From The Lord~

The world is changing, Paula, and it will never be the same again. The former things are gone. I speak now of things to come. Listen closely.

The train, Paula, the train of “time”, I can get on and off anywhere I please: past, present, and future. It has almost reached the end of the tracks on earth as we know it. But first, Judgement, and this begins with My Church.

If My people would have learned to judge themselves, many would not have to be judged by Me. If they would set themselves apart from the world and be holy; set apart, unspotted, there would not be so many tares (weeds planted by the enemy, or rather, insincere ones seeking to harm or hinder Christians) amongst them. If they walk by My Word, in My love, not natural love, they would not be judged by Me. In Me is no evil, I will not have evil in them. They must withdraw from the ways of the world. They must become unspotted, a Church without spot or blemish, living in purity and goodness, and in knowledge of Me, able to instruct and judge from the heart, not in the vanity of their mind; (judging) not the surface, but in the hearts, to become spirits made perfect before Me.