Here it is: Part 5 of "Your Testimony Will Show Them". I know this part has been a long time a-coming. Sorry to keep you waiting. I wanted to make sure it was the Father's words, and not my own, and He assured me today that it is. As you read it, I pray it will speak to you in a special way. Yours, PK x


Total Re-Call Part one
That God moves in mysterious ways is a well mentioned fact. That He moves in world-shattering ways, not so much. But, on 12 April 2012, He was to shatter my world, as I knew it to be. There I sat heaped upon the kitchen floor. Keep in mind that I couldn’t kneel at the time. My toes were as stiff and unbendable as boards stuck on feet, cold solid slabs of arctic ice. To anyone one else, I may have appeared to have been unceremoniously dumped there. But, the Lord didn't mind. He always takes us as we are, at any given moment. He doesn’t look at us as we are on the outside, but as we are on the inside. So, do away with your thinking, ”I'll come to God when I am a better person, or when I'm more spiritual”, or “ I'll serve Him later when I know the Bible better.” This will never happen. We will never, ever, please God in this way. Why not? Why is this? The Bible tells us so. ”For by grace you are saved through faith, and not of yourselves: it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9)

Salvation is the gift of God. A gift is something we can’t buy with money, or earn by being good. A gift is free. The good works come after. Verse 10 stresses this fact. “For you are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, unto good works.”

Now, Grace may be a word you don't fully understand. I didn't. Nor its impact upon my life. Grace is a favour freely given with the expectation of nothing in return. Now compare us with God, who is all wisdom, and all holiness, and all righteousness. How do we compare? We don’t. The Bible makes this abundantly clear. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” On our own merit, we always fall short. We do not measure up, no matter how rich or how poor we may be, how big or little, how learned or unlearned. But here’s the good news: we don’t even have to. Here’s the rest of that verse, “…for the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.” A gift…the gift of God. Eternal life is a gift, unearned, undeserved, given to us because of the Father’s mercy and love toward us. God is willing to give us all He has, freely, for one reason: because of Jesus. Jesus made these gifts possible by sacrificing His life for us. And these gifts are by the hand of God, only by grace, which is also a gift! And IN Christ Jesus, and in God’s favour, we do measure up. In Christ Jesus, we are made righteous(upright before God),sanctified(set apart, pure, holy), justified(not guilty), and much, much more. Again, we are not this in ourselves. But, IN HIM we are everything, as He, Jesus, is all of this to us.

I was in grace on that April night, and I'm in grace today. If you have made Jesus your Lord, you are also in grace, whether you know it or not. If you've never made Jesus your Lord, He is not just an experience; He is the Life, and the Giver of Life. He is my life. If you don't know Him as I know Him, then begin now. But receive everything He has to offer. Take His full Salvation package, not just part. This is what Jesus died for-- to give you full Salvation, completeness.

The name “Jesus” means “Salvation or God of our Salvation.” His name in Hebrew is “Yeshua” or Joshua in English. Yashua is taken from the word for Salvation “Yasha”. Its full meaning has escaped our notice for centuries, but God has now brought it back in all of its glory, and for His glory. It offers much more than that of being forgiven and gaining eternal life after this life. It means “to save, to heal, to deliver, to set free, to bring peace, to bring joy, to complete, to make whole, to give everything good God has to offer our way.” Do you want it all, the entire Salvation package? Then, repent or turn away from the old, and embrace the new. Tell Him you want it all, and you’re ready to receive it. I did, and I got it! So just bow your head, and do the same.

Believe. Repent. Receive.

