What would you say to a someone who says to you,"I've just been healed of every disease and illness which invaded my body. I've been freed from all medications. I've been delivered from literal demons. I've been loosed from every bad habit,every yoke. And the fear that kept me this way has vanished completely. My life has been transformed in spirit,soul and body. I even have new internal organs. For one,I no longer have to take thyroxine-a vital hormone to the body,and without it,a person dies. The original thyroid was removed years ago. I even have hair growing all over my head,where there were no hair. Now I would like to introduce you to my healer,this incredible one who is responsible for all I've described to you. He is not far;He is very nearby." What would you say? "That's nice,but no thank you",and turn and walk away? Or are you intriqued;do you want to hear more?

Well, I'm here today to tell you an amazing story. It may sound unreal to you, like something in the movies,but it's true. You see,I met one who is both healer and deliverer;one who does this with ease,and yet,with the greatest of care and skill. This is his life's work. It's what he lives to do. And I am a living,breathing testimony of this. I am the the person who is transformed,healed and free. And I want to introduce to the person responsible for my freedom.

If you are intriqued,stay and hear my story in full. It may be worth your time.

I hardly remember a time when I was truly well for any length of time. I was frail and sickly almost from birth. I was in and out of the hospital,spending one year as a shut-in. This was all under the age of 5. Doctors weren't sure I would even make it to Adulthood. Excepting short periods,I was not allowed to run or play normally. My most vivid memory of freedom is this: I remember a huge green field,dotted profusely with clover. Bees flitted from one to another collecting nectar. In barefeet,I would run as fast as I could through the clover,at such speed that the clover seemed to blurr before my eyes,leaping over each bee in my path,never getting stung once. I must have spent the entire day in the clover, absorbed in this game. I'd never felt so free. It was not the kind of freedom I now enjoy,but it was the closest I would experience until true freedom became mine.

I did not know at the time that I was to become increasingly bound. And to be bound is a horror beyond words. I cannot stress enough how bound up I was when my healer came and released me with his gentle yet power-filled touch.

In fact,by the time I called him,I was past the point of hope in my doctors eyes. Medically, there were no cures for the problems attacking my system. Most were progressively worsening and degenerative. Nerve damage was throughout my body,causing serious deformites. My neck didn't just bend backward,it was curved backwards,and to the right,almost immovable. The esophagus itself was twisting. I choked on food,and even saliva. I swallowed with great difficulty. In bed,where I spent increasingly more time,the neck had to be supported by a special little pillow,and the pillows under my head grew in number. I often awoke choking and gasping for air,in an absolute panic. I was,in reality,being slowly choked and starved to death. My weight plummeted. My shoulders felt as if they were being pushed down by a heavy weight into a hunchback position. The entire backbone was affected--under the shoulderblades,the discs,the sciatica nerve,the muscles,the soft tissue. My blood pressure fell to 70/30,dangerously below normal. Circulation throughout my body was horrible affected. Whether the air was the mildest of Springtime, or that of Summer heatwaves,I wore layers of clothing,and jacket upon jacket. This was inside and outside the house! My fingertips turned blue and numb when the heat was at 20 C(70 F) or below. My feet were like solid blocks of ice,and no attempts to thaw them out made any difference,not layers of thick socks,or even blanket upon blanket,tucked all around them. And no,not even using a foot heater turned to high while wearing thick socks did any good.The cold felt bitter and biting. The pain was almost unimaginable,and nothing,even morphine,touched it. In addition,there were over 30 other illnesses and diseases,most serious. I had become increasingly dependant upon a wheelchair,and unable to care for my own own home or husband.

Then,on 3 October 2012,I invited this greatest of healers to visit. I poured out my heart to him,and I placed my entire life into his care. It was all or nothing for me,and turning my back on all medications,I told him so. I was not to be disappointed,or to wait long for an appointment. In fact,I did not even have to make an appointment. He came that night,out of normal office hours,on the weekend. He came in a show of power I'd never before seen or imagined,and will not ever forget. What happened next was unexpected and may astonish you,if you keep in mind that this is real,not a movie,or a book of fiction.

