THE WORD OF THE LORD (x 2)~September 2013

“Esaias also crieth concerning Israel, Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved.” Romans 9:27; Isaiah 10:23)…


I research every Word I’m given, just for confirmation. I discovered this prophecy is confirmed once already by a prophetic word given by two well-known American prophets.(I will add their words below so you can read them at the end of this post.)

 One was also told the same thing God’s been telling me, that there is great change coming about, that there will be home churches, like the Lord has previously told me will be the backbone of my ministry; and sadly, only a remnant of the ones Jesus calls His church will serve Him in the end, and will enter into His rest. I know if one of us is told this, many others are. Pay close attention to the Vine and the branches passage.(John 15) Compare to the same being said about Israel and the church—the natural olive branches and the wild ones grafted in-- in the book of Romans.

 I was shocked at first when God made this clear to me. This fits right with the fact that only a remnant of Israel is saved in the end as well. But, oh how the Lord wants it to be different! I am urged to pray and pray, not just for the lost, but for the church. He has often come to me as I go about my day and pleads, “Pray for My church.” I am so grieved that there are so many who will not listen in the end.

 I am praying as fast as I can! Won’t you join me? Ask God for a burden, for His burden, for the church, if for nothing else. Then, don’t wait to “feel” burdened. You may or may not feel it. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Know that you will have the Lord’s ready ear on this one, and after you ask, He will give it to you! He told me once, “We shall pull them out of the fire. We will do it!” So let’s do it!     ~~~


Word one-On Shakers and The Movers

“Now be forewarned, this is a time of great shaking, such as the world’s never known before, nor will since. It will be shaken as I blow away the chaff from the grain, before I gather the sacks of grain. First I shake the church, the ones who call themselves “my church”.  I would that they were! But the falling away will be great. Coldness has set into many, bringing forth apathy mixed with unbelief. Many received me, but because of wrong teachings, they have not followed through. Most will remain on the side lines, fearful and refusing to believe, while a remnant steps forward, holding forth the Word of Life, shining brightly like stars, dynamos, who have been taught of me, because they were willing to learn, able to rightly divide the Word of truth; speaking my Word, acting in faith. They are the overcomers; they will not be overcome.”


Word two-Warning from The Father-September 2013~

“Warn them, Paula, warn them, so they will have time to turn and walk in my light. Lead them to my Word. Lead them to my saving power. Guide them to my healing balm. Give them the water of Life that they may drink. Bring them to Christ crucified, straight to the base of the tree where his life’s blood was poured out to save, to heal, to free. Bring them to Jesus!”


Connecting Prophecies~

“Pastor TD Hale had a prophetic dream in which he saw many mega-churches in America coming down as a result of the compromises of their leaders. These churches will not be able to endure the persecution coming upon the church during these last days.

I was going across the top of several churches in America. These were mega-churches. I saw them as I was going across them from the top of one to the other. I saw the names of the churches and the names of their leaders. I heard a voice say, “A breeding ground for sin for the people know not Me but they play around their golden calf.

I knew that we had entered into the time of the end. It will not be these large churches but it will be home prayer meetings where the saints will be gathering in secret and praying. This is going to get to the point where we are going to have to meet in secret. The days of persecution had come upon this generation.

The Lord let me know a long time ago that there would be a remnant that would be called out. There would be a little here and a little there. Some of these mega-churches are not going to be around anymore. They are going to be shut down. God is going to have some people here and there who are going to be praying in secret. So speak in the last days because of the persecution that will come upon this generation.