This Halloween The World Walked On By


This Halloween The World Walked On By

I snapped awake, yet again my eyes closed. The room was growing darker by the minute, yet I knew that the hour was not late. My ears heard the small knock on the door. The Lord had awakened me just second before. The first of the trick-or-treaters had arrived. Alli heard it too. I could hear her barking. I wondered why Chris didn’t answer. There was a bowl filled with treats on the computer desk. Then I heard him telling her to stop barking. His voice came not from downstairs, but from his side of the bed.

I was surprised, but I could then understand why God woke me. Still, for the moment, I lay there with my eyes open. Suddenly, I felt so sluggish. I knew I was to pray in another 2 1/2 hours but oh how I longed to sleep until then.

Rather than tell myself, “I’m not moved by what I feel, I’m not moved by what I see, but I’m moved by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord", I closed my eyes briefly. “Can I be forgiven when in open defiance?” A second later another thought answered the first, “It’s blasphemy.”

Concerned, no, alarmed, I ask the Lord, “Is it blasphemy?” He didn’t answer, as I realised that I could never knowingly and willingly disobey in a premeditated fashion. I said, “I could never do that. I won’t blaspheme the Holy Ghost.”

So once more I addressed the Lord, “Do I need to be up? Is it necessary? Can’t I sleep till I pray?” The Lord said, “It’s only for a little while.” His voice was gentle and filled with love, but I had been shocked into action by the thoughts which had preceeded His comment.

I sat up, put on my slippers, and headed for the bathroom. Once I made it to the kitchen, I asked the Lord for for forgiveness.

I grabbed a cup of decaff and flipped on bright lights as the signal that we were home.

I made the decision to begin prayer time while I waited, but there wasn’t long to wait.

Last year we had so many kids at the door that Chris had to make a second store run. I was prepared for an onslaught.

I answered the door tonight, and Alli excitedly beside me. She was chuffed to bits. She loves kids so much. They both entertain and fascinate her. A small boy dressed as the hulk, his face painted green, greeted me. His mother stood at the corner observing. I fussed over him for a second, then I held out the bowl and let him choose his own treat. He chose Whoppers over candy bars.

Before and after the Hulk’s arrival, I heard the sound of kids as they went door to door, making the rounds, but none stopped at my brightly lit house. What was stopping them? Last year, I had fixed up individual bags for the kids. I had filled the bags with generous amounts of candy. I listened as still more voices broke the stillness of the night, but they faded into the distance. In my head, an old song began playing, “Walk on by...walk on by...walk on by.”

Could the snubbing of our house have anything to do with the bags I made for the trick-or-treaters last year? The bags were generously filled with candy, the good stuff, too. They would have remembered that, and the result would have been a wave of trick-or-treaters this year. Could it be because of the gospel tracts I slipped in? Was that stopping them? Surely not!

Suddenly, I heard Jesus’ voice, “If you belonged to the world, the world would love you.”

The Anniversary clock on the Living Room wall struck another hour. I asked, “Lord, did you get me up for just one child?” Then, “You know what you’re doing.” I was aware that no matter what took place that night, and no matter how many or how few kids were at the door, I represented the Lord just by being here.

“Ye are the light of the world. A city hid on the hill cannot be hid. Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Tonight, Be it few kids or be it many, I was His light set on the hill that cannot be hid.

Outside was the rush hour of kids in costumes. Frequently, kids came and went, but our door remained as silent as a pre-dawn hour, as they walked on by. My heart filled with sadness. In my mind’s eye, I could still see Chris in 2012 as he stood at the upstairs window and hear Chris’s voice, “Paula,what was the use of putting tracts in with their candy? Some are taking the tracts out and thrown them on the ground before they even get out of our yard.” The thought came, “Some of those kids will be in Hell, and they’ll remember my house and last year’s tract forever.”

I continued what I was doing. A few moments later, Jesus spoke, “There’ll be more.” I asked, “Will there?”

Some time passed. I wondered to myself, “Why did the Lord say there’d be more, but nothing yet?” The hour was growing quite late. So I said to Him, “You said more, so there will be more. You don’t tell me anything that isn’t true.”

A few minutes passed. The Lord encouraged, “Hold tight, just hold tight.”

I wished I was as originally expressive as He, but that’s impossible. He IS the original after all. He created words.