And God’s gift of eternal life, His zoe life, the life-force of God, will start working in you now. The word “zoe” has the exact same meaning as His name, Yeshua. Salvation, wholeness, completeness, health, freedom, beginning now and continuing on throughout eternity. As Jesus said, “I AM(The Living God, YHWH) The way, the truth, and the Life.” He IS I AM, The Living God, and He IS life. He testified of this often when He was here the first time. The book of John is filled with the incredible beauty of His I AM(The Living God) statements. Have a read. Find out for yourself. The Jewish leaders knew exactly what He was saying. He was saying, I AM, The Living God. I AM the Yeshua, the promised Messiah, Yahweh in the flesh. The Jewish leaders considered this to be blasphemy. There is only one Living God, the one who calls Himself ,I AM, so each time Jesus spoke an I AM statement, they took up stones in order to kill Him. But they didn’t kill Him with stones for He wasn’t appointed to die that way, but by death on a Roman cross, as it says in Psalms 22:16,”For dogs(Gentiles) have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they have pierced my hands and feet.” This prophetic Psalm describes the crucifixion of Jesus, including what the Jewish leaders yelled to Jesus as He hung there in unbearable pain on that cross. Their exact words. Furthermore, Psalm 22 describes what it is like to be crucified, more than a thousand years before crucifixion was even invented. But this revealing Psalm is only one place that describes the events in Jesus’ life before they happened.

There are more than 360 predictions throughout the Old Testament. These predictions tell who the Messiah’s ancestors would be, what tribe He would come from, the town in which He was born; that He would live in Egypt and grow up in Nazareth. They tell us He would minister in Galilee, giving the exact nature and purpose of His miraculous ministry-how He would free, heal, deliver and loose. And finally, they tell of His death on the cross in very descriptive words; why He came, and why He died. They even tell who would betray Him, and for how much, and what his end would be! And do you know, all 360 predictions were perfectly fulfilled in Jesus. The mathematical odds of one person fulfilling even 8 of these predictions is inconceivable. And all 360? Can’t be figured. Man could not “make” this happen; man can’t even make 8 of these predictions happen, only God Himself can and has done this. This in itself proves there is a God, and that Jesus, our Yeshua, our Savior is this God. If you are still skeptical after reading this sentence, then read these prophecies for yourself. They are clear, precise, and fulfilled to the letter. Let God prove to you that He is not only real, but He is God. Prophecy bears this out. I don’t play the lottery but if the odds were the same odds as God being real, and Jesus being the express image of His person, I would take all the money I have plus all I could borrow and play it, because it would be a sure bet. In our eternal race, there are two sides: the losing one, eternal death, and the winning one, eternal life. Become a winner. Choose Jesus. Jesus said, “I AM…Life.” He said. “I AM zoe.” When we receive Him, we receive zoe. You won’t have to wait until you reach heaven to walk in the Life He is. We get it now. It is ours the moment we receive him, as zoe is not separate from Him. He is zoe. His zoe life will empower you here as you walk through the shadow of the valley of death, surrounded on all sides by enemies. His zoe life will take you to heaven. He is the sure bet.

Why am I talking on and on and on relentlessly about Salvation and about eternal life in Jesus? Because time as we know it is almost up. Jesus promised to come a second time. The Old Testament prophecies back this up. The New Testament prophecies back this up. And guess what? Almost all of them are fulfilled. Not partially but completely. His second coming is almost here, even at the door. This is why I compel you, this is why I implore you, this is why I urge you to come to repentance and believe while you still can. This is why. Yet, it is your choice. God gave you the right to choose. He won’t make you choose Him, and I cannot. But if you choose to go your own way, know this: there is no escape from Hell. You will be locked there forever with these words echoing through your mind. Then you will know the torment of remorse that you can never realize. Your question will be, “Why didn’t I choose Jesus when I had the chance to receive?” And this will be the worst of all the horrors you will suffer, for all of eternity.

