,as an angel of light in the world, and the Lord and I had this conversation,

I spoke first, “The false prophet is rising to greatness before the Antichrist himself.”

The Lord gave me this reason, “He rises to power first. Why else would would the (self-serving) Antichrist want anything to do with him?”

“It grieves me,Lord. I was so grieved when I saw latest magazine cover. First he’s Time magazine’s Person of the Year, now he’s being praised by the Gay magazine, and splashed onto their cover. I’m grieved by what he’s told the gays, and by what he’s told the atheists, both lies contradict your Word.”

I continued, “He is evil, pure evil. He knows exactly what he’s doing, Father.”

He then spoke the second warning, “That’s why I said, ‘Come out of her, my people.’ “

“There is a wave of evil coming.”

There is a wave of evil coming...there is a wave of evil coming...there is a wave of evil coming.

I knew this was true, especially in light of what the Lord revealed next.

For last night, I had a horrible dream. I dreamed I entered a fairly large church auditorium. Walking down the middle aisle, I searched for the best place to sit. Once I was seated, I cannot recall any pastor or any specific message being preached. I only know that as we sat there in this comfortable auditorium, there came a rumbling sound. It was faint at first, growing louder and louder until the sound was almost deafening and seemed to surround us. I then heard someone cry, “AVALANCE! AVALANCE!” And there from the front of the church came a huge tsunami of rubble mixed with sand. With the swiftness of a deluge of water in a flash flood, and just as deadly, the rubble spread throughout the room. As soon as I saw it, I leaped out of my seat and ran for higher ground, but many others did not. The majority sat motionless in their seats, like dead men, or ones in a deep sleep, neither blinking nor seeing what was coming their way. They did not react, they did not even flinch. From my safe perch, I watched in horror as each of these precious souls were completely covered and lost.

I asked the Lord, “What was the meaning of this, Lord?”

“The destruction of the church,” He answered.

“Which church is that?”

“The worldly church...the established church of many denominations.” He was speaking of the church most people think of when the word ‘church’ is used, meaning all who are teaching fables and traditions (see 2 Tim. 4) over the full gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ crucified that the Bible teaches and preaches.

As I lay there pondering this dream and His words, He spoke again, “Some who appear to be dead will be saved.” I thought immediately of the scripture,
Looking not at the SEEN (the visible), but at the UNSEEN (invisible). For the SEEN is temporal (changeable, can be changed), but the UNSEEN(God and His word spoken thru our mouths in love and faith, and prayer) is eternal.

As I waited, the Lord, who is not willing that any should perish, spoke a final statement, “It won’t wait. It will not delay.”

I leave you with these words from Revelations 10:6,
“And He swore by Him who lives forever and ever, who created the heavens and everything that is in them,the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and said,”THERE WILL BE NO MORE DELAY!”

It won’t wait. It will not delay. There will be no more delay!