Prophecy to Southeast Asia-TO ALL IN ASIA-7th July 2012


As a prayer missionary all over China and Southeast Asia,I was concerend about China,as the statistics I read was that around "every three minutes, a person dies without Christ Jesus." I told the Father that in view of this statistic,I would see this changed.

In Addition, the Holy Spirit,staying very much on the Asia theme,led me to read a short article about North Korean kindergartens,what leaders, or I should say,the devil through these leaders,are telling the teachers with which to fill the heads of these innocent kindergardners. The propoganda being placed in the children's minds is hate;pure,unadulterated hate;and kill,kill,kill the foreigner,especially the Americans!

Of course, what I read, was for the purpose of praying for the OPPOSITE for them(the children,and all North Korean people.)...that they willhear the "Good News of Jesus Christ,that Jesus will be lifted up high to them,and will draw all of them to Him.

So I was interceding for the first of two daily intercessions of prayer for Shendong,today,first off,then for all of Southeast Asia. When suddenly, I found myself praising our wonderful God,our only god;Holy is His name. He is the high and lofty one,the creator of heaven and earth. There is no one else like Him. He is the Rock of all ages;the undefeatable one.

Then,the Lord my God spoke to me in Endtime prophecy concering ALL of Asia,including China,North and South Korea,Japan;Vietnam,Malasia,Thailand;Hong Kong. There will first be opening up in Shendong Province China every possible avenue,saith the Lord God Almighty,every avenue will open up in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Jesus explosion in tracts,Bibles, radio,Broadcasts,and no matter what the Authorities do,they cannot stop God's mighty power moving throughout this area of the country. Everywhere in Shendong,everywhere in China;everywhere in Asia,even in North Korea,Jesus is coming in. It is a Jesus explosion.


That the Holy Spirit, with a cleansing fire,is sweeping ahead of Jesus,heralding the "Good News." The Jesus Explosion will hit each Church in each Country within Asia,and the smaller groups which are shielding from the effects of persecution,will He storm. The powerful wind of Shekinah glory~the one who: 1. convicts of sin 2.reveals 3. interprets 4 comforts IS...x