"I just want to celbrate another day of livin,I just want to celebrate another day of li-i-ife!" (Rare Earth-1971)
Surrounded by the lushness and vibrancy of Spring time,I celebrated. I celebrated life. I celebrated in the Giver of life,the Lord Jesus Christ,who had taken my feet out of the mire,and had placed my feet upon a sure rock;for he lifted me from death into life. If you have ever been dying,you will understand what it's like to have that life restored. Everything around me seemed to be as fresh and new as I,myself,was. Colours richer;nature more beautiful. I wanted to reach out and touch everything,just because I could. Yet,there still burned within me, a increasingly intense desire which had not been realised.

I found that once my kidneys had been healed,my desire to be free from cigarettes increased. There were 39 years of cigarette smoking behind me. If we were to take those cigarettes and line them up,how far do you think would they stretch? How about from here to Hell?

But on this day,I discovered that my desire to quit did not match God's desire,for as I sat puffing away on a cigarette in my little cubbyhole that day,God paid me a visit. He came suddenly and left just as suddenly. He spoke two short sentences. That is all. Yet,it said all. "Get off those cigarettes. I want you to be holy as I am holy." My response was immediate,"Okay Father. But how?" No answer. Only silence. It's often said,"Silence is golden." People even write songs about it. But not this time. This time I wanted the silence to be disturbed by God's voice,him speaking in answer to my question. I waited a moment in the stillness. Nope. He wasn't going to say anymore. He had said all He intended to say. So,my brain went into action,working overtime, to figure out which method God wanted me to use in order to quit smoking. By the sound of it,He wanted me holy as He is holy. Had I read that in the scriptures? That I am to be holy as He is holy? I was sure I had,but where? In which book? That I needed to be holy as God is holy,and soon, was a real motivator,the propellor which lifted me into quick action.

Having already regressed from the light I had gained when God had performed the major kidney healing,I tore through my stock of quit-smoking aids. Chris was my sounding-board as I talked my way through each smoking aid,although we agreed that none had worked in the past. I reasoned though that God could and would make whichever He decided to use work this time.  So God left me to all of this silliness. While I searched;He waited.

I bet you think,"This is going to be a very brief article,like the sentence,"He came. He saw. He conquered." Not quite. In the telling of this,I need to walk you backwards. I want you to see how strong this addiction was,how all-consuming it was, to better highlight the power of God. For His glory.

The world,filled with half-truths and lies, calls smoking,"a bad habit". But how can a thing that is known to be a killer,and known to be such an all-consuming lust that a person "must" have cigarettes above all else,be just "a bad habit"? Thirty-three years ago,I knew one lady who was near death with emphesema**. There she lay, bedridden. Every few hours,without fail, she would cough up into her mouth and throat fluid from her lungs,and being unable to swallow it,she would lie there choking and strangling,unable to breathe,moments from death. I would see the registered nurses jump from their chairs. With great speed,both would grab hold of the suction machine,and take off at a full run. The machine is designed like a large glass bottle set upside down with a long tube attached. It works like a small internal vaccuum,with all accumulated fluid passing through the tube into the bottle. It's used to suction out the throat and mouth. Many times, I watched the nurses skillfully suction out her mouth and throat,as the woman herself,who was,by now,somewhat blue from lack of air,gagged & gagged. When they finished,she was once again able to draw in some air. Yet,as soon as she could speak,I would hear her beg and plead for one thing,and one thing only,"Give me a cigarette! Please give me a cigarette!" This bewildered me. Would I do the same if I was in her place? Would I beg for what was choking the life clean out of me? I didn't know. I could not imagine. I was young,not yet fully aware of the power this addiction had over me--the killer called "a habit". **

For many years I fooled myself into thinking that when I was ready to give up cigarettes,I'd quit. It sounded easy. Always is, in theory. But when the time to quit came,the road to freedom suddenly became too hilly,too steep,too mountainous to climb. I gathered failed quitting attempts as some gather trophies. The odds that I would ever be free stacked against me into insurmountable evidence. Breaking free became an impossibility. I could not do it by myself. I was hooked. I had tried everything I knew to break the power cigarettes had over me. I exhausted every avenue of approach; I used every man-made method I could find-and again,and again,and again! I used the patches,the gum;the patches with the gum,cold-turkey,cutting them out gradually,self-help;hypnotherapy,positive thinking,the kick-the habit program,the electronic cigarette. I gave cigarettes up when pregnant,only to go back when not. Once I even gave up for 1 1/2 years only to start again. Not even for love was I able to give them up. In time the truth dawned before me: If anything looked impossible to men it was me giving up cigarettes. Yet,there was one option I had not tried--letting go and letting God.