That April night as I sat in a heap, I prayed. I thought I prayed for one thing but I was really praying for something else. This is the beauty of praying in the Spirit. We pray, but it is the Holy Spirit within us who does the praying. He prays the perfect will of God through our spirit and using our voice. If you are one who has been taught this is not for today, so was I. Believe me, this teaching is not Biblical. Don't turn away. I encourage you: keep reading these writings, a blend of testimony, teaching and preaching, and keep reading with an open heart. Study the Word of God on the subject, search the scriptures, and God will show you His truth. He tells us again and again, “If you seek Me with your whole heart, you will find me.” I searched for Him with my whole heart, after trying everything the world has to offer, and I found Him. Don’t waste your time going after the teachings and philosophies and religion of man, or accepting the teachings and traditions of your denomination if they are different from God’s Word. Chasing them is like chasing rainbows. They soon fade, but God and His Word abides forever. If you seek Me, said Jesus, you will find Me…If you seek Me(to search diligently, with effort) you will find Me. ...If you search diligently for Me, you will find Me…”Prove the things that are differing...”

As I prayed fervently, I saw a glimpse of a Chinese man with his head bowed. He was bent over a small table. He was either in prayer or reading a Bible. I could not be sure. I was only given a glimpse. So I switched over to English to pray some more, and to seek the Lord's guidance about this. As I did, my throat began burning and the power of the Holy Spirit, and His witness was so strongly within me and around me. My throat had been had been regularly over a period of months, but I was not sure why. It scared me so much that I was afraid to even talk about it. Yet, there, in the presence of God, I was suddenly aware that the burning in the throat was not a symptom of the many illnesses and diseases my body was then suffering. It was spiritual. But what was it all about? I wanted to ask a truly great man of God, ”What does a burning throat mean?” But there wasn't one I trusted available. Good thing too, as they probably wouldn’t have been much help. The Lord God wanted me to come to Him with this. So there on the my kitchen, in the wee hours of the morning, in a most unlikely physical position, I decided to ask the Lord. In all sincerity, I opened my heart to Him, ”Father, You have more wisdom than anyone here on earth, because you are wisdom itself. So will you please tell me why there has been such a strong burning in my throat for so long now?” As I spoke this out loud for the first time, it was as though clawed hands caught hold 'round my neck. I felt its grip tighten as if to choke my words, or my very life out of me. Not being aware of the demon activity within my body at this time, I didn’t know what this meant either. The Lord had listened to my pleas patiently. Then, as the clawed hand tightened and squeezed, in that same split second of time, God answered, revealing His answer to my spirit. He had not only called me as a Missionary and as an Intercessor, He had also called me to preach. His words felt heavy. The impact of them was hard hitting. I was stunned, and I panicked. Being completely overcome, my tears became uncontrollable sobs. Then the words streamed forth, that of a flash flood after a summer's rain. I passionately protested, ”No Lord! Not preaching! Not that. Please don't make me preach. I ask you not to send me in front of crowds. I'm a writer, not a preacher. You made me a writer. Not a Preacher. I don't even like crowds. I don't like the Public. You know that. You called me to Intercessory prayer. You called me to be a Missionary. I’m an Intercessory-Missionary on the Net. I work on the net. No, please. Not preaching.”

"This baby is going to preach. He will be a combination of Billy Graham, and the great John Wesley. He will have one of the greatest ministries ever seen." My own daddy’s prophecy, spoken before my birth, rang out like a church bell in my mind.

I felt shock mingled with fear, and a sense of awe by this calling from God. I waited to see what God would do next, what He would say next.

Now if you think God judges us by His own words, think again. The truth is that now, and at Judgement, when all men will appear before the Judgement seat, ( believers and unbelievers are judged separately), it is our words, not His, that will judge us. Jesus, the only righteous Judge, won't need to say a word. Jesus makes this clear, ”By your own words you shall be justified; and by your own words you shall be condemned.”** This once again shows the power of our words. I mean, how astounding is this? Our words judge us. Our own words. By my own words I will be judged. By your own words you will be judged. At this point in time, how do your words hold up? Will your words justify you? Or will they condemn you?

Silently, God brought my own words up before me from my spirit, but they may as well have been shouted in a loud voice. They were the words I had prayed one night not long before while faced with a very negative situation involving a crisis with a family member. I didn't know what to do. My head told me one thing; my heart told me another. I was torn between the two. But I knew my heart was right. Still selfishness tried to rear up in all of its ugliness. So I got alone with my Bible and God, and I prayed this way, ”Father, if are willing ,remove this cup from me. Nethertheless, not my will, but Thine be done. I will do anything for You. I will go where You say to go. I will do what You say to do. I will be what You say to be. Anything at all. Just say it.”