At first,he spoke to me at length. I can't recall exactly what he said,word for word,but all he said was quite wonderful. Then,with greater force in his voice,he coached me,saying,"Now,tell them to GET OUT!" Without hestitation,I commanded,"Now,GET OUT!"

Suddenly,demons were everywhere. I was immediately aware of their presence in the room,and I knew in my heart that they had been with me for many years,probably from birth. I had sensed them for quite for months beforehand,although I did not know they had been present inside me(my body,not my spirit).I even smelled them. If you've never smelled a demon before,trust me,you don't want to. I can only describe their odor as a combination of burnt wires and putrid rotting flesh. What's worse is that everything in my house reeked of this smell,even my dog!

I wanted to gag,as bile rose up from my stomach into my throat,as I was assailed by every symptom I'd ever experienced:excruciating pain,nausea,unbearable itching,and more,covered my entire body,inside and out. What a shock all this was. That they had to leave was a fact;that they didn't want to go was clear. I had a fight on my hands,and I was not about to back down.

Yet,I was not left to face and fight demons on my own. My mighty healer was with me. He indicated that I should lie down on my back,a position which had been intolerable,even impossible for me for years, and yet now I never gave it a thought. He then said to me,"My grace is sufficient for thee,for my strength is made perfect in in my grace." This I absorbed,"Your undeserved,unmerited favour?" "Yes",he answered. I asked,"How do I do that?" And suddenly the verse came to to me,"For you are saved by grace, through faith,and not of yourself,it is the gift of God,not of works,lest you should boast." Faith. I hesitated a moment,my mind in a whirl. I didn't know quite how to get into faith. Then I simply jumped. Not physically,but inside myself. I saw the "real" me,my spirit actually leap,like that day long ago which I spent leaping over bee-filled clover,the day I felt so free. Then,I just "let go",and went completely limp. I was there. I was in his grace, through faith,and while there,and at rest,all suffering,all pain, all symptoms vanished instantly. I was in his arms. I was safe. I kept my eyes upon him,and ceased to give anything else the slightest  thought.

Once I was resting in the greatest of peace,I was then led to pray in the spirit. It was 3 a.m. I had been awakened to pray in the spirit each morning for three weeks beforehand. Now it hit me as for whom I had been praying:myself.

Later in the morning,I got out of bed,and walked downstairs to the kitchen,my face glowing, and the greatest peace and joy I'd ever known."Hey!",I thought,"I'm so much taller today." To my delight,I noticed that my neck was completely straight,and the pressure pushing my shoulders increasingly downward placing me into a hunchback postion was gone. My healer then spoke in his lilting,happy voice,"Woman,you are loosed!" I positively beamed in appreciation.

This story is not entire,nor does it end here. There were to be even more incredible events to follow. But for today,I offer you this much of it,so as to reveal the healer I began introducing to you in the beginning,a healer with more ability and amazing power than you have ever imagined. You may not realise this,as your mind will say otherwise,but in your heart,he is the person you've always wanted to meet. No matter how deeply I've been loved here on earth,I never felt loved,until I met him. It is excelling love,the love that is so vast in scope,that it fills everything,every corner of my entire being. I cannot see where it begins,and there is no end. He speaks, and I want to hear more. His touch is indescrible,like that of gentle brushing of fluttering angel wings. I crave it. I talk to him,and he talks back. My healer is not an experience,but a lifetime. For he IS Life and the giver of life.

His name is Jesus. And He's not far. As I've said,he's quite nearby.

