Here Comes The Sun!...

Jesus is wearing a yellow robe today. When I saw it I was astonished. I asked, "What colour is that robe You're wearing? Yellow? No, not yellow. I nver imagined You wearing yellow. I never thought of it as a colour You would wear. What does it mean?"

He answered, "The Son. The Son of Righteousness. The Sun of Righteousness has risen with healing in His wings."

I knew the verse was from the book of Malachi,either the third or fourth chapter,so I thought I'd check it out. Jesus never minds. In fact, He always encourages us to confirm every vision or Word we receive,to make certain it is in line with the Word of God, which liveth and abideth forever.

I quickly turned to Malachi,the last book of the Old Testament,and a very short one at that. I discovered the verse Jesus had spoken was in chapter four,verse 2. The verse itself goes like this, "...the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings." It is future tense, 'shall arise'. Jesus put it in present tense, 'has risen'. What's this tell us? It tells us that Jesus is here now to heal,to deliver, to save, to free. Now. Not later. We won't need it later. But we need it now. We need all He has to give. And,Jesus is here to give it to us. He is holding before you and me the full package of Salvation. For this He gave His life,in exchange for our lives, that we might have abundant life. This full package includes: Freedom from the curse of the law. Freedom from satan's dominion. Freedom from sin, as Jesus became the curse. Jesus became sin. He did this so that we,Gentiles(non-Jews), would receive a double blessing: Abraham's blessing and the promised baptism of the Holy Spirit, just as the Apostles preached and taught,just as Jesus preached and taught. According to Isaiah 53, "Surely ( For certain),He has carried our sicknesses and bore our diseases... He was wounded for our sins,He was bruised for our iniquities...and by His stripes we are healed."

Think on this for a moment. Confess it outloud,once,twice,three times,By Jesus' stripes I am healed ...By Jesus' stripes I am healed...By Jesus' stripes I are healed.

Now,receive today,all Jesus has done for you,the entire package. It's yours. It's a gift. It's part of your inheritance. So tell Him you're ready to take all He offers. I did and I got it. And He is here today to give you exactly the same.

I looked up from my Bible,and Jesus was there,standing exactly where He had been. He had not moved a muscle. Almost bursting from excitement,I spoke again, "Wow,cool! This is like,Wow!"

I had forgotten He is the Sun of Righteousness. 

"So", I said, "You're the Sun today." Then, I quickly added, "Well, You're the Son every day. I mean, You're the sun,as in the physical,the day is rainy and there You are in yellow. Wow,it's just perfect. Thank you,Jesus; thank You for that." Cool