"And Jesus looking at them said,"With men it is impossible,but not with God,for with God all things are possible." What I wanted was proving to be impossible. Is what you want impossible?

I was not the only person who desired my escape into freedom from nicotene,and the act of smoking,itself. My doctor was desperate to see it. For years he had encouraged smoking,as he believed the cigarettes to be stress-relievers,good for the nerves as he put it. Since I had an history filled with treatment of panic attacks;since I suffered from a list ever-increasing of phobias;since I had been prescribed xanax,a powerful anti-anxiety drug,for years,he said it was better that I smoke than if I didn't. This theory of his pleased the both of us. Until the day he got back my exrays. The specialist I'd seen had said there were polops on some of the internal organs. He advised,"Eat healthy foods,and try to cut down on smoking." My mama went into a panic when I told her about the polops. She said,"Don't you know that they develop into cancer?" She didn't say "could";she said "would". I watched as my doctor react as he studied the exrays. I saw his change of expression. I witnessed the shadow passing over his face,and my life passed before me. I had been shadow-boxing with my own life. It was now time; time to land a knockout punch upon the cigarettes.

This was the start of my trips to the our clinic's quit-smoking program,by prescription only. It was soon an biannual thing for me, a ritual. Even the nurses who ran the program gave up on me. I made one last attempt to quit through this program just after God had beautifully healed my kidneys. As the nurse checked me in she spoke,"Your doctor ordered this?" I said,"Yes."  I ignored her reply,more to herself than to me,"I don't know why. It won't work." And she was right,too. It didn't. In a week,I was back smoking more than before. The claws of addiction closed around me, a mighty bird of prey tightening it's grip on a captured rabbit.

I have thrown my hands up in the air and given up "giving up",whereas normally,I am one who does not give up easily or quickly. But this last failure to quit in my doctor's quit-smoking program was the final straw. I had drawn the straw,and it was the short one. I was ready to let go and let God.

The question was:did I want to be freed from "a bad habit" or was the habit something more serious? Opinion appeared to be divided on this. Some ministers referred to smoking as a "habit",while others said it was demonic and required deliverance. I'd been doing some reading about cigarette deliverances. Instant ones,even. And this is what I decided I wanted:for the Lord to deliver me immediately when I asked. To be completely and effortlessly,and painlessly, free in an instant. The Lord had done it for countless others so why not for me? But not yet. I first went to the Pastor of the church we were attending. I told him that I was a smoker,and I asked him,"What do you believe? Do you think that it's only a habit,or is it something caused by a demon which requires deliverance?" His words were,"No, it's not caused by demons. My brother's a smoker,and it's only a habit." Yet,I wasn't happy with his answer,as my spirit within me remained unsettled and restless. So I did the wise thing:I went to the Word of God. If not a habit,I wasn't sure what to call smoking,so I didn't know exactly how to best to discover God's stand on this matter. Fortunately,He himself was my guide. With His own hand I was led,though I didn't know this at the time. It doesn't always feel like He's guiding you,but when you look back at a situation you become aware of how beautifully you were guided. He showed me a scripture which altered my thinking. He showed me I Corinthians 3:16-17,"Know ye not that ye are the temple of the Living God,and the Spirit of God dwells in you? If any man defile the temple of God,him shall God destroy;for the temple of God is holy,which temple you are."

What harms us? Only sin. Sin is against the body,against God against His word. Direct disobedience of the scriptures. Direct disobedience of God. Why does God command us not to do certain things? Because it's for our good.He directs us against the things that harm us in the same way a good father will,as He is the ideal Father,the Father of lights,our heavenly Father. He gives us good,and directs us against the bad--the things which destroy us. This is written for the born-again believer. When we choose to make Jesus our Lord and Savior,our heart is newly created at this moment. We get a new heart. We become a new person. And Jesus,though the Person of the Holy Spirit actually comes to live within our spirit/heart. We know this two ways: because the Word of God says so,and by the witness of the Spirit--He makes His presence known again and again. This is especially so and happens more frequently the more we study the word of God.