You may be familiar with the historical Jesus,who lived and walked 2000 years ago. Or perhaps you see him as the God of religion,a distant, powerless God of rituals and rules. Maybe you've even prayed,and the prayer went unanswered. If that's all you've known before you read this,you've probably not been impressed. I don't blame you. Me,either. I,too,needed more than merely an historical Jesus,nor was I looking for a religion. I looked in both,and I didn't find what I desired. I wasn't looking for the Jesus who only answers sometimes or the Jesus who leaves some sick or broken because it wasn't "his will" to heal them. I needed a Jesus who answers when I pray. I wanted a Jesus who keeps his promises. One who cared about me. Cared about my needs. One who is visible. One who hears me when I call. One who answers all my prayers. A person whom I could love and be loved by. I needed a Jesus who healed-saved-delivered-freed,not just 2000 years ago--a Jesus who would do this for me. I didn't find him in the pages of history,or religion. But I did find him. I found him in the pages of the Bible,and this is the Jesus I've been talking about. He's the very same Jesus in the Bible. He has not changed. He does not change. He still does exactly what he did in the Bible,and not for just special people,but for anyone and everyone. And his word IS his will. My Jesus is all I have said he is. And more. Much more. And the Bible agrees.

He is compassionate.
"But when he saw the multitudes,he was moved to compassion..."(Mt.9:36)

He heals all.

"...(Jesus) went abut doing good,and healing all that were oppressed by the devil." (Acts 10:38)

He loves all.
"Greater love hath no man than a man who lays down his life for his friends."(John 15:13)

He frees all.
"Whom the Son shall set free is free indeed."(John 14:6)

He is the ONLY way.
"I am the way,the truth,and the life. No man comes unto the Father except through me." (John 14:6)

He was the perfect sacrifice.
"And(the Father) having made peace through the blood of his cross,by him(Jesus) to reconcile all things unto himself,by him,I say,whether they be things in earth or things in heaven. And you who were sometimes alienated and enemies, in your minds by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled,in the body of his flesh through death,to present you holy and unblamable and unreproveable in his(the Father's)sight." (Col. 1:20-21)

He fulfilled all prophecy(258 of them).
"After this,Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished,that the scriptures might be fulfilled,saith,I thirst."(John 19:28)

He lives.
"And when he had so said,he shewed them his hands and side. Then were the disciples glad when they saw him."(John 20:20)

He reigns.
"Looking toward Jesus,the Author and Finisher of our faith;who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross,despising the shame,and is set down down at the right hand of the throne of God." (Heb. 12:2)

He's coming again.
"Behold,he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him,and they also which pierced him,and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so. Amen."(Rev. 1:7)

He is the Word.
"In the beginning was the Word,and the Word was with God,and the Word was God." (John 1:1)...And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us,(and we beheld his glory,the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth."(John 1:14)

His power is in his Word spoken by us(RHEMA,the spoken WORD).
"For the Word of God is alive(living),and active(mighty,powerful),and sharper than any two-edged sword,piercing even to the division of the soul and spirit,and of the joints and of marrow(body),and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." (Heb. 4:12)

He is our Maker.
"For by him were all things created,that are in heaven,and that are in earth,visible and invisible...and all things were were created by him,and for him:and he is before all things,and in him all things consist[hold together]." (Col.1:16-17) {NOTE: go to google and type in,Show me a picture of LAMININ)

Why did I ask if you would say,"That's nice,but no,thank you",and turn and walk away? Because so many do. But,I urge you not to,even if you are tempted. It is not God's will that any should perish. Hell was not made for man,but for satan and the angels who rebelled with him. But,if you say no to Jesus,you will join them. You will smell them. You will see them. You will be there with them. And you will spend alot of time in their presence. They tortured me for many years,yet they will torture you longer. Forever. And,you will regret this choice. More than you can imagine.

The day of salvation is now. Not after we die.
"For he saith,I have heard thee in a time accepted,and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee:behold,now is the accepted time,now is the time of salvation."(I Cor.6:2)

Believe and receive..
"But as many as received him(Jesus),to them gave he the power to become the sons of God,even to them that believe on his name." (John 1:12)

Invite into your life the Jesus I know. Choose eternity with him instead. Begin that life now. Then, you too will discover that he is not far away. He is quite near. And he's waiting. For you.