Hi from England to all, to all of you priceless ones. Words from the Lord have been coming thick and fast. Here's one of them. To each of you I say: May the impossibilities in your life be made possible by the Jesus I know. He is more than a religion, more than a concept, He is more than an experience or soothing words to speak when one needs comfort. He's the God who does exactly what he has promised when we believe he will, and he's coming again very soon. Get ready! Be prepared or be square! Love, PK x


America and Syria, given 31 August 2013

“Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” Isaiah 17:1.

Last night I had a dream. In my dream, I saw my mother (she’s been in heaven since 2009). Mama was seated in a straight-back chair. I could only see her from behind, and the side of her face as she turned to speak to a person seated on her right. She was talking a blue streak, deep in conversation. Neither she nor the other woman noticed me. I stood several feet behind them, motionless, with my arms down at my side. It appeared I was only there as an observer.

Although I could hear mama’s voice clear as a bell, I could not make out individual words, nor follow the conversation. The words I heard were garbled, their meaning concealed.

After a moment, I watched as mama turned in her chair to face me. It startled me a bit that she had noticed me. She then spoke to me directly. Her words were forceful and authoritative. There was passion in her eyes. “SYRIA,” she said. She paused for a second and continued, “This is the beginning. This is the trigger.”

In the dream, I was aware that she meant the US going into Syria will pull the trigger of the Islamic invasion I was shown last year which is prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and Psalms 83, as well as graphically described in Jeremiah 49:23-27.

I snapped awake, feeling very shaken, as if I’d just been in an amusement park, on the biggest rollercoaster in the world, and I said to the Lord Jesus, “Lord, that (the contents of the dream) caused my stomach to flip over, not because of fear but from excitement. Your second coming is so near.”

In the morning, which was Sunday, when I checked my email inbox, there was an email from another prophetic site, the only one I subscribe to, an alert that there was a new post. I was amazed when I read it. No joke. I had to gasp out loud. It was entitled, “Prepare for War!” Through promptings and dreams the Lord had also led her to the same conclusion as He had me. He led her straight to Psalm 83, a prophetic word given to David that will soon be fulfilled.

Psalm 83 predicts the invasion, the attack upon the nation of Israel, not by one enemy, but by a confederate of nations. And here is the tie that binds this great multitude together: they are each one Islamic, and radically so!

Ezekiel 38 speaks of the same war. Psalm 83 gives the more detailed list of the main nations which will attack; Isaiah gives very specific details about what these nations will do when they reach Israel. Both give their motive; Psalm 83 reveals their ultimate purpose. Joel 3 echoes the ominous words given to Cynthia,

“Proclaim this among the nations
Prepare for war!
Rouse the warriors!
Let all the fighting men draw near and attack.
Beat your ploughshares into swords
And your pruning hooks into spears.
Let the weakling say, I am strong!
Come quickly all of you nations from every side,
And assemble there.” Joel 3:9-11.

Jeremiah speaks of the horror of the attack upon Israel, and the fate of Syria.

As you read this prophecy, and the related prophecy from the Word of God, know that there is war on the very near horizon. Joel may speak of the final war for which all the nations will gather together-and I do mean ALL!-but the message in my dream is that this-the US attacking Syria, is the trigger, this is the lead up to that final battle, known as Armageddon. This is the final battle which will result in the second coming of Christ Jesus. Armageddon and the long-awaited second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is so close we can reach out and touch it with our hands. Yet, this attack of Syria by the western countries kicks off the first big battle, which I call the Invasion. This is the invasion that is foretold in Psalms 83 and Ezekiel 38.

Some may scoff, “Yeah, right, this attack on Syria is just another Vietnam for America, or an Afghanistan or an Iraq. They never amounted to anything except loss of lives, and neither will this.”