As in the back garden in 2009, after God had told me He wanted to take mama home, and I pleaded for her to remain*,I argued with passion, but God is a worthy opponent. He spoke facts in wisdom; a word fitly spoken, like apples of silver in frames of gold. I lost then, as I lost now, but only the argument. In truth, I was, and am, the winner.

I sighed. I felt like a small fleck of paint, in the wrong colour. Yes, those were my words alright. God had played them back word for word. These words weren't from my mind. I didn't have that kind of memory. Not that this was the only reason I knew they were from Him. However, at the time I was so heavy in denial that I had a mind like a sieve about most things, including my promises to Him.

I was about to see a dream I'd had come to pass in my life. In this dream I saw a gift placed before me. But it wasn't the gift itself that drew me. It was the wrapping paper, as it was the most beautifully wrapped gift I've ever laid eyes on. The paper was exquisite, a true work of art; the ribbons, done up in intricate bows, amazing. Yet, the surprise unfolded when I began to unwrap it. For underneath the first wrapping was a second layer, underneath the second was a third, and underneath the third a fourth, and each one was more breathtaking than the one before it. There was layer upon layer of wrapping, each one unique. At the time, I was puzzled. I didn't catch the meaning. But soon, I would, as the dream was from the Lord, and it had to do with my call. I thought my call was just that: a call. Simple. Straight forward. Easy. Very cut and dried. But, soon I was to learn differently, because God is the ultimate Creator. He works beyond the realm of magic, in the realm of uniqueness.

It was in 2011 that I was called(I thought I had volunteered) to Intercessory prayer. The following year, the Lord revealed to a very stunned me, ”I called you to be a missionary.” Afterwards, leading me to the verse in Romans**,that plainly states, ”The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” He then revealed, again to an astonished me, that I was never to serve in Africa, as I'd always believed, but He had called me to China. And He proceeded to combine these two ministries. He met me where I was at that moment in time, in a wheel chair, and very bound. At that moment I was launched into a combo ministry of Intercessory Prayer Missionary. Now it did dawn on me that the Lord already has me living in a foreign country, thousands of miles across the ocean from my homeland of America. And refused to let me go back. Chris and I made a number of attempts to move there, but each time we were prevented. Yet, I was not to realise His purpose in this, as it made perfect sense to my head that Chris and I be in America near my family. But God’s plans differed, and He wouldn’t budge. He had different plans for me, for us. His plans did not include us moving to the U.S., and the scope of His plans was bigger than anything I could ever ask, think or imagine.

Although I had always been a lover of History, and centered much of my reading in this subject, I knew nothing about the country of China, but going by the advice I'd gained from reading an article on Intercessory Prayer Missionary ministry, I asked the Father, ”Since China is a huge nation, is there any particular area you would like me to concentrate on?” His answer was immediate. A single word was spelled out before me: S H A N T U N G.

Shantung. The word was strange to me. I didn't have the foggiest idea what it meant, but I knew it must be an area in China, as this is what I'd ask the Lord. Not pausing for a moment, I went straight to the Net and looked it up. And what I found nearly blew me away! Shantung was the name of a Province in China in the early 1900s, in pre-Communism. Set before my eyes were writings of a missionary to China during that period of time. She was in Shantung Province, which is now recognised as Shendong or Shandong. The writings were in diary form, and each described the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon this area of China, spreading to others, during those years. Each entry detailed glorious signs and wonders, and miracles of God, and for His glory.

