Hedging all bets: Our Hedge Of Protection

THE WORD FROM THE LORD~12 February 2014

Hedging all bets: Our Hedge Of Protection

God’s theme for the day did not come like a mighty whirlwind, or out of a burning bush, but it was spoken softly from the quietest corner of my heart as I waited before Him.

As I wait upon His theme for the day, there is a struggle every time. I know it too well: my heart wants to stay, and my mind wants to go. My heart wins the struggle, and I remain.

I ask, “What’s the theme for today?”

The Lord’s answer surprised me, and He didn’t send me to any certain scripture. Quietly He answered, “A hedge, Paula. A hedge. A hedge.”

I was to search the scriptures for this one. Picking up the moth-eaten NKJV Study Bible inherited from daddy, I let my fingers do the walking through the Concordance until I came to God’s theme word.

Wow!, I exclaimed, “there’s lots of hedges here.”

I jotted down where each ‘hedge’ was found, and the Lord and I settled down for a study. Hedge was used in the book of Job all the way to Mark. Job was a good place to begin.

I turned there, and read the verse aloud. Job 1:10~
God’s blessing is this hedge. Parts of Your blessing,Lord are described here. They are identical to Abraham’s blessing. It was given to Israel, his natural descendants. You gave it to us Gentiles to share after Jesus died (Look in Dt 28:1-14 for the most complete list of these blessings that have come on us through Jesus. And meditate upon Gal 3:13-14 &29. Through Jesus you and I are Abraham’s descendants too. It was the first truth I really “got”, so it is special to me. Meditate upon this and you will see that this tremendous blessing has come upon you).

Next, I headed to the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah 5:4-7 talks about Israel being a vineyard. And you, Lord, take away the hedge of protection, your blessing, and it’s eaten up and trodden down: wasted, and destroyed,and there comes up briar and thorns. No rain.


For a moment, I looked deeply into those words set before me, then I said,“ He looked for Judgement but he got oppression instead. He looked for righteousness, but cried out in pain. Because he was looking in all the wrong places.”

The Lord spoke up, adding, “Looking for love in all the wrong places.”

It’s funny how God uses everything, and I mean everything, even things that seem senseless to us. I’d written this country song title down weeks earlier. Didn’t have a clue at the time why it popped in my head. I never was a country music fan, but God stored it away because He was going to use it someday (How many years in the distance is this?) Chris saw it on a scrap piece of paper, looked it up on the net, and began singing it and strumming it’s chords on guitar. Said he couldn’t get it out of his head. He wondered why I’d written it down, and the only thing I could tell him was “God said it.”

We made it to Ezekiel 13~

“This is mostly Judgement, isn’t it?”

The False Prophet heading up the other false prophets or anti-prophets, a whole slew of them. They are every where.

Next, I turned to Micah 7:5 & 6.

“Jesus”, I said. “You predicted this. You didn’t cause it, but you said that you are the reason the hate and division has come, and is mounting against the Jews and us, the true Christians.

The religious ones and the ones in the Church who continue to cling to The LIE are assimilated (absorbed) into the world. They will become trapped by the very LIE they came to believe as truth.

This is about hedges of protection and about judgement.”

The Lord interjected, “In love, Paula, in love. I do not choose their destruction. They do. I was poured out like water before them (Ps. 22:14). My heart was like wax (Ps. 22:14). From my post I beheld them, every one to his own way (Is 53:6). Hooked together by a mighty chain, pulled around by a ring in the nose, tossed to and fro by a raging sea (Eph. 4:4), but they would have none of Me (Ps. 81:11). Their eyes were empty of tears [unrepentant], coldness chilled their hearts (Mt. 24:12). In blindness they groped in the darkness (Is 59:30), struck dumb by the weight of their burden (Ez. 3:27; 24:23). There was no Lot to come out of them, no man to stand the gap, no Abraham, no Moses (Ez. 22:30). They had received Me not (Jn. 16:43). They have turned every one to his own way. There is no one to plead for them (Jer. 30:13). I have come and brought redemption (Is. 43:1-4)...”

Suddenly, I lost hold of His next words. But I didn’t panic. I said to Him, “I can’t seem to see your next words any more, but I know they’re here in my heart.”

“Look for them, Paula. Look for them.”

It was a struggle Self wanted to quit, but I resisted. satan sought to confuse me. When that scheme failed, he tried to get me to ‘think’. I resisted still. In faith, I remained centered in my heart, the Source of His Words. After a few moments, which seemed like forever, the Lord’s words began to flow once more.

“And I plead still, but no one listens. I stretch forth My hand to save every one who will listen. I stretch forth My hand to heal every one who will heed My Word (Ps 107:20). I stretch forth My hand to bind up every hedge that is broken (Ps 147:3; Is. 61:1). I stretch forth My hand that holds My Words, the Word of Truth (Ps. 26:3; 2 Tim. 2:25; Jn 17:17). Snatch it away with both hands and it will guide you. Eat My Words (Jer. 15:16; Jn 6:57 & 64). Make them your steady diet. Digest them slowly. Live in them simply (Mt. 6:22-23:uncomplicated ). Walk in them purposefully (Jn. 5:24). Speak them boldly (Acts 4:29). Let them become the Word of your testimony (Revelation 12:11). Let them become your hedge of protection (Job 1:10) Let them become the hedge of My blessing upon you. “

Don’t hedge your bets, place your bet in a sure thing: Place your bet on Jesus. He stood that gap for us. His love is our hedge of protection in this life and in the next.

“For Your lovingkindness is before my eyes and I have walked before Your Truth.” Ps. 26:3.