Conversation With Jesus~

The Bible tells us that prophecy is designed to strengthen,to encourage,to comfort, "Everyone who prophecies speaks to men for their strengthening,encouragement and comfort." (I Corinthians 14:3)This prophesy is not only to me but to each and every one of You. Hear it. Receive it. Make it your own. Be encouraged today by the Giver of strength, the God of all comfort.


There is nothing special about me except a God who is greater than all. He is the Creator of all things. He,even He, upholds all things by the power of His Word. He sustains me. He holds me up. I cannot fall. He will guide me through the waters,and into the safe areas of the flood,showing me the sure places in which to place my feet. Though the way may be laborous,the path steep,His patient hand is outstretched in love,and I am to follow still. 

"I,even I,am the Lord thy God. Fear not. Hide in Me and you'll know victory. Hide in the God of your Salvation. This is the day you shall know true peace. I,even I,am your peace. Rest in My Salvation and you will not taste defeat."

After re-reading,my spirit was so moved,I dissolved into tears,and turning my face up to the Lord,I said,"Father, this is one of the most loving things you've ever said to me. You've expressed Your love many times,but then,You can't help but express it,can You? Because You are LOVE."

"DESPISE NOT PROPHECIES."..." that you may prophesy"..."I would rather that every man speak with tongues,but rather that you will prophesy."