"No Rest For The Wicked"



Prophecy given on 24 November 2013
“Come unto Me all ye who labour and are heavy laden. Come unto Me and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light, so come unto Me and I will give you rest."

Just before I headed to bed last night, the Lord spoke up, “Jeremiah 33:3.” I knew the scripture well for I pray it with increasing frequency these days, but I said, “Okay, Lord,” and I turned the pages of my tattered Bible obediently to Jeremiah 33:3. I began by reading the words before me out loud,
“Call upon Me and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Then, closing my eyes, I prayed from the heart, and with meaning,
“Lord, you say, Call upon Me and I will you answer you, and I will show you great and mighty things, the things that you do not know, the things that are fenced and hidden, the things that eye has not seen nor has ear heard; neither are they imagined in the heart of man: these things you have prepared for those of us who love you. These things that you have freely given to us, you have revealed to our spirits by your Spirit. For the natural mind cannot understand the things of God, for they are only spiritually discerned, but we have the mind of Christ."

I ended with, “Thank You, Lord”, as I knew that He was about to reveal something to me. I just didn’t know exactly when or how, nor did I worry about the details. It would be in His own way and at His own time.

A few moments later, I laid my head down on my pillow. But I never go right to sleep. Instead I spend a few moments relaxing my entire body of any tension and quieting my mind, as I keep only the Lord, His name, or His image before me. Not only does this allow me to “Be still and know I am God,” as He directs us to do, but it is a method for remaining yielded completely to Him.

Sometimes, He speaks to me about different things at this time, my ministry, what lies ahead; or gives instructions. I always try to keep a pen and paper at hand, but I rarely use it during this time, as that would defeat the whole purpose of relaxing and being yielded. But always, even at night, I keep it handy, as I often use it later on or in the early morning hours before I rise. Not that I can see what I’m writing as I scribble His words in the dark, but much to my relief, the pages always turn out readable.

After the Lord spoke to me for a few moments, I gave Him praise and turned over onto my side to get some sleep. At that moment I heard His familiar words, “Rest now; Rest in Me.” I thought, “Ah, I’ll have a good if not brief night’s sleep tonight.”

I drifted off, almost straight into a dream.

It was not like any past dream. I seemed to be seeing something that did not make any sense. For I saw men of the world, both great and small. It appeared they were using Biblical words. No, I don’t mean speaking them; I mean doing things by them.

Suddenly, somehow, I reached in (it’s wasn’t quite clear what I reached into but the Holy Spirit indicates that I reached down into my own heart), and out streamed, “Hear the Word of the Lord,” and “the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” These seemed to never end. The faster I pulled, the greater the quantity.

I opened my eyes and exclaimed, “Judgement!” Then, to the Lord I said, “It’s Judgement, Lord! What’s the dream mean, Lord? I didn’t understand it.”

Just a few seconds passed before I heard the Lord’s voice, “Men of the world are setting their clocks by judgements. Not by My judgement Words, but by the events triggered by My judgement. They are not giving me glory. They refuse to repent. Yet, My prophecies are coming about with such swiftness now, they could set their clocks by their certainty: the earthquakes, the volcanic eruptions, the comets, the solar flares, the tsunamis, the superstorms--all the changes in the earth, will hit them closer to home, with swiftness and making deadly impact, My judgements pour forth across the earth. As it is said, there will be no rest for the wicked, only the righteous will know rest, and bask in the light of My Salvation, the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

I saw scoffers explaining away acts of prophetic judgement. “No, that’s not God. Earthquakes are caused by solarflares. If there was a God, he or she couldn’t stop them.” I saw fools becoming bigger fools, believing the lies of the great Liar, while refusing to repent; refusing to give the Lord glory.

I laid back down, and heard once more, “Rest, rest in Me.” With that, the Lord began speaking. I reached out for paper and pen and began writing again. As He neared the end of this message, I realised it was not for me, rather it was the interpretation of a dream for someone else I had prayed to receive. (It was a dream with the same theme of all else that He was showing me.)

Once more, the Lord said to me, “Rest, rest in Me.” I closed my eyes and instantly I saw words coming down upon the people themselves, upon their persons. Judgements so great and hard to bear that the men were like men with such huge burdens on their backs that they were bowed over completely, bent down, with their faces almost touching the ground from the weight of them, and unable to walk upright. Most were unable to walk at all.