For a short while, I did the work of this ministry of prayer enthusiastically and as I did, the Lord worked with me, but lacking self-control, my discipline soon fizzled out. For awhile, this great ministry was a big part of my life. But as with most other past “projects”, the interest waned. I was an on and off; on and off type person. As soon as I lost interest, I’d move on to something else. You could say I embraced passions. The Lord's work was no different than anything else. My approach was the same. I did it faithfully until I lost the passion, then I moved on. I still had lots to learn. Obedience and Consistency were two. And self-control, three. These traits and others the Lord has taught me in by His own hand, and you will see the methods He's used, as this story unfolds. Unique as the wrapping paper which the gift in my dream has been wrapped, my life, God's workmanship, is wrapped in miracles.

As for that dream, the call to preach brought it to light once again. As you've guessed, previously, I had seen my calling by God-and we each have calling, even you- as being singular. But that night, as my future was being revealed, the meaning of this dream, the dream of the gift in the exquisite wrappings was also revealed. The meaning was now obvious. That gift represented the ministry in which the Lord had placed me, and calling itself. The ministry in which He placed me was a multi-layered gift, every layer more exquisite than the one before, and each one different and unique.

I considered all the Lord had said to me. For He reassures us , “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”(Jeremiah 29:11)In other words, He is telling us, “You will love my plan, for you were created with all it takes to fulfill it. You are fully equipped. You were onot made to fit the plan, the plan was made to fit you. The plan was cut-to-fit.” Beaten but reassured, I raised back up, and submitted to His will, not mine; to the plan He had always had for me. What happened then? Well, I discovered that Jesus wasn’t finished talking, and the surprises within His plan had not ended. There were more. And they came in rapid succession, one after the other.

In most all writings by my hand you will notice that I stress how very important words are. Why do I do this? Because our words are powerful. The words spoken one day shape the events on the following day. They shape mine and they shape yours, whether you believe what I'm saying or not, as this is based upon a set spiritual law. I learned this the hard way. Words are our life-shapers. As the saying goes, ”Hindsight is 20/20.” Continue to allow this to sink deep into your heart, and one day its truth will hit you like a hard smack in the nose.

In those early morning hours on April 2012, as God spoke to me about my calling, I forgot about the unbendable toes. I no longer felt the numbing cold in my feet. Jesus was speaking. I was listening. “I want you to get your house ready for My church,” He said. Then He added, ”It will be named ”Church without a ceiling.” I echoed, ”Church without a ceiling? I've heard of a “Church without walls” but I've never heard of one without a ceiling. That's unique, Lord.” I recalled the dream of the gift wrapped in layer upon layer of paper as I watched in quiet expectation some of those esquisite layers unfold before me. It was a prophetic dream about the ministry of many parts He had placed before me, multi-layered; each part, unusual, unique, created for these Last Days, created just for me.

Before I had time to be puzzled by a church which did not have a ceiling, He continued. This time He spoke by way of a knowing within my spirit. Suddenly I knew why the church had that name. A vision flashed before me. I saw myself witnessing and preaching the Word and ministering in song. Even prophesying, and the Lord Jesus healing others through my hands. For it’s never me, it’s always Him working through me. Not in buildings. On the streets, and in the highways and byways. The Lord's church. The church no physical structure contains. What or who is the church? It’s us, all born-again believers. We are the temple of the Holy Ghost. The Living God dwells within us. We are the church. The church without a ceiling. The body of Christ. Memory of the much earlier vision, the one that took place almost 38 years before, did not surface, and wouldn't. For awhile. But, always expect this from God: He will use everything that has ever happened in your life, along with everything you have ever learned. He will pull these out as needed, faster than bunnies from a top hat. “For all things work together for the good to them that love God and are the called according to His purpose” All things...all things…all things…working for the good.