I was so disturbed by I Corinthians 3:16-17. If my spirit was unsettled before,it was much more so now. I was getting the Word into me,and it was revealing and coming to life,and convicting me,as only it can do. This is how the Word is described in Hebrews 4:12,"The word of God is alive(living,quick),active(powerful,mighty),and sharper than a two-edged sword,piercing to the division of soul and spirit,of joints and marrow(the body),and discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart." Lets keep in mind that we are not talking about the words of man,but the word of God. He spoke them first with power,and they do exactly as He says they will. Who for? For us who believe. Believe what? Believe God; take Him at His word. Therefore, we must stop regarding His words as just empty words--man's words-- which sound nice or soothing to our ears. Did you ever notice that when men of the world say something,it may or may not be true. Yet,we so want to believe it. The weatherman,for one. How often is he right about the weather? I've noted that he gets the forecasts wrong more often than not. My little dog could predict better. I know this to be true,and you do too. Yet,how often have you heard the forecast and said something like this? "We had better do this or that today because the weather said there will be rain tomorrow". Yet,God,our Maker,Creator of all things, tells us something,and we say,"I wish I could believe that." God is not a man that He should lie;neither the son of man(meaning the son of Adam) that He should repent:hath He said,and shall He not do it? or hath He spoken,and shall not make it good?"(Numbers 23:19)

I thought about the Holy Spirit dwelling within my spirit,that He lived in my body,that my body was the temple of the Living God. I thought and thought on this fact,and the impact of this reality hit me,not quickly,but much like the elbow which hit me square in the face when I was 13,breaking my nose. The reality of this fact was a shock at first:The Living God dwelled within me,yet I was fillling and refilling His temple with smoke from cigarettes-3 packs a day! I was completely undone,awash with guilt. I've heard the complaint,"According to the Bible,there is only black or white with no middle ground." Don't they mean "no gray"? Well, what about gray? Do we really want gray? Does it have any place alongside truth? Do we trust someone who is wishy-washy that they can't make up their mind? Would we trust God if we got to know him,and he was wishy-washy? I don't think so. I wouldn't. With God,whose word is truth,I always know where I stand,and this is a quality I love about him. He is always definite and factual on each subject. He never lies. His word is sure,my constant guide. Whereas the world,under satan's dominion, does not call smoking a sin. To the world, it's a "habit". Why does the world excuse sin? Why does the world, not call sin, sin? Why do they instead call it by innocent,harmless names? Or softsoaped,disguised in some other way? Because of this: if we don't know it's sin,then how do we ever experience the conviction necessary for repentance before God? Satan is erasing sin-conciousness from people,deceiving all of us who listen to him. He knows if we continually practice sin,having no conscience,he will succeed in keeping us separated from our holy,sinless God,who lovingly created us in his image,and loved us still even when we became by choice enemies.

When I say that we often believe man,the world,which is satanically ruled,and not dependable,I'm not passing judgement on anyone. I do not condemn you. I say,"SNAP!",as I was exactly guilty of the same,and I spoke these same words over and over again. So many times did I say this-- I was probably worse than most. And this, even when I had a great amount of light in God's word,His character,the power of words. And I will get into this more as I go. We will take it slow and easy,while you listen and learn from my grief and errors,as well as triumphs. Don't feel sorry for me in the least. I am here doing what I was called to do. This is my purpose here. My life is an example. My life,unraveled,gives overwhelming proof of a Savior's deepest love,the unlimited flow of His grace(unmerited,undeserved,unearned favour) and forgiveness, of His endless patience,and of His ability to take an empty life and transform it completely. He drew me,a crushed,broken flower, into His hand, and caused my life to burst into newness as never before. And now I have given my life back to Him. For His glory.

