Conversation With God



“In these End Times, My entire church is being awakened from the throes of death in which they have sunk. They will serve Me with all their hearts. They will love Me as their first love once more, and delight in Me and My ways. They shall walk in the full light of My Word. They shall reveal My love to the world. They shall prove My love dwells within them by way of the love they show to each other. The love they show toward each other and their enemies will to draw them unto Me so I can fully reveal Myself to them.

They will walk in power and victory in the areas to which they were called. The children and young people will go forth as well, witnessing everywhere by the power of My Holy Spirit. Thus, My beloved church, will be filled with the most blessed joy, and My love will light up their faces, and I will heap blessing upon blessing on them.

They will not know lack; they will not know fear; they will never be ashamed. But they shall, with the greatest joy, be My witnesses throughout the world, and I will go with them, performing great signs and wonders. Then shall the world know be in awe of them, My glorious people, in these Last Days.” Cool