As Jesus made those kitchen revelations, I found myself completely caught up in our conversation. And I had a question. Not, ”Hey, Jesus, I am mostly in a wheelchair where I've been since 2008,with many illnesses and diseases attacking my body, and I’m in terrible pain. What will you do about that?” I had no doubt that if He said I would do this, then I would. Somehow. No, my question was, ”Jesus, what about a partner? The disciples were sent out two by two, even Paul had a partner. Not even He went out by himself. So who's my partner?” As usual, His answer was astounding. Impossible for man, but possible for God. He answered with one word, a name, ”B___.” I was astonished. My reaction was immediate. “B___? Really?”, I asked, “You're kidding!” Now, B___ was the most unexpected, and unlikely answer He could have given. God delights in doing the unexpected, the impossible. Take Paul for instance. As Saul, he persecuted and murdered Christians. He was an expert at intimidation. He lived and breathed hatred, although he was extremely religious, until He met Jesus on the road to Damascus. His life was transformed forever. Perhaps I am every bit as much an unlikely or impossible choice as he was. I’m not sure, but I definitely come as a close second. The foolishness of God. Now, B___ is a truly lovely person. But, we can call him a “Skeptic”. He said to me once, “I don’t believe in God.” Yet, I knew if God says he's my partner, then he's the one. And you are here to see how God does this. You only need to do one thing: watch.

When God speaks to you, always expect Him to confirm what He has told you. At least once. God always confirms. Sometimes by His own Word, sometimes in His still small voice within your spirit, yet other times, in unexpected, extraordinary ways. Be prepared.

His name for the Church, for instance, was confirmed while I was reading from a book on heaven about a week back. These days, I don't have a lot of time for reading other books besides the Bible normally, but we are always to keep our eyes on things above, and not upon things on the earth, mostly upon Jesus, but also heaven and all that awaits us, as heaven is our blessed hope, our true home. One chapter in this heavenly book was describing a building in heaven where we can go to learn more about the Word of God. In this chapter, Kat Kerr described the building itself, and a few of the classrooms, inside and out. Some are indoor. Others are outside under beautiful trees. Still others are without ceilings. What?! Did she say, ”without ceilings”? This was a bit of a shock. Amazed, I said, ”Hey! There are classrooms in heaven without ceilings? Wow, Lord. You started this no ceiling thing in heaven before you brought it down to earth. Cool.”

And the preaching on the streets, in the highways and byways? This has been confirmed three times. In fact, in this case, God gave me the first confirmation 33 years beforehand, not that I understood it at the time. Remember the second vision in part 4? If you don't, just return to it, and refresh your memory. (if needed, go to the church without a ceiling website)The second was just yesterday. I picked up the book on witnessing by TL Osborn, but instead of turning to the page I had been on last, I simply opened the book and began reading from that chapter. I was a bit stunned when this chapter was all about going out into the highways and byways, on the streets and into the homes sharing the precious gospel of Christ. TL puts it: non-Christians do not attend churches. We must go where they are. There is the churched, and the unchurched. I am to preach to both. And the third confirmation? I’ll share it another time, for I’ve not yet found the end to the wrappings, even yet. As I edit this writing in July 2013, the Lord continues to show me new layers of the ministry, one layer at a time. And it becomes more astounding, more unique as it takes shape.

The end is so near. Jesus is coming so soon. And it is not His will that anyone should perish. He is no respecter of persons. He doesn’t have favourites. Because of His great love for us He gave us Jesus, the gift who does not stop giving. What Jesus did, He did for the world. For me. For you. For each of us. Not just a few chosen ones. We are all, each one of us, chosen if we choose to be. And sometimes we make our choice by making no choice. At least that is what we think we are doing. In the world this is group is termed, “the undecided.” Well, guess what? There is no such thing as being undecided about eternal life or eternal death. If you do not choose eternal life, you are already spiritually dead, you are dead while you yet live. By choosing to do nothing, you are doing something. By not choosing, you have chosen. Therefore, being undecided turns out to be an action. And your choice? Eternal death.

Soon after my healing-deliverance by Jesus, He said this to me, ”By saving you, Paula, I save many.” And the one He wants to save right now is you. At this moment, I am moved to tears, as Jesus speaks these words to me, ”Compel them, Paula. Compel them to come. Compel. Compel.” He urges me because He loves you so much. He has so much for you. In this life as well as the next. But, it is His love in itself is most incredible thing of all. If I can show you even one drop of the love He has for you, you will come to him gladly. And you will never, never leave. I have never known love like His, and it has transformed my life. And His death upon that cross? That cross on which He died paints an in-depth picture of the love He has for us. After Jesus became sin for you, after He carried your sickness and diseases, in His own body on the tree, Jesus said, ”It is finished”, and that blood-soaked cross became the masterpiece of His love. Perfect in every way. God's “I love you” to you and to me.