This reminds me of when my son,Brandon was 2 1/2 years of age, a time when I was serving the Lord. Brandon became listless and didn't look right. I felt him,and he was hot with fever. I gave him children's tylenol. No good. I waited a bit and gave him more. Still no good. The fever remained. Concerned, I called his doctor. He advised a tepid(lukewarm) bath. I complied. Yet,the fever didn't budge. It was quite late at night by this time. Brandon's dad and I were in agreement.This was beyond our abilty. It was past time to call upon the Lord. As Brandon slept,he and I knelt by his little bed,and prayed the Lord would heal him. Though it was late,I decided to read for a spell before heading to bed myself. About 20 minutes later, I sensed I was no longer alone. I turned and looked behind me. There in the doorway of his bedroom stood Brandon. He was simply standing there looking toward me. I walked over and knelt down in front of him. I noticed then that he was wringing wet,drenched in sweat. The fever was gone. Taking him by the hand,I said to him,"Hi Brandon,you're awake. Come and sit with me and praise the Lord;the fever is gone." When the two of us were seated, I spoke a second time,"Praise the Lord! Your dad and I prayed for you and you are healed." Brandon said,"Yeah,he came in my room and healed me." I ignored this as I thought to myself,"he doesn't mean this literally." I just agreed,"Yes,thank God. Isn't it wonderful that you're well?" Brandon persisted,"Yes Mom,he came in my room and picked me up in his hands, and healed me." This time his persistence paid off. Curious,I asked,"What do you mean,he came in your room?" "He came in my room,Mom,and he picked me up in his hands and healed me." He paused for a moment before continuing," And I gave him a gift." I could not think what a 2 year old would have to give Jesus,so I asked,"What did you give him,Brandon?" He said,"Myself."

This is what I did when I met Jesus. I gave him myself. And this is what you will do when you meet him. His love for you is endless. Irresitible. And He wants to give you a gift. The gift of life. A life which lasts for all of eternity. For this He died,and for this he lives.

Just listen carefully and you will grasp all the Lord is showing. He wants you to see there is more for you. More than you ever thought;more than you ever dreamed. And He wants to give it to you. Why? Because it's all yours! Jesus bought and paid for it with His blood. Jesus said,"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." He wants you free. He didn't just come to set me free. He didn't give His life for me alone. He did not shed His precious blood for only one. He did it for you;He did it for all. The more we get to know the person,the better we come to understand the immense love that caused Jesus to pour out His life on the cross,each drop of blood spilling forth precious atonement,washing away our sin, bringing justification(being deemed "not guilty") for us--for me,for you. The more we hear His words,the more we know the depth of His love for us,and fear vanishes, as perfect love casts out fear. When we don't fear,we believe. So receive God's indescribable gift. Jesus. He washes away sin. He heals sickness. He creates new realities. By the power of his word.

So I had discovered the truth: smoking was not a habit;smoking was sin. And as I read the Word and pondered upon it,the Word worked to convict me,in my heart,of this sin against God,and myself. I was now ready to repent. In all humility I then came before the Father in true repentance. I acknowledged my sin. I asked forgiveness. And the forgiveness was instant. For God seeks that we do this,"I,even I,am he that blotteth out thy trangressions for my own sake,and will not remember your sins. Put me in rememberance: let us plead together:declare thou,that thou may be justified(deemed not guilty)." (Isaiah 43:25-26) I reasoned with God. I repented of the sin of smoking.I reminded the Lord of all the times I had tried to quit and failed. I asked him to please deliver me from it,as I could not break away from it by myself. "Please deliver me from smoking and take away all desire to ever smoke again",I pleaded,"that I will not even want to ever pick up another cigarette." "Deliver me forever",I asked,"as you have done for many,many others."

I waited for this instant release,the fast and painless way. And I waited. Then,I waited a bit longer. But,nothing happened. At that point,I could have said,"Well,I guess it's not God's will that I be freed from smoking,as he's not freed me,as I asked him to do." But to get to know his Word,is to get to know his will. His word IS His will,as He and His word are one. So,instead of that,I changed my prayer. I went back to him and asked that He free me but do it,not my way,but his way. Not long after,there He was, confirming his will to me,"I want you off cigarettes. You are to be holy as I am holy."

This brings me in full circle back to the beginning of my story. I'll pick up where I left off. There I was trying to choose which method God would use. And from amongst all of the earthly methods which had brought me failure so many times. I could have have saved myself the time and energy this took if I had remembered two things:

1. I prayed that God would free me in his way. His way,yet there I was trying to choose to method!

2. He is not the God of confusion,so anytime we are thrown into confusion,this is not of God,but of the enemy.

(God was later to break me of this need to control everything in my life,including him. But until then,he worked around it. For now,it was time,it was time for Him to work in me according to his word.)

