23 May 2012-A VISION from my blessed Savior,Jesus!

As I was standing in front of the PC desk that afternoon,right by the chair,intending to stack up my Bibles and notebooks,in order to continue Bible Study and Confession of the WORD upstairs. Yet, I felt a magnetic pull,pulling me back into the chair which I had just left a few moments before. At the same time,it seemed like I was entering a strong daydream(or my mind was!) having to do with my minister friend,Brother Shahid in Pakistan. Instantly, I realised it was a vision from the Lord Himself,NOT a daydream or trick of my mind. And the vision was partway in answer to prayer I had prayed just prior to that.

My friend,Brother Shahid,was with many,many poor people who were of all ages:old,young,middle-age;both men and women.The people appeared quite hungry: for the WORD of Godmas well as food to feed their physical bodies.

I saw Brother Shahid dressed in his bright red shirt. The people were seated on the floor. There was a large,white tablecloth stretching out before them,in front of them. I saw Brother Shahid preaching the WORD of God to the people before they were seated around this tablecloth,and passing out Bibles to some of them who are starved for the WORD of God.

Three different times the voice of Jesus said to me;" Whatever you do for the least of My brethern,you do for ME." Three is the divine number of perfection. Any time we hear a command three times,it is very vital that we obey it.

I flet the Holy Spirit very strongly within me...x END OF VISION...x