I am not alone

DREAM FROM THE LORD ~ given on the 7th of December 2015
"THE DEPARTURE: I am not alone"
Early morning hours. The prayer language, praying in the words of the Holy Spirit, in the tongues of men and of angels, bubbled up from within me. I began praying them first in my mind. I could almost see them taking shape, until finally I opened my mouth and they flowed out, rivers of living water.
I lay there praying in the spirit. The Lord’s words. My voice. Until I heard Him say, “Watch and wait.”
Five more times this command was repeated.
Watch and wait…Watch and wait…Watch and wait…Watch and wait…Watch and wait.
So I lay there watching and waiting, with my eyes closed, and my spirit positioned on the steps of His throne.
I fell into a sleep.
First I was in a house with teenage children and at least one or more babies.
First came temptations. A main one I remember was, “Just have one more cigarette.”
I refused. I was resting in the Lord Jesus, snuggled down into the arms of grace. In Him there is no sin. “Everyone who sins breaks the law (of God); in fact, sin is lawlessness. But you know that He (the Lord Jesus) appeared so that He might take away our sins. AND IN HIM IS NO SIN. No one who lives (remains, continues) in Him keeps sinning. No one who continues to sin (on purpose) has either seen Him or known Him.” (1 John 3:4-6)
I got into a car on the passenger side. (The car was left hand drive, like the cars in America). Suddenly, the car began moving. It seemed to be rolling slowly backwards. I knew there was a deep ravine back there. My initial reaction was to panic. My SELFIE longed to take control. My hand reached out for the emergency brake.
Inside the car was as black as pitch. I groped around for the hand brake, but I couldn’t find it. I was aware then that I was not alone, and I am not the one in control. The Greater One, the one I have followed faithfully since 3 October 2012, was in control.
I pushed down fear. Closing my eyes, I committed myself to the Lord Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God with us.
The car began moving forward. When I opened my eyes, we were on a small road. The car was being expertly steered around the sharp corners and over the rough edges until it came to a stop on a small hill. I looked over in front of me, and there in the darkness, I could clearly make out two buildings. One in front, one behind, with a neon sign in between.
I could see the neon sign flashing, but I couldn’t make out its words.
The Lord indicated that the smaller building peeking out from behind the larger one, and that flashing sign, was a church.
The teenage girl, my own child, got out of the back seat with the baby for a walkabout. Until she did, I never knew she was there.
My thoughts were centred on the church. I asked the Lord, “Where is this church?”
In my head I thought, “Ah, He (Jesus) went into the synagogues and taught when He was here, so I am to do the same.”
I was not aware in the dream that I am already doing that, stepping over denominational lines, drawn in chalk on the shifting sands of division, created by strife; lines that caution “Do not cross this line if you teach that…You cannot be a member of our group unless…”
The Lord Jesus’s church is spiritual. The Lord’s church is united. I cross those chalky lines in prayer. My testimony crosses over those man made barriers on the devil’s worldwide web in order to be that voice crying in the wilderness, Prepare your heart. Repent and turn while you still have time. Make straight your crooked path before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s not coming someday, like that Prince in Sleeping Beauty. Some of you have been asleep so long you’re covered with cobwebs. I’ve been here brushing off the cobwebs of tradition and teachings that put us into ‘lullaby land’ hundreds of years ago. This is why I was sent.
I’m here to say--Jesus is not coming Someday. Someday and tomorrow never come. Jesus is the Way, and what’s more, He’s on His way. Prepare your heart. Turn. Repent. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it today. Today is the day of Salvation. Today is the day to stoke up that fire in a heart gone cold. Today is the day to trade in those traditions and teachings that put us to sleep so long ago for the commands and teachings of a God who is a consuming fire. 
Get into His Word. Say it. Pray it. Act on it. Believe it. Rest on it. Wait on it. And His living Word will do something amazing within your heart. It will make alive the dead things. It will replace the words on that tongue that is speaking words fuelled by the flames of hell with words of fire. The living Word will catch those cold heart embers afire, and cause them to burn with white-hot love for a God who sent His own Son to free you.
Where was the church? There was no answer to my question. The Lord Jesus remained quiet. He’s always quiet when I’m being tested. The choice must be mine, by my own free will. I must choose to speak wise words. I must be “Quick to hear and slow to speak.”
I wondered again, “Where is the church?”
The teenage child gave me her opinion. “I think it’s the one on Spokane Boulevard.”
I wasn’t wanting a guess. I could have done that. My guesses are never right either. Guesses, all those opinions and ‘I thinks’ (and the world has so many) are always wrong.
The car began moving again. Then, for a brief moment, I was out of the car, intently watching a man in wellies vacuuming up what appeared to be water off a patio, but I could not see the man’s face. My view was of the shoulders down, but mostly I saw his wellies. (Wellington boots are like American goulashes or rain boots, only they do not go over the top of shoes. They go on in place of shoes.)
Next, I was back in the car, but this time I looked over and the faceless man in wellies was driving. I was the passenger, but I wasn’t alone. I was resting in Jesus.
I asked Jesus a new question, “What denomination is it?” The church, I meant.
Quickly I realised my words were contrary to His. Choose your words carefully. We must. The choice is poison words or wise words. James centred on wisdom. He pursued it with all He had. He summed up speaking wise words or stupid words like this: “Can both fresh (pure, clean) water and bitter (poison, polluted) water flow from the same spring? Can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a bitter (poison, polluted) spring produce fresh (clean, pure) water.” (James 3:11-12)
Choose my words carefully. “Be quick to listen (to the commands of God), be slow to speak,” making sure our words agree with God’s Word.