As I had done when the Lord Jesus,the Living Word, healed my kidneys just prior to this,I sat down to prepare my confession paper. This time,I will be a bit more specific with you about what I said on this paper,although I believe that in each of your sitiuations,God, Himself, will give you the right words to say,as He did me. While I was still writing,or just after,the specifics of God's quit-smoking plan took on shape and form in my mind. It was to be a gradual cutting down process. No pressure,no stress. Each time I look back on it,the simplicity and ease of God's plan amazes me. And this is what He does with all things--He keeps them simple and uncomplicated. And sometimes that's the thing we can stumble over. It can be so simple,we trip. Such is the way of the cross of Christ. He,the Father,loved. He gave. Christ came. He died. He rose again. And we have this all by God's grace(unmerited,undeserved favour). Through faith. Not by effort. Not by wisdom of man. By the power of God. Through faith. "By grace ye are saved,not of yourselves,it is the gift of God,not of works,lest ye should boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9)

The cross,Christ crucified,not being according to the wisdom of man is a subject the Bible has much to say about. I Corinthians 1:18 expresses this truth so beautifully,"For the preaching of the cross is to them fooolishness;but unto us which are saved it is the power of God."  To receive this truth is,well,a humbling experience, an act which humbles us before God. But oh, the beauty of it's working in our lives. By the way of the cross--God the maker of us all,poured out His life's blood and bought our freedom.

To receive Christ is to unlock and receive all He is to us,and all He has for us--the promise of eternal life;salvation-deliverance-healing,the baptism of the Holy Spirit;freedom from the authority of darkness. I cannot list everything,as His victory for us was complete and covered every lack. So do this, just picture,if you can what Psalms 23 tells us we walk in the shadow of the valley of death. We are surrounded by the effects of the curse: sickness,death,lack & poverty,worry,fear. Yet, there is a banqueting table set before us,IN THE PRESENCE OF OUR ENEMIES,and upon this table God has placed everything we could possibly need to be victorious in this life. All that Christ Jesus, by way of his amazing love, bought for us. By the power of God. Believe.Confess. Receive. Act. In other words,we reach out and take each item,each gift,as we need it. And the power of God is released into our lives,the power to transform,to heal,to free.

And this was again the plan from the God of faith to set me free from cigarettes,"Have faith in God(have the faith of God;have the God-kind of faith)...If you shall SAY to this mountain,be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and do not doubt in your heart, but believe that whatsoever you SAY shall come to pass,you shall have whatsoever you SAY. And whatsoever things you desire,when you pray, believe that you receive them,and you shall have them."(Mark 11:22-23)

Believe. Confess. Act. Receive.

When I put God's quit-smoking plan into action,I did not yet "see" myself as free from smoking,nor did I "feel" free,but if I had waited for this,I would still be a smoker. We've got to set aside feelings and seeing things with our physical eyes. This just ain't gonna happen. As God says in Deuteronomy 30:14,"But the word is very nigh you,even in your mouth and in your heart,that you may DO IT." So we do it. And we do it by choice. We make a decision.

Whatever you are doing by faith,whatever it may be,according to your need,do it this way. Believe. Confess. Receive. And God will meet your need. Every time.

I decided. I bound and loosed as Jesus gave us authority to do,"Whatsoever you bind on earth is bound in heaven,and whatsoever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven."(Matthew 18:18) I prayed a simple prayer. And I began. It was that simple. I kept the paper I wrote out simple too, so that it would be easy and quick to say each time. In this case,I confessed each time I smoked a cigarette. The outline of my plan was this(and no,you don't have to follow this part of the plan to the letter):
1. Cut out 5 cigarettes each week.
2. Smoke half of a cigarette at a time instead of a whole one.

Do this once:
The binding~This is how I bound,"On this day of ____ of 20__,I bind you,spirit of addiction,which has enslaved me all these years. I break your power,and render you helpless to work evil in my life any longer."

Pray this once:
The prayer~"Thank you,Jesus,that by your word,I am set completely free of cigarettes and the desire for them. Forever. I am,therefore, FREE to live an abundant life,having been set free ,by your strength,by the power of your word,which upholds all things,for your glory. You are my Lord and Savior,who became sin for me,that I might be the righteousness(have rightstanding before God,as if I never sinned) of God in you. You became sin that I be free from sin. Forever more. Amen."