I hung tight. I heard a faint sound. “Rap,rap!” I got the bowl of candy and opened the door. On the porch stood another small solitary figure, his mother in the wings. I held out the bowl to him as well. He was taken back a little at being given a choice. His hand went straight for...yep, the Whoppers again.

With a thank you, the little boy turned to leave. While I pushed the door closed, I was reminded of the following scripture,

“Suffer not (don’t prevent or stop) the children to come unto me.”

God’s got an open-door policy. Jesus is the door.

Jesus is that door. He is that door to the Father’s heart. We reach the Father only through Jesus. He is the only way. I hear people say, “There are many ways to heaven.” But no my friend, there’s not.
“I (Jesus, the Messiah) am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved...”

I’ve heard, “It’s rude to point. Don’t point. But, I am called to point the way. I am called to say, “Look here, walk on this path. This is the way. This is the path. Enter through this door. Jesus is the door.

“Some months back I saw a scene that caused me to shudder. I saw countless people walking down a path. It appeared to be a straight path, but looks can be deceiving, as I was to discover. Like zombies, without emotion, eyes staring straight ahead but not seeing, as if they were on a slow march.

I watched from behind.What was their destination? I looked to see what was in before them, and I saw a huge, deep pit I could only describe as a chasm, standing open in the earth. There was blackness, like the blackness of the deepest despair. I knew in my heart that this chasm was bottomless, and that they would be lost forever if they fell in. I was aware of their fate, but they were not.

There was a fork in the road to the right, just ahead of the chasm. A sign was stood at the entrance, “Come this way! This is the way of Salvation." A little ways down it’s path, was a gate or door standing open. Behind it was the brightest most brilliant light, so bright that it lit the short path so that anyone who walks on it could clearly see where to place their foot.

With tears streaming down my face, I continued to watch as line after line of the unseeing ones walked right over the edge of that chasm to their doom. I rejoiced as I noticed a few people break away from this never-ending flood of people who were walking forward and falling into the chasm before them. These few stragglers chose the fork in the road. They were ones for whom I had claimed Salvation, and for whom I pray. Unlike the rest, these few were alert as though awakened; they seemed transformed, alive, and seeing. I watched them until they entered into the door, and were enveloped in the bright light. I turned my eyes back to the countless others, observing for a moment more their silent plunges into eternal death. ”

This same evening, Chris yelled to me, “Hey Pauli, come and look at this. A chasm opened up in Florida, in a guy’s house. His brother was right there with him, and he watched as the chasm swallowed. He then jumped in to rescue him, but he couldn’t find him. The rescue crews have looked but they can’t find him either. It’s like the earth swallowed him up!”

“Chasm?”, I said, “They are calling it a chasm?” And sure enough. There was the headline, “Chasm opens and swallows man.”

They never found him. He is gone forever.

Now, let’s say we see someone going straight for a chasm, and we know that they cannot see ahead clearly, but we can. And more than this, we know the way that will bring them to safety, will we do all we can to stop them, to turn them?

We Believers do know the way that will bring them to safety. We can see clearly because we walk in the light. The sign in the vision is the Word of life we are to hold forth. It is their lifeline, for through it, they gain LIFE. And the door I saw? We know that there is but one door into Salvation, Jesus, our Yeshua, God of our Salvation.
“I am the door...I am the door...I am the door...if any man enter in, he shall be saved.”

I’ve heard, “It’s rude to point. Don’t point. But, I am called to point the way. I am called to say, “Look here, listen to the Word of Life. I’m holding it out to you. In Jesus you walk find all you ever desired: forgiveness, healing for your body, eternal life, safety from destruction. Freedom. Walk on this path. This is the way. This is the path. Enter through this door. Jesus is the door. Jesus is the way. He is the only way to the Father, the only way to heaven. Besides Him there is no other God.”

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, the advice is the same: Turn and receive Jesus. And with Him receive all He has to give you.

The Lord said, “I place before you an open door that no man can close.”

Jesus is this door. He died for you. He lives for you. He waits for you. He has an open door policy. Don’t continue into your walk into the chasm. You’re being deceived, fooled, conned, and lulled straight into Hell. But, you can’t be forced. You have the choice. Make the right one, make the wise one.

Pay attention to my sign. Hear my words; Hear God’s Word. Take the fork in the road. Be in safety. There’s only one door in which to enter. Go through Jesus. He is the door.

“Believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.”

Open the door of your heart and let Him in. Open your door. Don’t walk on by.