As for Syria, and our involvement there, I answer with this warning, “Be afraid, or be prepared!” We cannot change what God has said will happen, not by any human effort. No, believers, not even by prayer. If you pray against G'd will, you will not get what you pray for, because you will be praying the opposite of what is pre-determined.His prophetic words always, without fail, come true. So let’s not be turtles trying to stick our heads into shells, denying it, or choosing to believe that it won’t come about if we ignore it, or if we choose to believe it won’t, or if we pray it won’t. Pray instead for the salvation of many souls. Pray for the harvest of the world.

Be afraid, I say, or be prepared. Fear is a horrible immobilizing way of life. Choose instead to be prepared, and get LIFE through the Lord Jesus Christ. He came the first time not to judge, but to save. His very name means “Yahweh is Salvation.” Yashua, the name Jesus in Hebrew, means:

Saved-Healed-Delivered-To Make New-Made Whole!

It’s no small wonder why so many scriptures simply tell us to believe solely on his NAME,

“…for there is none other NAME(Jesus, Yeshua) under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved…But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his NAME.” Acts 11:14, John 1:12.

As the Lord has led me to study the sermons of the Apostles, it puzzled me at first as to how all these people were being healed and delivered and made whole, as the sermons were simple and did not speak of the physical healing, and all other benefits Jesus bought us by way of his death. Yet, they were preaching the entire gospel of Christ crucified. And, in short, it didn’t take much to convince them.

“What is the difference, Lord? Why did they get healed, and made completely whole? What caused you to back up your Word with signs and wonders following?” I asked. Then, the Lord opened my eyes to some very important facts.

There is power in his NAME!

The people of Israel and the Gentiles in the early days after Jesus' death and resurrection, knew this. For one thing, all of them knew about Jesus personally. He had lived and died and rose again in their generation. His mighty works were legendary. They knew he healed all, he freed all, he transformed lives. All is emphasized here. All, not a few-- All who believed were delivered.

If they believed on that name, they believed that He, Yeshua: our Jesus, was in fact the Holy One God had promised to send.

Names are important to God. He has been known to change a person’s name when the meaning no longer applied. Also, in those days,names meant more to the people.  A person, what he did, in those days was often revealed in his name. They knew the meaning of the name Yeshua. So when they believed on Yeshua’s name to save them, they took everything he had to offer, the whole of Salvation. And they got it! They didn’t need the name explained, but we do.

Tragically, much of the truth was lost to us through these many generations. We been filled to the brim with false teaching, and still it continues to this day. One false teaching is to forget about miracles, healing, wholeness, none of that is ours today. This is a blatant lie which contradicts the Word of God and cheats us out of much of what Yeshua/ Jesus died to give us. We get what we believe. When we believe we can’t get all Jesus died to give us, we don’t; when we believe we do, it is ours. If we will only believe and come to Jesus, and Jesus will give us exactly what he says he will.

The Bible tells us to do these three things:

1. Repent(turn)
2. Believe
3. Receive

This is all we have to do. We believe, and receive. It’s so simple. Jesus didn’t make it hard. It was the common people who believed in the name of Jesus, not the learned ones. The same pattern continues till today. We believe with the heart not the head. All the mental learning in the world will not gain salvation for us. The truth is that our mind will keep us from receiving because it cannot grasp the truth, it is only understood in our heart. Our mind will talk us out of what Jesus died to give us. Faith is of the heart, not the head. The present church has let the head talk us out of miracles. Let the heart talk us back into them. The gospel of Christ Jesus crucified is the power of God, not the wisdom of men. And this power saves completely.

Believe Jesus to be saved completely, not partially, and you will get the whole thing just as the ones in Jesus’ day did, just as the ones in the early church did!

Believe God and you will get the things he has given you. He is holding them out to you as one complete gift, the gift of Salvation Jesus gave his life for.

“…he hath carried our sicknesses and bore our diseases,
Yet we did esteem him as smitten, stricken of God and afflicted,
But he was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities,

By his stripes we ARE healed…By his stripes I am healed…By his stripes YOU are healed.