I reconsidered and changed my words. “It doesn’t matter. There are no denominations in Your church. You didn’t create them.”
The moment I spoke this truth, His hand, the hand of a Saviour who keeps on saving those ones of us in need of saving throughout the day, every day, reached out His hand and clasped tightly ahold of mine. It was the kind of holding on that says, “Do not fear what man can do to you. I AM with you. I AM God. I will not leave you alone. You are not alone. You are not alone. I will go before you. I will never leave you.”
Isaiah 43:1-2
“But now, thus saith the Lord that created you, O Jacob (yes, that’s us too now, body of Christ. Christ broke down that wall dividing Jews and non-Jews. Anyone of us who belongs to the Lord Jesus is part of the Kingdom of God. We get ‘in it’ by faith. We stay in it by faith. There is no division in Jesus. There is only unity)
…and He that formed you, I have called you by name. You are mine.
When you pass through the waters, I AM with you;
And through the rivers,
They shall not overflow you:
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned;
Neither shall the flame kindle (ignite) against you.
For I AM the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, Your Saviour…”
And you are not alone. I will go before you.
I AM with you, even to the ends of the world (this present evil world).”
The Lord first gave me this scripture as a personal word one morning in early 2013. A couple hours later, He gave me a prophetic word to go with it. Sometimes He gives prophecy for people I know well, people I know barely, earthly nations, or the entire body of Christ. Other times, He has given me personal words. Some warn. Some encourage. Some correct. Some reveal. All of them urge me onward in my quest to follow Him, but this particular prophecy? I didn’t have a clue. “Who’s this word for, Lord?” I asked. “Who’s this word for, Lord God?”
“It’s for you,” He answered.
Deep waters? Fire? Going through walls instead of around them? Being bowed down but refusing to bow? This was for me?
The Lord was warning. He was speaking to my heart, a heart filled with Him. Get ready. The road you’re walking on is a rough one, but keep centred on me and my Word. Keep saying, “I am not alone…I am not alone…You will go before me, Lord…You will never leave me.”
The very next moment I awoke from the dream, and the Lord urged, “NOW!”

The church—we are small in appearance or should I say, by the world’s standard.
The world is so exalted in pride that they really have to look down to see us. But keep in mind that the world is seeing things and preaching things upside down, so THEIR ‘looking down’ is really looking UP. We, the church, the body of Christ, that great big beautiful you, are FAR ABOVE the world and the devil they are following. 
Ephesians 2:4
“But God, who is rich in mercy, for the great love with which He loved us,
Even when we were dead in sins (and following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit now working in the sons of disobedience), has made us alive together with Christ (by grace—His power, mercy, love and ability—we are saved),
And He has raised us up together, and united us (all) together in Christ,
And seated us together AS ONE BODY—the body of Christ-in heavenly places, 
Using the same might of the strength of His that He used to raise Christ Jesus from the dead and to seat Him at His own right hand,
All principality—How many? ALL!!!!!!
And ALL powers,
ALL the rulers of the darkness of this world (this present evil age),
And ALL the spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies,
And EVERY name that is named, not only in this world, but also the world that is to come.
Every name? Hey, arthritis is a name. Cancer, that’s a name. Fibromyalgia is a name. Down’s syndrome is a name. Demon—that’s a name. Fear is a name. Doubt, that’s a name. 
Come to think of it, there are lots of evil names that are bigger than man. We can’t beat them on our own. But are you listening? The name of Jesus is greater. The power of the living Word is bigger. This power “Dunamis” is working actively inside you and me. 
His name and His Word is FAR ABOVE them all, and so are we, when we take His Word and His name and speak them from our heart, because the Father has put ALL things UNDER the feet of the Lord Jesus, and gave Him to be the Head over ALL THINGS unto us, the church,
We are HIS BODY, so where are the feet? In the head or the body? The body. That’s you and me, the great big beautiful you.
To the world we are like crumbs under the table. We are the rubbish they throw away.
We are the foolish things of a God they don’t want to hear or acknowledge.
This was my December dream. Now this is a short update.
2nd or 3rd of January 2016
As I meditated on the details of the earlier dream, I waited for more details about the church I’d seen. The Lord granted me another quick glimpse. I was taken back to that hill I’d been on the first dream. I was kneeling in prayer. What was I praying for? I was praying for the church. I was praying for the great big beautiful you.
Yet, the Lord would only say, “This is about your departure.”
I saw too that when He told me, “You will see it,” each time I thank Him that the church is not at all what I can see with my physical eyes. It is not faithless and murmuring, sick and puny and SELF-centred. The church is everything God sees us as: the great big beautiful you, united in love and faith IN Christ Jesus, for in Him we are complete. I thank Him that you are everything the Word says you are, and you are doing His works and all those greater things.
I will not be with you. I’ll be going on ahead. And you? You will follow, cause you got the same map & that map is the Word of God.
I was struck with how similar the hill in my dream was to that last mountain Moses climbed. From that mountain, God showed him the promised land. From that hill, God showed me the joy placed before me.
From that hill, I was shown the great big beautiful you, for whom I knelt and prayed before departing to be with Christ.
Only today, the Lord Jesus reminded me that He too prayed for the great big beautiful you, His body, and the mighty works you will do speaking His Words…By His power…And for His glory, just before His departure. Feed on the words of His prayer in that garden of Gethsemane just before He was led away. Go to John 17.
Above all else, know that you are not alone…you are not alone. He will go before you.
He will never leave you.