Prophecy(four)-Worldwide Church-given&received:11/11/2012

Bless the Lord,O my soul. Yea,delight in the Lord,and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth. I shall feed you with the heritage of your father,Jacob. The mouth of the Lord has spoken it. You shall do amazing feats,my treasure. You shall nave great victory in all that you do. Bless the name of the LORD forever. Tell of His glorious feats. Accomplish His work among the heathen(sinners).Glory and honour,victory and majesty to the name of the Lord. O do amazing feats within My Church,in the Body of Christ. I do amazing feats among the heathen(sinners). Be like Me. Do like Me. Say like Me. I will call you in the name of the Lord. You will come to Me. My glory shall be your rearguard. You shall have joy inexpressable and full of glory...x