I am a Soldier ready for action, awaiting orders


“I am a Soldier ready for action, awaiting orders.”

I awakened in the pre-dawn darkness. An image of emptying shelves in the grocery stores flashed before me. A vision of what’s here and what’s coming.

Before I climbed into bed last night, I asked the Lord to show me more about what’s coming.

As I lay there surrounded by blackness, the very image of the blackness the world is becoming, I said to the Lord, “Something horrible is about to happen in America.” I could see 9/11, but this coming thing is much worse.

Chaos is worsening. Things will not get better. Better will not be brought to you by leaders who are following a destroyer. This ‘get better’ philosophy is hog rot. It’s a lie in a time when deception is hitting an all-time high. Stop this nonsense. Rub that sleep out of your eyes, believers. Awaken from that sleep, and Christ shall give you light. Awaken, awaken, and don’t you dare take a look around, see the world for what it really is, and turn over and go back to sleep, ‘cause you hate what you see so much.


I know it’s hard to wake up and see this world for what it really is—a place of great evil from which we have been delivered by the only Saviour who can, and the one who will continue to deliver us as only He can.

“Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age—yes, that’s right, this age, the one that calls evil good, and good evil—but we are delivered, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.” Galatians 1:3-4.

Jesus is here to continue to deliver us. Jesus has freed us from this present evil generation. If you get your head out of the world, and your heart into the Word, your spiritual eyes will open. You will see this place for what it really is, and instead of avoiding looking around, you will start looking up to the place where your life really is.

Colossians 3:1-4

“Since, then, you have been raised (made alive with and seated with) Christ, set your hearts (love, desire) (on) the things that are above, where Christ is seated at the righthand of God. Set your minds on (think on, centre yourself) on the things that are above and not (and not, and not, and not—and I don’t care who else is doing it, it’s still an “and not”) on things on earthly things---this is the seek ye first and all the things others run after—food, clothes, where to live will be added to you. This is what Jesus has taught me.). For you died (your old lifestyle, the old you) and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. And when Christ, who is your life, appears, then you will also appear with Him in glory.”

Then you will be ready for the Lord’s coming. Then, you will see the truth, and the truth will set you free. You will see that we are to be separate from this world because we are not OF this world. Our world, our nation, is worlds above this dragon-worshipping place. Worlds above!

We are the Church. We are the nation. We are the people of God. No earthly nation is. We are God’s nation.

“…You also –like the living Stone, Christ Jesus, we serve, who was rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to Him—you also, like living stones—little mini versions of Jesus, mirror images of Him—are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ…but you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of the darkness (walking by the five senses like everyone else)into His wonderful light. Once you were not a people (not a nation, not a kingdom), but now you are the people of God, once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.” 1 Peter 2:4-5 &9-10.

So what is Peter saying here? You are in the world but you are not OF the world. You are an alien and stranger in the world. You are not to speakah their words, do as they do, live as they live. You have been delivered by the Lord Jesus Christ. You’re in His army now.

When you get this truth, you will see the world you think you want ‘made better’ for what it really is, and you will long to be outta here. You will get ready and stay ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus. And believe me, no matter what this world says, His coming is imminent.

Yes, it hurts to see this world being destroyed. It hurts to see people dying like flies all around us. It hurts to see what destructive words of man is doing to this place, just like the Bible says. Because words are a powerful thing, more destructive than bullets from a gun, doesn’t matter if the gun is pointed your way or at someone else, those powerful things you’re shooting will destroy and those around you if you speakah the world’s words.

Matthew 12:37

“For by your WORDS you will be acquitted (found not guilty), and by your WORDS you will be condemned.”

Yes, it hurts to see this world being destroyed. It hurts to see people dying like flies all around us, but only when we do see the world as it really is, will we be ready to leave this place without looking back like Lot’s wife did and be destroyed with it when it goes up in a great ball of fire.

You won’t be holding on. What’s more, you’ll be so moved in your heart, you’ll even be prying others’ fingers loose from this world too, so they won’t be destroyed. You’ll be doing what the Lord said to me one time, “You will pull them out of the fire. You will do it!”

How? By speaking Words of Life to them.

How? By revealing sin by way of your life of righteousness. How else will anyone know that there are two ways to go—a right way and a wrong way, if even the ones saying “I’m a Christian” are living exactly like the ones who are not?

A life a righteousness, a life that doesn’t just mouth empty words, but acts on them, this is what will reprove the world of sin, just like Noah’s obedience reproved his generation of sin. Noah acted on God’s Words, instead of man’s. Noah didn’t do what everybody was doing., and “by His faith (in God) he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.” Hebrews 11:7.

