PROPHETIC WORD FOR 2014~The Jesus Explosion

I asked the Lord, “Lord, show me your church for 2014.” And I didn’t have to wait long for His words to start flowing. This is what He has revealed so far.

“Touch death and bring it to life...touch the dead and bring them to life...
Next year (2014) is flows as a river of honey unto the soul: sooothing, healing and mighty pleasant. Riches...I am heaping riches upon My people, heaps and heaps, not money or things of this world, but riches of indescribable beauty, vigorous and lasting; riches of a kind they’ve never known: my glory, my power shall fill the earth, a cloud as thick as fog that’s like pea soup. my presence shall invigorate. Healings and signs, wonders and miracles shall pour forth like a stream of gold beaming down from endlessly from above, yet coming from you--from within. I give life for death by way of My life and unto My people and unto the countless ones walking in death...riches untold. Seek Me, seek Me, seek Me. Walk with Me and I will walk with you.
Administer life where’s there death. Give and it shall be given unto you. Life for death; hope for the hopeless, strength for weakness, love for hate. Replace; exchange. (2014) A year of exchanges; an explosion of power, the Jesus explosion. 2014--a year of transformation, lifes transformed. Atheists coming to Me in numbers so vast, as a horde of locust upon the fields, their blooms rich and their roots planted deep in the Word. An explosion of power so immense that many are shocked to their senses and acknowledge Christ as the one and only Lord. A Jesus explosion in every land amongst a peoples vigorous and strong. Life bringing power, riches untold, never before seen, a beauty to behold. Life for death; sorrow turned to joy; famine becoming feast; healings, miracles, signs and wonders. People will be saying, ‘It’s a Jesus explosion, it’s a Jesus explosion.’ This will become a household word, ‘Jesus explosion.’ “