It was a gruesome sight.

The Lord spoke, “Hear the Words of the Lord, See them as they’re being poured out. But seeing they do not understand, and hearing they do not perceive the weight of the curse upon them, and turn so that I may heal them. He who has ears, let him hear. He who has eyes, let him see. But only the righteous will understand and receive the Word of the Lord.”

This world is cursed everything in it is cursed,and unbelievers are cursed. This is why judgements are pouring out upon the world. The world has rejected their Creator, He who made the world and everything in it. The world who has rejected the Creator Himself, Jesus Christ who came to buy our salvation. The world and everything in it was cursed in the garden, the result of Adam’s sin against God. The Bible speaks of this curse often throughout the Old Testament. It is the basis of many, many prophetic words. It is the reason for the untold suffering and pain, hunger and sickness that plagues mankind, and the great evil in the world today as Isaiah 24:4-6 tells us,
“The earth mourneth, and fadeth away,the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish. The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant(Made between God and Adam). Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left.”

My appeal to you today is: Don’t do it! Don’t continue going on your way. Don’t carry that burden, the burden and pain and suffering too heavy to bear. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen you as you struggle to stand up and carry the burden you’re bearing. I’ve seen you bowed low under the weight. What I’ve been shown is so horrible. You are suffering needlessly. Don’t continue to carry a burden God never intended you bear. Don’t continue to be bowed low. Don’t refuse so great a Salvation. Please don’t. As I watch your struggle, my heart weeps for you.

I cry out to you with all my strength, “Hear the Word of the Lord!" Hear me when I say,don’t be foolish. Jesus purchased your freedom with His own blood. You are perishing needlessly. Don’t be foolish. Don’t refuse the Saviour who loves you so much that He bled and died for your freedom.

You may tell yourself that the catastrophes you see before you are only the result of other natural changes in or above the earth, but it won’t change what’s really happening or why. The earth is reeling under the curse. The Bible says that all of creation groans for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ who will lift the curse, and put the one behind the curse in hell, along with all of those who follow him, the ones who refuse to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

You can fill your head with wisdom until it overflows like a river spilling over it’s banks, but in the end, your head knowledge won’t save. Your god is empty and useless. All the knowledge in the world won’t save. When fear does overtake you, where will your god be then?

Why serve a god who can’t help you?

Is it simply the survival of the fittest?

When your world crashes down around you, you’ll make a surprising discovery: It’s not the survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the righteous. For God will destroy the unrighteous(the ones who do not have right standing before Him through Jesus Christ), and deliver the righteous.

Is it luck of the draw?

When icy cold terror grips your heart, as you cry for the rocks to fall on you and hide you from the face of the Lord, you’ll make a surprising discovery: luck is not drawn. Luck is a lie. Survival is a choice not luck at all. Survival when Jesus comes this second time is for all who believe.

Survival is for all who believe. Survival is for all who believe. Survival is for all who believe.

He, Jesus, is what you have always searched for, when like Scarlett O’hara, you’ve wandered in a thick fog, searching, always searching, but never finding what will make your life complete. He is what you’ve always longed for, He, Jesus, is what will make your life complete. He is your completer.

In Him, our living Saviour, there is Life, the life we were not born with, the life Adam forfeited when he willfully disobeyed God, exchanging the Truth for the Lie.

You’re still walking in this lie. Exchange it today for the Truth. Jesus is the Truth. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Without this zoe life, the lifeforce of God, you are dead and incomplete. Turn to Jesus and gain the Life you’ve never had.

Turn to Jesus and make him Lord. Turn and become complete, whole, entire, reborn; know His healing and deliverance. Embrace the reality of His Salvation.

When you do so, you will realise that He’s the only one who loved you enough to have died for you, to have died in your place. He did it while you were an enemy, dead in trespasses and sins. He did it while you were dead in rebellion. He did it for love. He did it to save you from eternal damnation which is coming on all those who refuse to believe in His name, and receive Him as Lord.

Today is the day of Salvation. Today, know the love of Jesus.

Make the trade!

Give up the Lie for the Truth.

Exchange your death for His Life.

Repent, turn, and call upon the name of the Lord and you shall be saved.”