By way of Jesus, the Father made a way for us when we were without God, and without hope in this world. “For when we were yet without strength(weak, dying, helpless to resist sin and do good; powerless to deliver from misery),in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” (Romans 5:6) Before you make your decision, I want you to hear Jesus express His love for you in today's words. Not in my own words. In His words. Jesus does speak now, just as He always did. He speaks to me, and He’s speaking to you. He is not a distant, uncaring God. Not an image. Not a relic. He is a Person. He is alive. And He speaks. This is a message He gave me during prayer time recently. First I should explain. While I pray, I am often moved by the Holy Spirit to write. I begin then He takes over as He does here:

There is nothing special about me except a God who is greater than all things. He is the Creator of all; He, even He, upholds all things by the power of His Word. He sustains me. He holds me up. I cannot fall. He will guide me through the waters, and into the safe areas of the flood showing me the sure places in which to place my feet. Though the way may seem laborous, the path steep, His patient hand is outstretched in love and I am to follow still. “I, even I, am the Lord thy God. Fear not, hide in Me, and you will persevere. Hide in Me, and you'll know victory. Hide in the God of your Salvation. This day you shall know true peace. I, even I, am your peace. Rest in my Salvation and you will not taste defeat.”

Do you want to know true peace? Do you want to know victory? Do you want to know what it's like not to taste defeat? Yes. You can have it all. Eternal life. Healing. Deliverance. Freedom. And a priceless relationship with Jesus. For this Jesus died. For this Jesus rose again. For this Jesus lives.

You already have His love. It is constant, whether you know it or not. And the words I speak now? These words, too, are His words. Jesus says them. I am the messenger. He is the speaker. So consider them personal. Listen as He speaks to you. Take His Words and hold them close.

Now, know His life. Run to Him, not from Him. Run to the God of your Salvation. “Believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.” Go to Him. Talk to Him. And, open your heart.

Repent. Turn from the old life, embrace the new.

Turn from death, embrace life.
“Believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.”... Believe...and be saved.

Believe. Receive. Say. Do it.

Is this the end of my call to the ministry? Not by far. There was rebellion within me still. And the fault did not rest with God, but on me. Foolishly, I did not fulfill the call. I began. I re-began. ”Don't put off what you can do today” is true. Yet, as the world’s worst procrastinator, that's what I did. I made excuses. I put off actually doing it. And I almost waited too long. Don't you do the same in your own life, learn from mine. I did get one thing right, though. I didn't turn away from God altogether. I remained stuck into the Word. For something new had happened to me during the brief minute I worked with the Lord instead of against Him. On my side, I had experienced God's love as never before. He was with me. He guided me continually. He encouraged me. Each day He did some special little thing for me, some little miracle I’d not asked for, especially for me. I would awaken each new day feeling exuberant and alive, and the first person I would greet was Jesus, “Good morning, Lord! What surprise do You have for me today?” I had never known that it was possible to know his love to this extent. Not for a regular person like me. This is why I compel, why I urge so strongly. Because He IS love, and I want you to know this love, to see it for yourself, to meet the only Person who is capable of loving the way He loves. For if you ever know the depth of the love Jesus has for you, the tender, kind, loving, freeing, love He gives, you will never turn away. You will seek more of the same, as I do. When my ardour for the missionary-intercessory ministry faded, when my enthusiasm faded, my special relationship faded with God as well. I was bitten though. This love I had experienced was a keeper, and I had to have more, so I pursued it with all my strength. Or as the Bible puts it, I followed after. Nothing else satisfied. I had to have His love in constant supply. I would not settle for less. It was to be the hook in my jaw by which God could reel me in, and make me into the Fisher of men.