When we obey the Lord Jesus, it’s then, and only then, that we love him. This is what it’s all about. If we are following sin instead of obeying Him, we can say a thousand times a day, “I love the Lord Jesus. If you love the Lord Jesus, type AMEN.” But, hey, let’s be real. We act on what we believe. We do what we say from our hearts and what we spend our time thinking about and dreaming about. The Bible is clear. We obey what we love, and there are only two ways. UP and DOWN.

If I am following the Lord Jesus, I am not perfect. I will never be perfect in this world. Only He is perfect. Not only that, but He wants me imperfect, so that He can be the Saviour, and I, the one in need of saving, and so that world will see that I’m not the one doing the works of Jesus, and loving with His love, it is His grace through me. He is the perfect one. I am the imperfect one, so imperfect, so weakness riddled that there’d be no way on God’s green earth that my SELFIE is able to love that way, or heal or free or deliver myself, let alone others. But, here’s the beauty of God’s grace, His Word tells me, “No, I’ll not be making your SELFIE stronger. I want you weak in SELFIE, because “My grace is sufficient (it is more than enough) for you, for my strength is made perfect in your weakness.”

Grace is a BIG five letter word. Grace means undeserved favour, yes, and that’s big in itself, but we’ve always stopped right here. Grace is BIGGER than this cause the God who gives it to us is bigger and higher and greater than all. Grace means more. Grace means strength, power, ability, might, anointing. His through us. He is to live through us, like the Father lived through Him.

People, we have used grace as an excuse for living in sin just like the world around us. Ancient Israel did the exact same thing. They wanted their cake and eat it too. So did I. For over 50 years of my life, I thought I could live in sin, just like the world who doesn’t know Jesus, and still end up in heaven. Going UP after living a DOWN life.

SELFIE always wants both. Adam and Eve had to be driven out of the garden of Eden, cause after they chose a life of sin, they still wanted the life only God gives. They wanted all the benefits but none of the responsibilities. They wanted to go UP while living a DOWN life.

That’s following the flesh. That’s what SELFIE wants. Mine does too, this is why we have to grab hold of that SELF-control, a fruit of the spirit that is growing within our heart, and use it to keep SELFIE under us, just like Paul, and all the other truth-walkers before us.

What to do, what to do? I give you some snippets from Romans 6. I give them, you meditate on them, then tell me if you still believe that you will go UP after living a DOWN life or is grace this: that through Christ Jesus, God gives us the ability to live an UP life, just like He did when He walked on earth the first time, and spoke the Father’s words and did the Father’s works, not His own. By faith. Through the power of the Holy Spirit. For the glory of God the Father. Romans 5-6 set me free and keeps me free.

“What then? Shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace? NO WAY!”

“...You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness.”

“…because anyone who has died has been freed from sin.”

“Therefore do not let sin reign (like a king—do not let it be your master, you become sin’s master through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ)…do not let sin reign in your mortal body that you should obey its evil desires.”


The Bible is clear. We have the Words of Life. We are God’s own people. More is expected of us than of a world that does not have knowledge of a Saviour whose name is Jesus and whose beauty of holiness is awesome. A Saviour who has not only shown us by His own example how to live an UP life, but tells us, “I know you can’t do this yourself. That’s why I died and rose again three days after, so that you could live a life of obedience through my grace.

I know you can’t say no to sin by your SELFIE. No one can. That’s why I’m here, so that you can live an UP life by my power.”

Now, in this day of chaos and destruction, in a world worshipping the dragon, things will not get better. Stop thinking they will. This is nothing but a pipe dream of a world that is certain they were created by chaos, and by destroying everything the Most High created, including themselves through chaos, they will somehow bring the world back to the way it was.

Let go of that pipe dream and grab hold of the truth only the true God through His Word can give. We are already in the greatest kingdom ever. We are in the kingdom of God. We ARE this kingdom. We are heavenly, spiritual, not earthy. Our leaders are not worldly. Our leader is our Lord Jesus Christ.

After seeing the image of emptying shelves, and being filled with the sense of foreboding of a huge evil approaching America, not to mention the entire world, I tiptoed down the hall toward the bathroom. The Lord said, “Pray.” His whisper broke the silence.

I got down and prayed. A brief moment later, the very moment my heart was centred on Him, He said, “Now. Do my will.”

Immediately I responded, “I will do what you show me, and I will speak your words. I will speak those words that bubble up from the crystal clear stream flowing within me. I will speak your words, Holy Spirit.”

