I'm here for you,friend...

Whether you know Jesus Christ as your Savior or not,if you have a need in your life,please write. You don't even have to give the details if you believe it's too personal, God knows your needs. He cares,and so do I,which is why we pray: to release His power so it can move in your life.

God wants so much to fulfill your needs. No matter how impossible the situation may seem to you. It is far from impossible for God.Even if it looks or feels hopeless to us,it is not hopeless for God. I will pray for you,or with you. Jesus says,"Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you." Take the three beginning letters of Ask,Seek and Knock,and they spell : ASK. "We have not because we ask not." So,ASK! God is here for you,and I am here for you,friend. Just ask. 

PS/ If you'd rather not fill out the form,you don't have to. Simply email me,and I will pray and respond.