No man but the Son of man could FREE me;No man but the Son of man can FREE you.

Here are some good scriptures to use:

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
I confess: I give thanks that you,Jesus are my strength...you are my ability...By your strength,I now see myself as a non-smoker.

"For sin shall not have dominion over you:for ye are not under the law,but under grace." (Romans 6:14)
I confess: Sin no longer lords it over me. I am not under the law;I am under grace..satan shall not lord it over me. I am not under the law;I am walking in God's grace...I am FREE from the sin of smoking. I am FREE from satan's bondage. I am FREELY walking in God's grace.

"Have faith in God(literally: Have the faith of God),and verily,verily I say unto you,if you shall say unto this mountain,be thou removed,and be thou cast into the sea,and shall not doubt in your heart, but shall believe that whatsoever you sayeth shall come to pass,you shall have whatsoever you say." (Mark 11:22)
I confess: Whatever I believe and say,happens,therefore I say to this addiction,you are gone,I throw you into the deepest sea. I believe this is done. I say it,and I have it! It is done. It is mine. Cigarettes are no longer a part of my life.

Now, confessions based on the Word of God:
I thank you that I smoke less and less.
I confess that I smoke less today than I did yesterday.

I give thanks that I no longer want a cigarette.

I confess that I have lost all desire for them.

I give thanks that cigarettes taste terrible.

I thank you that there is no place for cigarettes in my life.

I confess that I now walk free of cigarettes.
I confess that I don't not crave a cigarette.

You can add more or say less. It's up to you.

So,you may ask, was God's quit-smoking plan successful? You decide. I put the plan into immediate action: I cut out 5, I smoked only half-cigarettes, I confessed. I saw myself as a non-smoker,walking free(Okay,I admit it. I could only do this for one brief second at a time,but I did this daily,and it made such a difference) Here and there I smoked an extra half. But,I never allowed myself to feel guilt-ridden; I never beat myself up about it. I remained positive and committed,and I just kept going. And this was the result: One night,I walked into the cubbyhole as usual. I was pleased,as the cut-down was going well. But,it did not feel like a special night. It seemed quite ordinary.I lit up the cigarette half that was in the ashtray.This cigarette DID taste terrible. And,as I smoked it,I became aware that I neither wanted it nor needed it,so I put it out. It was then that I realised something more:I no longer desired a cigarette at all. I knew at that moment that I would never desire one again. I counted the cigarettes in my pack. There were 5. Tossing them into the trash, I walked from that room delivered,in the knowledge that smoking had lost it's dominion over me. It would never again reign in my mortal body. Until that moment,I had pursued,but I never arrived;always seeked, yet never acquired. But now? I felt the chains fall away. I was free by the power of the Living God. For the first time in 39 years,I felt clean,so I went immediately to the Father,and kneeling down,I gave my entire life over to him. As Romans 12 tells each born-again Christian to do: I presented my body to him as a living sacrifice,holy and acceptable in his sight.

This freedom is complete. There is such a distaste for cigarettes within me that I've never even been tempted to pick up another. "Whom the Son shall set free is free indeed." What price would you pay for such freedom,a freedom this complete? What would you give? Sorry to say this. It's not for sale. This freedom cannot be bought with silver or gold. It was purchased with the precious blood of Jesus on the cross. One 1970s song expresses this best,"If I had all the riches the world had to give,and I gave them all away,every penny to my name, to some begger on life's dark and lonely street,no,it wouldn't be enough to buy one splinter of the tree... No,it wouldn't be enough. No,it wouldn't be enough, to buy one splinter of the tree Jesus died on. And it couldn't pay the price for one single drop of blood Jesus shed for my salvation." So you see,our freedom is beyond price, but here's the good news. Jesus says to me,"Freely you have received,so freely give." So,you'll like the price of the freedom I'm offering, of all God has placed before you. Jesus gave his life,but the cost to you and me?"...it is the gift of God." "...it is the gift of God." "...it is the gift of God."

There's no cost. It's free.
Just give yourself.
Make a decision. Turn away from your former life. 

Make this great Salvation your own,and join me in song,

"I just want to celebrate another day of livin',I just want to celebrate another day of li-i-ife!"