Take God at his word. He says Jesus carried your sicknesses, and if he said it, then it is true. God says Jesus was wounded for your transgressions, and if he said it, then it’s true. God says Jesus was bruised for your iniquities, and if he said it, then it’s true. God says you are healed by Jesus’ stripes, and if he said it, then it’s true.

The full redemption Jesus brings, and the freedom he gives, is based on fact, not on feelings.

God’s Word is fact. Everything God speaks is true. God is not a man that he should lie. The devil is the liar, not God. The lies of the world around us prove that out, as satan is the god of this world. But God’s Word is tried and proven.

Look at the thousands of prophecies. All the prophecies have been fulfilled to the letter, with no errors. And if you think I mean only those prophecies having to do with things long in the past, think again. I want you to look specifically at the things of today. Lift up your eyes and look around you. The events and the signs predicted for the End Times(the short time preceding the 2nd coming of Christ) are happening all around us.

All the thousands of past prophecies have happened, and the ones having to do with now are happening so fast we can hardly keep up with them. My own head almost goes into a spin when I see how quickly these are being fulfilled. I have to say, “Wow!”

What’s that mean to you? It’s means this: that there is very little time left. As God tells me in order to urge me on, “Time is almost up!” I say the same to you, “Time is almost up!” There is no time to delay, this is no time for hesitation. The options are spread out on the table, in plain view. I place them before you:

Go with God and eternal life, or go with satan and eternal death. Choose heaven, or choose hell.

If you still hesitate, then do this: Look at the End Times prophecies for yourself, then, don’t take any other man’s word for it. Don’t say, “Yes, but I was taught this or I was told that.”

I heard one man tell of the time he was taken on a tour of one small part of hell by the Lord Jesus. While there, he noticed a large pit of flames. The countless souls in this pit each had their head bowed down. He saw one man going to each and every person. He would jerk up their head, look him in the face, then letting it go, he did the same to the next person. The Christian watching the scene could see that the man was extremely angry, but he couldn’t figure out the purpose of the man’s actions. So he asked, “Jesus, what is this man doing?” Jesus said, “He believed wrong teaching on earth, and he has vowed he will find the man who gave it to him. He will spend eternity looking for him, but he will never find him. This is part of his punishment.”

Hell, like heaven is a personal place.

Don’t go there. You don’t have to. God does not want you to. It is not his will. He made a way so that you wouldn't have to. Jesus is The Way.

Don’t be like this man. Don’t make your choice based on some man’s words, go to the Word of God.

Base your choice upon the truth of the God who loves you enough to die for you, the God who forgives, the God who has a beautiful heaven prepared for you, the God who does not want you to choose hell, because he paid your ransom with his own blood.

“Believe on the NAME of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.”

Not sure?

Look around for yourself! See these prophecies from the Bible, given to men thousands of years ago taking place right here, right now, in the world in which we live, not in a movie.

Still not sure?

Then take a look at me. My life has been transformed by the power of God. I’ve been Saved-Healed-Delivered-To Make New-Made Whole, and my life transformed inside and out. Not because of who I am, but simply because I believed God. I believed him for everything, not part, and I got everything. So can you! God says so.

Have I been healed one time? No! I’ve been healed many times. My continued testimony details the awesomeness of some of these healings. The other miracles he has done in my life are countless. He tells me my life shows that He is God. My life reveals that he is the same God of power he was in Bible days. Hear me, do what I do, and you, too, will see his mighty power work for you. Just do what I did, what I do now, what he says to do.

Believe on his name, the name that is ABOVE all other names.

“Believe on the NAME of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.”


Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The LIFE, no man cometh unto the Father except through him.

I often hear people say, “Get a life!”, but I say, “Get THE Life!”

Get the gift Jesus died to give.
And get it All. Take ALL he died to give. It was his loss, your gain.

Be Saved-Healed-Delivered-To Make New-Made Whole!

Meet the Savior big enough to do it!