With a tiny smile, I continued, “I don’t feel ready, but I am fully persuaded that I am ready. I will never “feel” ready. If I feel ready, then “I-I-I” is too big for its britches. That’s SELF talking, not faith.”

The Lord instructed me to wait. Wait and watch. To stand ready, like a soldier ready for action, awaiting orders to move.

I had been given ‘faith’ to meditate on just before this, during the night the Lord had put faith in my mouth. Hebrews 11:1, from the Greek interlinear translation.

“Now faith is the PROOF of the things hoped for, the REALITY of the things not (yet) seen.”

My faith walking and your faith walking, it is the reality, not the world around us. The surrounding world is built on virtual reality. It’s not reality. The spiritual is reality. It is eternal and with it, we can change the things in this virtual reality. We can take them and shape them the way God wants them to be, just like Jesus did. He wants to do this again through us. By faith. IN HIM, not man. Not us. By Faith in Him. Faith in our Saviour. Faith in our Creator. Faith in Him. Cause why? Cause He said so. That’s why. That’s the proof, and it’s all the proof we need.

Returning to bed, I followed the Lord’s instructions to rest. I went back to sleep and had the following dream. In the dream, my brother had just died. I hadn’t seen my sister-in-law for ages, not since beforehand. Didn’t have a clue as to her where-a-bouts, but she came to mind.

In the dream too, I had meditated on faith, and I had been growing in faith and increasing in love.

We are always tested in love, which is obedience to God. Just like that tinier nation of Israel before us. You know the one, the nation who had Moses as an under shepherd, and the great I AM as their God.

We are always tested in faith too. Just like all the believers before us. Would my faith come forth as gold after being refined? (1 Peter 1:6-9)

It was time for a stress test. The Lord led me onto a mountain path, steep and rugged. The walk was slow going. The place was a wilderness filled with love exercises and faith exercises.

I am a soldier ready for the front lines, awaiting orders.

Sometimes I feel like giving up, but the Lord encourages me, “Keep going. You’re doing fine. You will be okay, Paula…Keep giving them my word, even when it doesn’t look like they’re listening. They will. You’ll see.”

My little dog was my only companion. But the Lord was with me. He was leading. I was following. Like Abraham, when he left the earthly nation he’d always thought of as home sweet home to follow the Eternal God, not knowing where he was going, just faith walking, while keeping his eyes on a God who is greater than all.

Up and down the mountain path I walked. The way felt labourous. The path was so narrow. It mimicked life as a believer whose heart’s desire is to do God’s will, not our own, a follower whose prayer is to grow in love and increase in faith.

I am a soldier living an UP life, ready for the front lines, awaiting orders.

On this path, there were streams to cross here and there. There were high places where I could see for miles and miles, and there were valleys where I could see nothing at all. It was a walk by faith at all times. A wilderness filled with faith, the faith of a heart whose eyes were looking at her leader, the Lord Jesus Christ. Even though she sees many very unexpected things along the way, her eyes stay centred on the Word of a God who can do the impossible and answer every single prayer she prays. Cause He says so. And that’s all the proof she needs.

Then, in this dream, the waiting was over. I reached a place where there were people. One was the sister-in-law I hadn’t seen in so long, though I had a hunch I would.

I approached her or she approached me, I’m not sure which. She had a young boy with her. The boy was perhaps 1o years of age at the most. I asked her, “Is this my brother’s son?”

Before she answered, I could sense the evil. She said, “His father is Dr. Watson.”

In the dream, I understood that Dr. Watson was a rock musician and singer. Very demonic.

The boy was standing near me, to my right. I looked down at him and he looked up at me. I could see the torment in his eyes. The impurity of the evil made my flesh crawl. Without hesitation I acted on the Word, in faith. My hand shot out. I layed it on the boy, and spoke, “In the name of Jesus.”

The boy seemed to melt into the floor. He fell under the power of the Holy Spirit, the power mightier than my own, demon-freed.

I turned back to the Mother. My movement was quick and flowing. She shrank from me. “I don’t want any of that,” she said.

I answered, “Do you know you’re going to Hell? Hell is forever and it’s a horrible place.”

At that moment, I snapped awake. The dream was over.

The Lord I choose to follow spoke then. Again His whisper broke through the silence like a ray of sunshine from a dark cloud, “The time is now. Now.”

He paused, then He confirmed, “This is it.”

I am a soldier ready for action. I am a soldier heading UP. My orders have just come in.